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Defund The Police? How About Defund The University System.

In the latest example of the lunacy in the American “academic” world, the University of Chicago has declared that they will only admit graduate student into the English department if they are interested in “black Studies”

For the 2020-2021 graduate admissions cycle, the University of Chicago English Department is accepting only applicants interested in working in and with Black Studies. We understand Black Studies to be a capacious intellectual project that spans a variety of methodological approaches, fields, geographical areas, languages, and time periods. For more information on faculty and current graduate students in this area, please visit our Black Studies page.   

What are “black Studies” and what does that field of study have to do with English?
In case you need a recap:
– English is the language of the people of England, generally understood throughout history to be White. Sure there were British subjects who were non-White but the British people are White.
– English is the primary language of the United States which was founded by and built from nothing by White people.
– Essentially all of the great literature and almost all of the decent literature ever produced in English was produced by White people.
– The University of Chicago was founded by White people, as was Chicago itself. 
– UoC has had 100 Nobel laureates and other than Barack Obama for his “peace” prize, I don’t see many on the list who aren’t White or Jewish. 
All that aside, if you want to be a graduate student in English, itself a mainly useless way to spend tens of thousands of dollars and several years of your life, at the University of Chicago, you must commit to “black Studies”. 
I wonder, if blacks are producing English literature that is inherently worthwhile to study, why does UoC feel it necessary to blackmail students into studying their works?
Our university system, built by White people, was once the envy of the world but today the very worst thing you can do to expand your mind is to spend four years being force-fed this garbage.
The entire system of government grants and loans backed by the government should be dismantled. Unless you can demonstrate an ability to repay your college loans based on your field of study leading to gainful employment, you shouldn’t be able to borrow money to pay for college. We need to reduce by about 75% the number of students in college and the number of colleges and universities in general.
It won’t happen of course but maybe when we rebuild we can remember what happened when virtually every high school graduate ended up in college learning about English without studying the great writers who wrote in English.


  1. Anonymous

    Allow students to discharge their student debt via bankruptcy. All of a sudden loans of obscene amounts become unavailable for students. Whilst making this change make overseas students leave the country upon graduation

  2. John Wilder

    I currently enjoy that they'll have a huge debt for the idiotic decision to get a graduate degree in English. Longer term? This will work itself out, as long as we don't end up with "free" college or student loan debt forgiveness.

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