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The Latest From The City Of Brotherly Love

Shall we check in on Philadelphia and see what is happening?

Well then. 
I think that works out to about one mass shooting every week and a half so I guess things are going swimmingly in Phillie. More good news from the article…
Wednesday night’s shooting also brings the total number of people shot so far this year in Philadelphia past 1,472 — the total reported during all of 2019.

To date, police have recorded 323 homicides — a 32% increase over the same time last year and the highest total at this point in the year in more than a decade.
Those kind of numbers are hard to imagine. More than a murder per day, around five people shot on average every single day. Worse, this is the general state of affairs in most every large city in America.
Tell me again how White supremacy is a major threat to the U.S.


  1. Anonymous

    White Supremacy is a threat because all the day to day violence that joggers et al inflict on the world is saved up by the White Man. Saved up until their patience is exhausted and they're given the moral authority to unleash that anger. When that happens whole continents burn, nations are destroyed (I wrote Nations not Countries and I meant it) and nowhere on this Earth is safe from that righteous anger.

    Leftists had better be careful as well. Their sins are great and they need to be held to account.

    But on the topic of the shooting you have referenced. Clearly Black Lives DON'T Matter when they're taken by other Blacks. I mean, they do to sane people, but they don't matter to BLM or the so called Leaders of the Black Community

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