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This Is Who They Are Going To Send To Take Our Guns?

If this is New York’s “finest”, I hate to think what law enforcement looks like in less demanding environments.

You might want to rethink that whole “forcible mandatory gun buy back” plan.


  1. Anonymous

    I'm glad the Police have been so converged because let's be honest. They're not on the good guys side and what's worse is that they know they're not but still keep on doing what they're doing. Sure they've managed to rationalise their actions. But the scripture Ye shall know them by their fruits rings far to true and their fruit is evil (imprisoning the good guys whilst watching the bad guys get away with raping kids)

  2. Demented guy

    It isn't going to be people knocking on doors to confiscate firearms. They will make them illegal and give time to turn them in. People who don't turn them in will be added to a database and when you are driving, cops running tags, will see a flag and pull you over and take you to jail. While you are locked up the swat team will hit your residence with a warrant and search for guns. If any are found new charges will be added. It will take years but all dissidents will be incarcerated.

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