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Disengage From The System

It was February of 2014 and I found myself without a job. Health issues had forced my departure from my last corporate employer and I was in pretty unfamiliar and very unsettling circumstances. From June of 1998 when I took my first financial services job answering phone calls in New Hampshire until February 2014 I had an unbroken string of jobs in financial services. From answering phones to managing clients to running bank branches, the employer name changed but the direct deposits kept coming in and got bigger each year.

Suddenly there were no more direct deposits. There was no money just showing up every two weeks.

The bills? They seemed to keep coming. Apparently they want the mortgage payment whether you are getting a direct deposited paycheck or not. The same with the electricity bill, the internet bill, the property tax bill. Oh and the kids apparently still wanted to eat.

So I needed to figure out how to get money to pay for that stuff and going back to sitting in a cubicle working some soul-crushing, meaningless job wasn’t going to get it done. Long story short, we figured it out.

It looks a lot different from what I did before. Back in the corporate days my pay was the same whether I was drinking coffee, blogging and managing my fantasy baseball team all day or whether I was on the phone with clients and solving problems all day. Now I get paid based on how much I work and how smart I work. With the things that I do for money, I can work really hard and not make much or I can be really good at what I do, not work nearly as hard and get paid a lot more.

What I also realized is something I think we all already know. We made do on much less than I was earning before. Over the many years I worked in financial services and banking, I kept earning a higher salary, mainly by working for a few years and then taking that additional experience and going to a new company so instead of a 4-5% annual increase, I got a 10-20% bump. What was weird is that it never seemed like we had more money even though the dollar amount of the direct deposits into my bank statement kept going up.

Then something odd happened. The income coming in dropped drastically and we started to watch our spending a lot more closely but instead of being impoverished, our daily life pretty much stayed the same. The bills got paid, the kids got fed. Turns out we are pretty low maintenance people, thanks to decades of having more and more kids in the house. We don’t take expensive vacations or really vacations at all. We don’t have the most up to date smartphones, in fact we were one of the last families I know to get a smart phone and it was only recently that my wife and I both had one. We didn’t eat out very often as I mostly made meals at home and taking eight kids out to eat is a nightmare. Even now that we do eat out more frequently, we mostly eat at places where the bill is less than $40 for my wife and I. We don’t smoke and rarely drink. Like I said, we are low maintenance people.

You don’t need to make as much money as you think you do, what you really need to do is figure out how to reduce the out-flows more than worry about the in-flow. As a sidenote, this is the problem in the government as well.

Long story not so short: I have survived leaving corporate America and you can too. Not only survived but have absolutely no desire to go back.

The next piece of the puzzle: The case of Justin Kucera.

Justin was a teacher and baseball coach at Walled Lake Western High School in Michigan. I said “was” because he was fired and the apparent reason he was fired?

Walled Lake teacher says he was fired after tweeting ‘Trump is our president’

A high school teacher and coach claims he was fired from Walled Lake Western High School after his recent tweet stirred up controversy. 

Justin Kucera, a baseball coach and social studies teacher at the Commerce Charter Township school was fired after posting a tweet that read “I’m done being silent. @realdonaldtrump is our president. Don’t @ me.” The Washington Beacon reported that Kucera was contacted by the human resources department on July 10 to meet with the principal and the district’s superintendent.

Kucera told the Beacon he was given two options: be fired or resign.

Many, many teachers, even when I was in school, were and are pretty open about their liberal political positions. A teacher tweeting support for Obama during his administration would have received no backlash and certainly wouldn’t have been fired. If they were, their union would back them up. That doesn’t appear to be the case here.

Kucera has been made an example, a warning to other teachers. You can be conservative privately, at least for now, but you can’t speak openly of your support for the duly elected President of the United States, even in a state he carried. This same pattern is true in many industries. It is without question that I couldn’t have the social media presence I currently have if I were still in the corporate world. Even the stuff I used to post on my old blog would get me in trouble today because of my position of sexual degeneracy and gender roles.

That brings me to my main point.

In spite of the rhetoric you hear all day to the contrary, there really isn’t a group in America that is in a worse position for the future than young White heterosexual men. The future is pretty grim for this group. While young White men built this country and are responsible for essentially everything that has made it the greatest nation on earth, that same group now finds itself reviled and blamed for every human ill. Looking just a few years down the road and it looks even worse.

Young White men will face barriers and discrimination in most categories of employment, especially in corporate office and government jobs. In dangerous, dirty, outdoor jobs they should be fine as the people clamoring for “equality” don’t seem to mind letting White guys do the welding and plumbing. The same will be true for educational opportunities, even more than is true currently. In America today, a nation founded by and built by White men, a young White man who desires to go to a college or university, or worse who seeks to expand his education with a professional degree in medicine or law, must exceed by a wide margin “disadvantaged minority” students or he will lose his spot to someone less intelligent and less accomplished than he is, just so the school can have a higher percentage on the various metrics that measure “diversity”. Having the best students is secondary to being able to pepper your website with pictures of mestizo guys and black women in hijabs.

Prospects for marriage and family aren’t much better. Young White women are a damn mess. Compared to White girls when I was young, they are neurotic and angry all the time, most of them seem to have had a slew of sexual partners and very few of them seem like suitable wives.

So what should young White men be doing right now?

First and foremost, be realistic. The world your parents grew up in and that you can glimpse from old TV shows is gone. It won’t be coming back anytime soon, not without a lot of bloodshed. Trying to follow the tried and true path of days gone by is foolish and futile.

Just as important: disengage from the system. Find ways to earn a living and have enough to raise a family without getting a W-2 at the end of the year. Or at least find a career in a field where political correctness hasn’t turned it into a nightmare. Skilled trades are still the best bet along with self-employment in a field where you won’t lose business for your political views.

If you get into some corporate B.S. job, you will get handcuffed by the benefits and regular paycheck. It is tempting to do that but it ends up muzzling you and placing you at the mercy of the harpies in H.R.

A young White guy is not in a position to work within the system because the system hates them and would just prefer they quietly die somewhere in a carbon neutral way. We do them a disservice by pushing them into the system where they will either be silenced to keep their job or end up a pariah and fired for speaking their mind.

Is that fair? Of course not but we are way past the point of what is fair or unfair. We are dealing with what is reality and what is fantasy.

Encourage the young White men in your circle of influence to sidestep the system, the corporate meat grinder that crushes their spirit and silences their voices. You can make a living without the 9-5 cubicle gig and what is more, it tends to be a far more satisfying life.

Bemoaning the present can be cathartic but what we really need is an eye for the future. Preparing young men for that future now will save them a lot of trouble in the future.


  1. Anonymous

    And most importantly, take solace in "Another Good Month for Freedom".

    Very much enjoy reading your direct, unvarnished perspectives.

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