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Welcome To August 2020

Today is the first day of August 2020 and if we know anything about 2020 we know it has been a slowly moving shitshow that has gotten worse every month.

As of August 1st we are slightly over three months until the election, with just 95 days remaining.

As awful as this year has been, it is about to get worse.

Buckle up and welcome to Thunderdome.


  1. Anonymous

    August is my favourite month of the year and I'm expecting something decent for my birthday this year. Clocks ticking boyo

    (hint I want a motorbike. Maybe a Honda Grom in yellow. I'll call it a Murder Hornet)

  2. John

    Yup. I agree, sadly. I'm still trying to figure out some of the twists and turns we're going to see. I do like blogging about it because it forces me to make guesses and think through "what happens" next.

    Great BitChute channel! The Mrs. has been working to try to get us to do one.


  3. Arthur Sido

    Bitchute lacks a lot of the bells and whistles of Youtube but in general they don't censor anything. I need to upload more there, I have been reposting stuff on my Youtube channel but that channel is on borrowed time.

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