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Don’t Pop The Champagne Quite Yet

We are seeing a lot of early victory declarations from Republicans and talk of a Trump landslide. That sort of thinking is foolish.

This was one of the most important news stories that came out last week and it didn’t get the kind of attention it deserved:

Data: New Foreign-Born Voters in Swing States Exceed 2016 Margins of Victory

The number of new foreign-born voters, naturalized since 2014, exceeds the 2016 margins of victory in a number of swing states, new data reveals.

Analysis from the National Partnership for New Americans finds that in swing states such as Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Nevada, the total number of foreign-born voters who have entered the electorate since 2014 exceeds the margins of victory from the 2016 presidential election.

In Michigan, for instance, Trump won the state in 2016 by 10,704 votes against Democrat Hillary Clinton. Between 2014 to 2018, nearly 64,700 new foreign-born voters have entered the electorate in Michigan — including more than 13,500 Iraqi immigrants.

The margins are large in Florida, a key swing state, as well. In 2016, Trump beat Clinton by less than 113,000 votes. Between 2014 to 2018, nearly 415,500 new foreign-born voters have entered the electorate in Florida, almost triple Trump’s margin of victory.

What have I been saying for years now? Demographic changes are going to be the reason why Trump is likely to lose to a guy who can’t open his own pudding cups. These aren’t immigrants from Norway and Hungary, they are from Somalia and Afghanistan and Mexico. Non-Whites, including immigrants, vote for Democrats 2 to 1. That is not going to change.

It isn’t the riots and looting or the relative unemployment levels. It isn’t about Trump wiping the floor with Biden in a debate. It isn’t about anything the talking heads are chattering about on TV and social media.

It is about demographics.

No one is excited about the Biden candidacy, not even Joe Biden. I doubt you could find any rank and file Democrats planning on voting for Biden who could tell you why they were voting for Biden without invoking Trump’s name in the first sentence.

The 2020 election is the culmination of the Left’s grand scheme, launched in earnest in 1965 and finally being fulfilled in 2020 with the replacement of the White heritage American voter with a new, non-White, resentful and easily manipulated voting class.

Conservatives still think, or at least pretend to think, that we are still debating ideology and ideas. We aren’t. This is an existential fight for survival between competing tribes. The third world, mostly from the global South, is exploding in population and they look with jealousy and rage toward the west and our peace and prosperity. They don’t want to join us, they want to replace and destroy us.

Most of us are going to figure it out too late. Trump is the last gasp of heritage America and doddering old creep Joe Biden is the place holder for the new “American”. Biden won’t last a year in office before being replaced by half black/half Asian political whore Kamala Harris.

Still, there is a chance that Trump pulls this thing out if enough White people quietly vote for him out of fear generated by the riots and looting. A lot of people are pretty frightened and rightly so. The worst impulses of our underclass combined with the resentment created in the middle class White youth has created a toxic and violent stew that is boiling over in multiple cities across America.

Don’t think for a moment that the election will be decided on election day. This election will be decided not in the voting booth and not by voters. This election will be fought by lawyers and decided by judges and even then, should Trump pull out a victory there is little chance that the Left will simply accept the results. We will see endless lawsuits, violence in the streets and even the possibility of an attempted coup. While the enlisted and lower rank officers seem mostly pro-Trump, the upper echelons of the military are rotten to the core.

Whatever else you say about Trump, things have certainly been anything but dull.


  1. Anonymous

    And what if Trump does get voted in? Then what? Another 4 years of unfettered immigration while Heritage Americans get increasingly outnumbered. What happens in another 4 years when voting simply doesn't matter. I think we all know the answer to that.

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