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Another Good Month For Freedom

The initial reports are out and it looks like July was yet another banner month for firearms sales.

July becomes 5th straight month to set gun sales record; sales up 133% over July 2019

Demand is soaring and inventory levels are still under incredible pressure even for distributors. If you are in the market for a .22 pistol (not a Glock or Taurus) or a really super expensive 9mm, you are in luck. More standard 9mm handguns? Forget about it. Bolt action rifles in common hunting calibers are available, as are pump shotguns with limited capacity and 28″ barrels but anything in the AR/AK world or in a tactical/home-defense shotgun are out of stock and have been for months.

Ammunition is still scarce and the prices keep climbing with no end in sight. Generally prices on ammoseek for 5.56mm hover right at or above $.50/round and .223 is actually worse. You can get right now on ammoseek steel case .223 for $.40/round from a couple of places but after that the steel (non-reloadable) .223 is over $.50/round. 9mm is $.45/round and goes up from there. .45 is a little cheaper but not by much and ironically the once more expensive 10mm is generally cheaper than .45. Go figure.

Day by day middle America is quietly arming up, stocking up on ammo and I assume preparing otherwise for the worst. It is a mobilization without the fanfare of World War II but the firepower at the individual level is incredible. What is more, the mental shift is palpable. Due to the nature of our business, I interact with gun buyers all the time and all of them are saying the same thing: things are getting hairy and they are preparing for what needs to be done.

The mental preparation is perhaps even more important than the gear or the material right now and as we get closer to the election, just 13 weeks away, you can feel the attitudes shifting.

While the Left prepares for a victory lap and then the pogroms to punish heritage Americans for our disobedience, those same heritage Americans are preparing for active resistance. Maybe only 10% stand up at first but that still translates to millions of heavily armed, angry Americans with nothing much to lose.

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