Sunday, August 30, 2020


A very safe prediction I have been making since at least last year is that we would see political violence leading up to the 2020 election and that it would result is someone getting killed. With over two months until the election, it is already happening and the frequency seems to be accelerating.

People have been getting injured and killed all year from Leftist violence. It is important to note that you can't distinguish between antifa/bLM and more mainstream Democrats. The Dems might not be out breaking windows but they have been running rhetorical interference for antifa and bLM through the year. People who are reluctantly supporting Biden because Orange Man Bad are finding any and all excuses for the violence.

The violence is pervasive and has been since the lead up to the 2016 election. After the last week, things are at the breaking point.

With the shooting of three commies, two fatally, by Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha after they attacked and chased Kyle, things got warmer. Last night they got pretty hot.

Breaking: Victim of Deadly Portland Shooting Wore Patriot Prayer Hat and Shirt, Blue Lives Matter Patch: Reports

The man was apparently a Trump supporter, pro-police, etc. and was executed in the street. A man can be heard in the videos saying that they had a "Trumper here" and seconds later shots rang out. Other videos show antifa celebrating a man being executed in Portland. As usual Andy Ngo is on the job:

Unlike Kyle, this guy wasn't shot while chasing down and attacking anyone. He was just shot in the street because of his visible support for the police and Trump. It was a politically motivated assassination. You can be sure that the odds of someone returning the favor are pretty high (please note I am not calling for retaliation just making an observation).

With two months to go, things are already out of control. Most people on what passes for the "right" in America are decent people who have families to care for, so we aren't going to start randomly shooting people on the Left. But keep pushing and there won't be much incentive to hold back. If I can't go anywhere I want in America and express my political viewpoints without the threat of being shot by communists, that changes things pretty drastically for me. How are we "The United States" when there are more and more places where wearing the "wrong" hat or t-shirt can lead to potential political violence?

Stay away from crowds, stay out of the cities, pay attention to your surroundings, be prepared to do what might need to be done.

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  1. They have identified (don't know if they've arrested him) the perp. Wonder if Antifa/S(ome)BLM have figured out to stay out of cities that aren't hard Left?