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This Is Outrageous!

Almost two months later and the dastardly White frat boys who lit bi-racial teen Althea Bernstein on fire have not been apprehended!

Police still mum on investigation in alleged hate crime, 7 weeks later

Seven weeks after a biracial woman told police she had been sprayed with lighter fluid by a group of white men and then set on fire, police and the woman’s family say the investigation into the incident continues.

But little information about the June 24 incident has been released as the Madison police and the FBI continue to investigate. Madison police spokesman Joel DeSpain said Wednesday that he regularly checks with the lead detective on the case, along with the department’s Violent Crimes Unit, and said it is still an active investigation.

“There is nothing new to release at this time,” DeSpain said.

This is obviously a massive cover-up by Madison police. How hard can it be to find video evidence or witnesses to identify four White frat boys, two with Hawaiian shirts, the uniform of the notorious Boogaloo Movement, and two dressed all in black. One would think someone, anyone, on a busy street in the heart of Madison, Wisconsin would have seen something! Clearly the White people in Madison, known as a bastion of White supremacy and right wing extremism, are keeping silent and erasing video footage to provide cover for this hate crime.

Andrea Love Sumpter, an attorney who is acting as a spokeswoman for Bernstein and her family, said Wednesday in an email that Madison police “are still in regular contact and actively investigating the case.”

Bernstein, she said, “continues to deal with the trauma she experienced day by day.”

A month ago, she said she had advised the family against making statements to avoid compromising the work of investigators.

Rightly so. The poor thing, lit on fire by White frat boys. She might never recover. Perhaps she should sue every fraternity in Wisconsin, just in case. Obviously in this kind of case where a vicious hate crime has happened but there are no leads, the thing to do is to hush up the family because that only seems suspicious to you racists out there.

When will it end? How long must my oppressed beautiful, strong and brave fellow citizens have to endure hate crimes at the hands of frat boys?

Justice for Althea!


  1. Anonymous

    You know, Arthur, if you keep sticking your tongue in your cheek like this, its going to get stuck there, someday. I'm having a similar issue with excessive face-palming in these trying times. Heaven help us all.

  2. Anonymous

    I'm just waiting for the proverbial shrill whistle and we all "go over the top".

    I suspect our friends on the left are going to be shocked to find out that conservatives aren't all bow tie wearing surrender monkeys. Heck, some are going to find out in the first couple of nights that the Left aren't the only ones that have lists

  3. Arthur Sido

    The smart ones already know this but the soyboys and pink haired feminist types have spent their lives surrounded by soft, pliable Whites. They are going to learn the hard way.

  4. Anonymous

    Althea Bernstein should be prosecuted for making a false police report and wasting huge amounts of public money on a three month investigation into a hoax, and she should be made to pay that money back. The harm she caused by stoking up racial animosity can't be repaired, but an apology would help.

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