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Impulse Control

 This seems like a perfectly rational act:
A woman in Lansing, Michigan named Abbieana Williams suspected her boyfriend was cheating on her so obviously the proper response was not to confront him or just break up with him and move on. No, the only sensible response was to….set fire to his mother’s house where she was sleeping along with two boys, ages 8 and 4. Melissa Westen and her two grandchildren, 8-year-old Aston Griffin and 4-year-old Jesse Kline IV burned to death.
Burned to death.
Because she thought her boyfriend was cheating on her.
Oh, here she is:
Abbieana Williams 

Then this criminal mastermind decided to throw the police off her trail by texting her boyfriend:
“I’m outside your mom’s house…I hope your mom likes being burned alive”
Have a friend drive you to your boyfriend’s mother’s house so there is a witness. Be seen on camera walking around outside of the house. Text your boyfriend that you are going to burn his mother to death because phone companies absolutely can’t track where you were when you sent the text or keep a copy of the contents of your text.
Based on the photo and her actions, we are looking at a budding physicist or perhaps a future Nobel Prize winning chemist,
It is hard to function as an individual in a normal society when you lack even the basics of impulse control. When an entire demographic group lacks impulse control?
You get Detroit.


  1. Jim Wetzel

    I'm generally sympathetic to the states of the old Confederacy, because, you know, secession — an obviously proper thing, which the founders took for granted. (Big mistake.) But this I do have against the southrons: if they hadn't been too lazy/greedy to work their own land, we wouldn't have a countryful of 'groids today. Yeah, I know, there was some northern slavery too, but it's down in the noise compared to the old south. If you want to dream a little, think of an America that's 0.5% black, instead of 13%. And that 0.5% would probably be pretty decent folks, too. As it is … dreck!

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