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A Mass Shooting Blast From The Past!

Way back in January, when we weren’t terrified of a Chinese bioweapon and you could buy 9mm ammo for a reasonable price, there was a mass shooting in Kansas City at a club called the 9ine Ultra Lounge during an AFC championship game (we had sports back then too): Mass Shooting Alert! AFC Championship Edition

The shooter was black, the people shot were black and there were 17 of them, two fatally shot including the original shooter. In other words, a pretty typical mass shooting.

Well our friends at the 9ine Ultra Lounge are back to their shenanigans.

Four people shot Sunday at KC nightclub where mass shooting occurred in January

There was also a drive-by shortly before the mass shooting in January. You can rely on the media to find the upside in this shooting:

The shooting Sunday was the first reported at the nightclub since the January mass shooting.

The club was closed after the shooting until March and then coronavirus hit but it is still newsworthy that is has been over seven months since the last shooting at the 9ine Ultra Lounge.


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