Tuesday, September 1, 2020

They Are Starting To Panic

I am seeing more and more stuff like this on social media from Lefties.

This guy writes for Vox and has almost half a million followers. The replies are hilarious, like this one:

Oh no, what happens if one candidate wins the majority in the electoral college like every President in centuries has done?!

Then again, if this were my candidate, I would start to worry as well:

They can't accept Trump winning again and with the seemingly endless riots and looting and the random acts of violence plus political assassinations, it is starting to seem like Trump has a better shot than at any point in the last twelve months. If nothing else, disgusted minority voters might stay home in significant numbers. I wouldn't blame them, how could you vote for someone who can't even make it through a brief televised appearance without rambling incoherently?

Better buckle up and buy more ammo, it is going to get spicy.


  1. Cheating is the big problems on the election front. We need a voting app the goes on a computer. Secure apps can be written in a few hours. I cannot do it but someone can and cheating will not happen.


    1. I have absolutely no confidence in the electoral process and I think millions of people are in the same mindset. That is a problem.

    2. No faith in elections, no faith in justice? That equation leads to only one thing . . .

    3. Either way this election goes, one side is not going to accept it, more vociferously and accompanied by violence if from the Left but I don't think there is a chance of a free and fair election. That is a bad situation.