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Who Is Going To Tell Him?

Something true of almost all small city journalists is that they desperately want to be taken seriously by their big city brethren (see also: sports reporters and teachers at religious schools). In 2020 the way you signal that you are a Super Serious Journalist is by writing garbage stories about “racism”. So when a young Student Of Color at Manchester High School, in North Manchester, Indiana which is close to Fort Wayne, was the victim of a hateful hate crime of racist hate at school, the media jumped all over it. What happened to him? Was he jumped by two White guys shouting “this is MAGA country!”? Was he set on fire by four White Wisconsin frat boys? Did he find a noose in his garage?

No, even worse. He was sent home from school to change his shirt.

Damn. That is just like being lynched.

His mama ain’t having it.

A mother is accusing Manchester High School of racial discrimination

This is the shirt her kid was wearing…..

His mama, a White woman named Dawn Eades, maybe should know enough to teach him that nobody is getting killed for being black in America and that most blacks who are killed are killed by other blacks, not “racist” Whites. After all his mama chooses to live in North Manchester which is 95% White and only around 1% black. If she is really afraid of her son Dondre getting killed because he is black, wouldn’t it make sense to move somewhere with fewer White people?

Makes me wonder what his mama would think about a White student wearing a T-shirt that had this written on it:

“I Hope I Am Not One Of The White People Who Is A Victim Of Black Violent Crime Every 60 Seconds”

I suspect she wouldn’t approve of that message even though it is factually accurate.

On the other hand, a brief review of Ms. Eades Facebook page reveals this charming message:

A cop not coming home at the end of their shift would imply they were killed in the line of duty. Apparently Ms. Eades is OK with that if the cop is “racist”. Not only is she OK with it, she hopes that “racist” cops die in the line of duty.

What a lovely thought! She thinks “racist” cops deserve to die. One can only imagine what her little darling son thinks of cops.

Generations of blacks have been raised to believe that White people are dangerous and cops are out to get them. Even though that is easily debunked, it doesn’t matter because it turns out that citing facts and statistics are White supremacy. All that matters is how something makes me feel.

Meanwhile the stories of black on White violent crime get little attention. The story of Cannon Hinnant drew a lot of attention but that is quickly fading as the media drops the story like a hot potato, only days after begrudgingly giving it any attention at all. Then last week came the story of a 17 year old old girl named Veronica Lee Baker who was found shot to death in her car. Arrests were soon made and the accompanying pictures are distressingly familiar….

Veronica Lee Baker

She was just 17 years old. Charged and arrested for her murder, another 17 year old named Devin Cordell Jones

Devin Cordell Jones

Also charged, three other teens: Keyshara Michelle Deans, 19, Nezyiha Zamir Collins, 19, and Tyreek Qumay Rodgers, 18. They allegedly helped Jones flee and are accessories after the fact.

According to Veronica’s father, she and her alleged murderer knew one another and were friends. He also believes that this was a robbery gone bad.

A 17 year old White girl is dead. A 17 year old black male is her killer and now faces most of the rest of his life in prison. Three other black teens are facing felony charges as well. Minimal media coverage.

Then we have Dasean Damont Morris.

Dasean Damont Morris

Morris is 18 years old and charged with murdering a White father named Kyle Hagenbuch. Magenbuch was apparently out riding his motorcycle with friends when Morris drove past them, stopped and got out of his car, and fired into the group, striking Hagenbuch and killing him.

Again, very little media coverage.

On and on and on. The names change, the story doesn’t.

But by all means, Dondre Eades should be super worried that the Klan is gonna git ’em while he attends his lily-White school.

Don’t tell Dondre the truth, it might upset him.


  1. Jim Wetzel

    The linked news story about the White girl, Veronica Baker, claims that her father reported that she "hung around" with the orc who ended her life. This is a pattern that I see reported all too often. White people need to be extremely cautious about having social contact with negroes.

    No victim-blaming here, of course. The orc Jones should be in the ground at this moment. However, Whites need to observe a bit of prudence. Don't play in traffic. Don't be careless with fire. And, with very rare exceptions, don't consider negroes to be friends.

    And as for coal-burner Eades in North Manchester: gee, I wonder what institution of alleged higher learning she's connected with? Ooooh, it's a mystery.

  2. Arthur Sido

    That mom is a pretty sad person. Used and abandoned many years ago by one or more black men, left to raise two kids on her own and she still hates her own people. Her looks, whatever they were once, have long since faded and now she is alone but she is instilled a fear and hatred of White people in her half-White children. That boy of hers is headed down a road that ends in her crying over his coffin, not at the hands of the Klan but more likely at the end of a gun held by a black man or killed by a cop while in the commission of a crime.

    How many tens or hundreds of thousands of White women are like that, bitter and angry and abandoned but still directing that anger at people like you and I?

  3. Anonymous

    Bless you, Arthur, for reporting on these atrocities, when almost none of the 'authoritative' national sources will touch such sensitive stories. I met poor Veronica just once, at a family gathering when she was a toddler. Even knowing what we know now, what could I possibly have told her clueless parents way back then to warn them of what would befall their innocent daughter if she mixed with the 'wrong element'?

    I've been labeled every kind of mean old racist forever by even my closest relatives. But I know what I know. I see what I've seen. The indoctrination in guilty Whites is deep, pervasive. My kind-hearted wife works in the medical field with these animals every single day and STILL insists that they are "not all like that", despite the welter of evidence to the contrary. They ARE all "like that". Loud, argumentative, aggressive, unreliable, immoral, irresponsible, selfish and just plain stupid. As manager, she makes unconscious 'adjustments' all the time, every damned day, to accommodate their peculiarities and inability to follow the norms of civilized society. Her White employees are written up for time and attendance violations. She excuses egregious black trespasses, knowing that lack of empathy and irresponsibility are simply immutable biological traits of the african.

    How many Whites have to suffer and die before we finally develop a justified collective knowledge, awareness and appreciation of non-White savagery? All of us, apparently. Disgusted. Done.


  4. Arthur Sido

    A lot of people are waking up, I sense it seething under the surface. We will see what happens as we get closer to the election. I kind of hope of these bLM or NFAC black groups does something really egregious, people are on edge and that might shock them awake.

  5. Arthur Sido

    I never realized how deep the conditioning was until fairly recently. Don't notice, look the other way, find an excuse. Even at my age in my late 40s I can recall the indoctrination of us as White kids who barely had any contact with blacks but still we ordered to adjust our attitudes.

  6. TRIP

    You forgot to leave out the part where 75% of violent crimes against white people have come from other white people. Or might that blow holes in your entire narrative.

  7. Arthur Sido

    In what way? Everyone knows that most violent crime is intraracial and I have mentioned that many times. My point, which you seem to have missed in your eagerness to screech about my "racist theory" is that this kid is buying into the idea that because he is black, he is somehow in particular danger of being killed, presumably by White people and/or cops, whereas in the real world in instances of interracial violence, 90% of the time the violence is black on White.

    I know you are new here but calling me racist isn't an argument. You should try reading what I wrote and interacting with that, otherwise you end up coming across like an idiot.

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