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 More 4-D chess!

As someone else pointed out, there are just under 40 million blacks in America. Doing some basic math, that works out to about $12,500 for every black man, woman and child in America. But it isn’t reparations because we don’t call it reparations. Initially I said this was a backdoor reparation scheme but someone pointed out there is nothing backdoor about this, rather this is the equivalent of black America kicking in the front door of White America and screaming “Pay up honky” holding a Glock sideways while Trump claps in  the background.
According to Fox News:
The president’s plan, according to the campaign, will increase access to capital in Black communities by almost $500 billion, help to create 500,000 new Black-owned businesses, and help to create 3 million new jobs for the Black community.
It makes it sound like the government can create a black owned business and that blacks don’t already have access to capital. As a former banker I can tell you unequivocally that they have the same access as Whites, Asians and mestizos provided they are credit worthy. 
As usual, the deeper you dig in and get past the rhetoric, the worse it is.
From the press release:

“Alternative ways to build credit”? Generally speaking paying your non-credit related bills like rent and utilities is not something that impacts your credit, because you are not getting credit. You are paying by the month for a place to live and to keep your phone working. It isn’t credit and no one else gets credit score improvement for it but Trump is going to give blacks basically an easier to achieve credit system to sidestep the generally poor creditworthiness of blacks. 

Getting a loan is not hard: have the income to support the additional debt and a reasonable history of repaying your existing debt. I often told customers this when I was a banker: the bank doesn’t want your house or car. They want their money back with the interest you agreed to. That is how they make money, not by foreclosing on houses or repossessing cars. For some reason, encouraging blacks to follow the very basic guideline of not borrowing more than you can afford and paying back the debt you agreed to is entirely unreasonable. 
Trump is also promising 3 million new black jobs. How is he going to do that when 3 million jobs would be jobs for  almost 10% of the black community?

This is a giant handout to blacks with tax cuts that are apparently targeted only at black owned businesses and infrastructure money that likewise will be directed to black owned contractors. It won’t matter who can do the best job for the best price, now White owned businesses will be pushed aside so black businesses can get contracts but you can be sure those White business owners will still be expected to pay their “fair share” in taxes. 
Here is a baffling one:

In what way is this not already the case for “black churches”? I guess “White churches” don’t have poor people they minister to, even though every food pantry I know of is at a predominantly White church. Do we really want churches being treated disparately based on whether they are considered “black churches” versus “White churches”? What about predominantly mestizo churches or Asian churches? Not to mention that once again, White evangelicals are Trump’s most loyal supporters and black churches are typically hotbeds of leftist ideology who criticize Trump and Republicans in general incessantly (although no one threatens their tax exempt status like White churches). Of course there is also a First Amendment issue if the government gives tax dollars to black churches based on the racial make-up of their congregation.

Oh. How are we going to do that, except by making preferential purchasing decisions for Federal contracts, something specifically mentioned, and by changing the playing field to give black businsses an advantage. The critical thing to remember here is that when the Federal government gives black businesses an advantage it must do so by making it more difficult for White, Asian, Jewish, mestizo, whatever businesses. 
In the mythical “free market”, if a black guy opens a business making widgets and a White guy also opens a business making widgets, all else being equal, the one who is better at making and selling widgets will succeed and the other will fail. Assuming a limited demand for widgets means that not everyone creating a business to make them will succeed. America is littered with failed businesses. Sometimes people are crappy at running a business, or the market changes or the economy gets torpedoed by a “pandemic”. 
Again, in the mythical free market business is not a zero sum game but in reality it often is. If the government wants a new bridge built to replace an old one, they only need one bridge so only one contractor (or more likely a group of contractors working together) is going to get the job. If a black contractor gets the job because he is black, that means that it is likely that a White contractor won’t get the job because he is White. 
A real life example. My wife’s family is friends with a guy who has a construction business. They used to do a lot of government work for lucrative projects. The crew running it was all men and the guy who actually ran the company was a dude but the company was technically owned by his wife even though to my knowledge she had nothing to do with the company. Why was she the “owner”? Because being owned by a woman makes it easier to get government contracts. There are programs for minority and female small business owners, programs for minority and female farmers, on and on. The only people who don’t get any special programs and who therefore have to be not just good at what they do on their own merit but have to be significantly better to make up for everyone but them getting preferential treatment? 
White men.
Yes, yes, there are the endless canards and slogans about White men having all the institutional advantages and maybe 50 years ago that was true but however true it once was, it isn’t anymore. Today the full weight of the government, corporate America, organized religion, the entertainment and sports world and academia is firmly against White men, the very people who created all of those institutions in the first place. If that isn’t bad enough, now the guy who is endlessly accused of being a “White supremacist” is promising to give away $500 billion dollars to the black community. Worst. Fascist. Ever.
Oh yeah, and to add insult to injury:
The president’s plan also vows to make Juneteenth a national holiday.
A couple of years ago no one had heard of Juneteenth, not even most black people. Now there is talk of making it a freaking national holiday? Are we going to just add a Federal holiday to the calendar or will an old Federal holiday have to go to make room? The level of pandering is off the charts.
In summary, Trump is promising half a trillion dollars aimed specifically at around 13% of the population. Where would this magical pot of totally not reparations come from? 
Why, the money will come from tax revenue generated by Trump’s supporters to bribe people who won’t vote for Trump anyway!
Dude, that is more like 16-D Chess. Trump is a master political strategist!
This won’t move the needle for Trump on black voters, and certainly not enough to offset pissing off more of his voters. Blacks have been hearing empty promises of more and more money from the Democrats for decades and they know it is all bullshit. 
That doesn’t mean it won’t have an impact because it certainly will. Here we have the “fascist White supremacist” President of the United States openly embracing race-based payouts benefiting blacks at the expense of Whites. I doubt he understands what he has done here because honestly Trump isn’t all that clever and is still, four years into his presidency, woefully naive about how politics works but this is a massive gift for the race hustling Left. If Trump of all people approves of the philosophy of “justice” meaning taking from Whites to give to blacks, then all that remains is negotiating over just how much can be looted from White America. 
Trump has unilaterally surrendered this point on behalf of all of us. 
Now the left gets to negotiate with itself on dividing up the fruits of White labor. Thanks Trump! What is worse is the number of “conservatives” who applaud this in the desperate hope that a handful of blacks will agree to vote for Trump to soothe the collective conscience of White conservatives that are terrified of being called racist. How much money will it cost middle and working class Whites to bribe a few black voters?
He couldn’t even just name antifa a terror organization in a year when antifa is rampaging through our cities committing widespread acts of violence and billions in property damage. He doesn’t even mention the domestic terrorists in black Lives Matter who are indistinguishable from the Marxist agitators in antifa. Instead he brings up the KKK and promises to make lynching a national hate crime. Lynching someone is murder which is already illegal in every state and no one has been actually lynched for decades, Jussie Smollett’s near miss not withstanding. The Klan is a shadow of what it was 75 years ago, comprising a handful of people who can’t even hold a tiny rally and most of the people in the Klan are Feds anyway. When was the last time someone who was legitimately associated with the KKK actually harmed in real life a real black person? Meanwhile antifa operates with impunity across the country and with the open support of many local governments. Conflating an actual Marxist terror group with a boogeyman from the middle of the last century is the sort of idiocy that has marked the Trump administration from day one.
I have tried to give Trump the benefit of the doubt but with this latest fiasco I can only conclude Trump is mostly a dolt. He has been played for a chump by Schumer and Pelosi for his entire administration. He constantly hires terrible people to work in his administration, they back-stab him and then he fires them and calls them incompetent, never seeming to realize that he is the one who keeps hiring all of these incompetent people in the first place. As a hiring manager, if I hired someone who was late for the interview and seemed disinterested while we spoke, it is my fault when the employee is constantly late and lackadaisical at their job.
Trump is giving away the store here and getting absolutely nothing in return. He won’t get more black votes, he won’t get praised by black clergy and “community activists”. He won’t be in a stronger position to negotiate something for his voter base. Nope, he just cedes the moral objection to a race based hierarchy of preferences from the Federal government, cramming yet another indignity down the throats of his supporters and getting bupkis in return.
He has gone past being simply useless for anything other than amusement and trolling and is now causing more harm than good. I don’t think it is malicious, I just think he is incompetent, over his head and too vain to recognize it.
In spite of all of that, I still am going to vote for Trump. My reasons in an upcoming post.


  1. Darren

    Republicans seem hell-bent on expanding government reach for every so-called emergency that comes along. (see Dept. of Homeland Security, Patriot Act etc. for more details) They know we don't have another option than to vote for them since we know they will only expand govt a little less quickly than Dems. Basically we're F***ED, we only get to choose the speed of the thrusts.

  2. Arthur Sido

    Graphic but accurate. I kind of hope for a second round of stimulus, once Trump is out of office all government spending is going to be based on "social justice" and I am pretty sure I get left out of that.

  3. Jim Wetzel

    Read this yesterday (excellent!), and didn't know where to begin, in terms of commenting. Still pretty much at a loss.

    I'd be in favor of these in-no-way-Reparations, if … well, let's sweeten the pot even more. Make it $50K plus a half-pound of fentanyl a head, conditioned only such that each negro recipient who hasn't already OD'd then climb onto a military transport headed for, let's say, Sierra Leone or Ghana (renamed "Wakanda" in the promotional advertising). One-way trip, no return to the land of racism and White supremacy allowed. Pay for it by withdrawing the entire US military to the continental USA and coastal waters, no more than an arbitrary 100 miles out, and decreasing the size of that military establishment to 10% of present size, far more than ample to repel hypothetical invasion from Canada, hypothetical amphibious invasion from Iran at the grim beaches of New Jersey, and unfortunately non-hypothetical invasion across Mexican border. (Defense strategy there: fall back, ceding California, Oregon, and Washington, and establishing a real, "we'll shoot you if you're coming" type of border along those former state lines. Let Gay-vin Newsom and Eric Garcetti be Mexican guv and mayor; cool with me, and it's the Mexicans' problem, which I'm confident they know how to solve very quickly.)

    I'm looking forward to reading your upcoming post on why you'll vote for Trump. (I have a small bet with myself, the results of which I'll report afterward.) Meanwhile, it's possible that White people will actually be better off if Trump loses. The Democratic crime family already has the negroes in its pocket, and has no need to pander. The Republican crime family will continue to sniff after that mighty black vote, not that they'll get it, while further alienating us deplorables. Trump's handlers obviously aren't familiar with the Sailer strategy: motivate White people to vote for you. Too bad.

  4. Anonymous

    From my perspective, the $500 billion was going to go to undeserving blacks anyway. Trump is likely just trying to steal a little democrat/liberal thunder with this ploy. He has to know that the 'oppressed minority' demographic is lost to him and that no defined ransom amount would ever be enough to woo them.

    For better or for worse, Trump is all we've got today. The minefield is so littered with bodies already and more are being added every day, even from the left, as the definition of pc crime morphs daily. I cheered when Chris Matthews went down, heralding open season on even the 'true believers'. But it is just the case now that everyone loses. Anarchists want anarchy, and everyone is fair game.

    Trump may well be a dolt, but even a dolt has to understand the simple math that shows us on a collision course with economic armageddon. As mo' gibs get handed out with ever-shrinking revenue coming in, we will inevitably be left dividing by zero. It makes me wonder whose likeness will be chosen for the 100 trillion dollar note that we'll eventually be papering our walls or wiping our backsides with.


  5. Arthur Sido

    100% agree, the only path forward that doesn't lead to widespread violence is some kind of separation. I would be happy to carve out the West coast for mestizos and the deep south for blacks, anything to get us some breathing room. They will never go for it of course, even the dimmest Shaniqua knows at some level that they depend on Whitey for their gibs.

    I am very sympathetic to the idea of Biden being better off from an acceleration standpoint. Personally at 48 I am healthier now than I will be in four years and there is an argument to be made to pushing the teetering mess over now and getting it started.

  6. Arthur Sido

    $500 billion will be a drop in the bucket compared the wholesale looting of America when Biden wins. The anarchists will be getting what they think they want pretty soon but it won't go quite as they are expecting.

    Batten down the hatches.

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