Sunday, August 30, 2020

Pat Buchanan Understood How To Respond To Riots

From his 1992 Republican National Convention "Culture War" speech...

I understand what Trump might be thinking. Letting the riots run loose in these cities makes Democrats look weak and honestly it is probably helping his campaign. It might be the one thing that rescues his campaign but it is still cowardly. They are going to claim he is a fascist and authoritarian anyway, might as well give them some real authoritarianism.

In May, Ryan Girdusky reported that the Trump strategy was not to interfere because it might hurt "minority outreach".

I hope that is not the case. People are dying, businesses are being ruined. If it is all just a political calculation? That would be disgusting.

Commies understand force. Notice that the riots in Kenosha evaporated as soon as two of them were shot?

You don't negotiate with commies.

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  1. You got it right that commies / leftists only understand violence. The looks on some of the rioters faces when they get arrested is priceless. It's a look of utter shock. I imagine that they'll exhibit similar facial expressions when they're led in a line to a ditch in the middle of a forest. Utter shock that there are consequences to partaking in a revolution.

    Of course they may well win then it'll be shocked faces that their new Utopian overlords are the ones taking them out to to the woods, except they'll have to dig their own ditches.

    The third alternative is that they win then are dismayed there's literally nothing to eat

    Lastly can we please learn from history? Franco went easy on his communists allowing them to exile, where they continued to cause trouble, then returned to continue the long march. Pinochet threw the communists out of helicopters and today his country is yet to be destroyed by communists. Which reminds me. Pinochet regime killed about 3,000 communists. Allende had a list of 3,000,000 that he wanted to send to be re educated. IOW there really aren't that many commies. Just deal harshly with them now and save millions of lives