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The Libertarian Case For Marxism!

The national Libertarian Party is in ideological free-fall. It wasn’t bad enough that their nominee for President, Jo Jorgensen, and her imbecilic running mate “Spike Cohen” are running on a platform that includes de facto open borders, a move that would ensure that no actual libertarian ideas become law (see: Those Wacky Libertarians!). Nope, that wasn’t dumb enough. Now Jo Jorgensen is praising the Marxist front calling itself “black Lives Matter”.

She tried to walk back her statement six hours later after she was lit up on social media but the damage is done.

Jo doesn’t strike me as dumb. Naive perhaps at best, and perhaps intentionally deceptive at worst, but not dumb. Anyone who is running for President for the largest third party in America, a party that gets millions of votes in national elections, knows fully well that using the hashtag #blackLivesMatter indicates some level of solidarity with the umbrella ideological organization of that name. You can’t separate the ideological movement of black Lives Matter from concepts like opposition to “police brutality” and “sentencing disparities” and I don’t think she intended to. I think she said something she thought was profound and got a ton of backlash for it so she tried to walk it back but no one is buying, at least not semi-serious libertarian voters.

The Marxist roots of black Lives Matter is a matter of public record and she has to know it (see: The Violent Marxist Roots Of black Lives Matter). I am not sure what she intended to accomplish with her tweet. The only thing that makes any sense is that Jo is trying to torpedo the national Libertarian Party for some reason. I would say she is going a good job of it.

The Libertarian Party should have been able to do better than an advocate of open borders who praises a violent Marxist revolutionary movement. That libertarians chose Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen to be their Presidential ticket reveals that libertarianism is no longer, if it ever was, a political movement deserving of being taken seriously.


  1. Jim Wetzel

    Definitely, the LP never was deserving of being taken seriously.

    I don't try to keep up with any political "movement." But I get some idea of what's going on with the LP because Tom Woods's podcast is one of those I listen to while driving — he often has interesting things to say, although I certainly don't agree with all of them, and also interviews some interesting people, as well as lots of uninteresting ones. My whole exposure to Jorgensen was an interview he did with her on that podcast, and she sounded pretty normal there. But, yeah, if you're a sort-of presidential candidate, even with a joke party like the LP, you're presumptively smart enough to know what it means to get onboard with bLM. Conclusion: she's either stupid, or Commie. (Or possibly both.) None of those seem very cheerful.

  2. Arthur Sido

    Tom Woods is more of an old school, Hans-Hermann Hoppe kind of libertarian and those guys are cool, it is the more modern libertarians who tend to be potheads that are never really serious.

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