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Pre-Pogrom Planning

The Democrats smell blood in the water. The numbers for Trump are ominous and the path to re-election was already pretty sketchy. The only real problem with the analogy is that it is unfair to sharks to compare them to Democrats.

As American “conservatism” runs out of issues to surrender and ceases to be useful, it will be put out of it’s misery. I am strongly considering the notion that within a few electoral cycles, there will be a different political party along with the Democrats making up the two party system. More on that later.

What is equally frustrating is that very, very few NormieCons seem to understand this. The average MAGA guy or people who read Breitbart seriously seem to think that Trump is going to win, blacks and mestizos are going to vote for him and we are entering a Republican Imperium. When you point out things like demographic change and how narrowly Trump won the last time, they usually just get frothing at the mouth angry and call you a liberal and closet DEMONcrat. NormieCons love the caps lock button.

If you can count on the Left for anything, it is starting their victory dance before they cross the goal-line.

Normally that comes back and bites them, like Hilary and her “victory” party in a venue with a glass ceiling. This time, it might not.

They are already plotting their vengeance against the American people for failing to elect Hilary like we were told to do.

Exhibit A, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is already talking about a South Africa style vengeance committee

NYC Mayor de Blasio looks to South Africa for inspiration for new racial justice commission

A new city commission on racial justice will be “just like” South Africa’s famous Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Mayor de Blasio said Sunday.

“We are naming a city commission, a Racial Justice and Reconciliation — just like the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa,” Hizzoner said. “That got to the whole impact that apartheid had on that society, and then talked about everything and acted on everything that needed to be different. Well, that’s what we are going to do here in New York City.”

In South Africa we are seeing “racial justice” in the form of countless attacks on White farmers by roving gangs of blacks, often leading to assault, torture, rape and murder. At the same time, civil order and the infrastructure built by South Africa’s White population continues to collapse. That sounds swell Bill! One of the major political parties in South Africa is led by a man, Julius Malema of the EFF, who leads people in chanting “Kill The Boers” and was quoted in an interview saying:

“We are not calling for the slaughter of White people; at least for now.”

Those sound like the people we should model a commission on “racism” on. Meanwhile as crime spikes in Gotham, de Blasio just cut one billion dollars from the police budget. Yes, that is billion with a “B”, which works out to around 1000 fewer cops on the street. Crime is up, police budget is going down. What could go wrong?

Or even worse, if that is possible, Democrats are talking about getting rid of the Senate filibuster. As of right now, in order to push legislation forward to an actual vote in the Senate, you need 60 votes to invoke “cloture” to end a filibuster and proceed to a vote. Otherwise a single Senator can technically hold up any bill indefinitely. The practical result of this parliamentary rule is that most of the time the Senate will need members of the other party to vote for cloture as we haven’t had a (reliable) 60 seat majority for either party in a while.

There are 33 Senate seats up in 2020, 12 Democrat and a whopping 23 Republican seats. Doug Jones in Alabama, a Democrat in a usually reliable Republican state, stands to lose, thus returning the seat to the GOP but a lot of GOP seats are vulnerable especially Martha McSally in Arizona, a state trending blue, and Susan Collins in Maine, another mostly blue state but Collins is useless anyway. It is conceivable that the Senate changes control from the Republicans to the Democrats but it is nearly impossible to see a scenario where the Democrats pick up enough seats for a 60 seat, “filibuster” proof majority.

That would mean a likely Democrat House full of the most radical Leftists we have seen in American government, a President suffering dementia who will sign whatever you put in front of him and a Senate majority that doesn’t have enough votes to pass really crazy bills. So what to do?

Senate Democrats in Talks to Scrap Filibuster if Joe Biden Wins

A cadre of Senate Democrats are already in talks to abolish the filibuster, provided former Vice President Joe Biden wins the November general election and their party secures a majority in the chamber.

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR), a progressive stalwart long in favor of scrapping the filibuster, has approached colleagues in recent days to gauge support for the action. Although no definitive proposal has been agreed upon, Merkely has found a number of lawmakers partial to either discarding the filibuster outright or reforming it in some manner.

“I just heard they started talking and I’m interested in listening to anything because the place isn’t working. I just heard about it this morning,” Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) told the Hill. 

Manchin is allegedly a “moderate” Democrat but he sees the handwriting on the wall and doesn’t want to be on the losing side. The most important part of this story was a quote in Politico from Delaware Democrat Senator Chris Coons:

“I will not stand idly by for four years and watch the Biden administration’s initiatives blocked at every turn,” Coons told the outlet.

That sums up the entire difference between the way Republicans and Democrats govern. When Republicans are in power, they do everything they can to sabotage their own agenda. While Trump spun his wheels for two years while the GOP controlled the White House and both chambers of Congress, the GOP “leadership” just helplessly threw up their hands and asked “What can we do?! The mean Democrats won’t less us vote!”.

Democrats won’t repeat their mistake. The Democrats in the Senate are already setting the stage to treat the election of Biden as a response to a completely contrived “crisis” and will use that rhetoric to provide an excuse to pull out all of the stops.

The filibuster is one of those weird relics of parliamentary procedure that exist for a reason and the reason was to have the Senate act as the counter-balance to the directly elected House of Representatives. Few Americans realize the Senate was not elected directly by a vote for a very long time. Direct democracy scared the Founders, understandably, and even the direct election of representatives did as well. Thus we have two chambers, a bicameral legislature, that both must approve of any bill before sending it to the President who has to sign it for it to become law. The Senate is supposed to be several steps removed from the democratic process. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson famously had an exchange about the necessity of the Senate.

There is a tradition that Jefferson coming home from France, called Washington to account at the breakfast-table for having agreed to a second, and, as Jefferson thought, unnecessary legislative Chamber.

“Why,” asked Washington, “did you just now pour that coffee into your saucer, before drinking?”

“To cool it,” answered Jefferson, “my throat is not made of brass.”

“Even so,” rejoined Washington, “we pour our legislation into the senatorial saucer to cool it.”

Whether true or not, it captures the essence of the necessity of the Senate to cool the passions of the House. Without the filibuster, the Senate will have no brakes on passing legislation. What people seem to forget is that it is intentionally difficult to pass laws at the Federal level and this is by design. The Federal legislature was never intended to pass tons of laws that govern every aspect of our lives but that is what we have now.

Assuming that a) Trump loses, as I expect he will and b) the Democrat retain control of the House, as I expect they will and c) the GOP loses the Senate majority or retains it only because of useless bimbos like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, I anticipate seeing a flurry of legislation passed in both chambers and signed in a volume we have never seen in my lifetime. Not just a lot of legislation but far ranging and sweeping legislation. Gun control will be at the top of the list and at a minimum I expect it to be illegal to make or sell semi-automatic rifles capable of using magazines that hold more than ten rounds. It is likely that initial legislation will grandfather those firearms in at first but even that won’t last. Bills making it harder to buy ammo, bills mandating expensive “smart gun” technology, bill after bill will be passed with only token resistance from Republicans, all intended to disarm the American people.

Tax cuts will be allegedly rolled back but with so many loopholes that nothing will change. Wall Street owns Chuck Schumer and they are expecting him to protect them, and he will. A universal basic income is very likely and a national government run health insurance system is a given. By June we will have socialized medicine in America and you better get to the doctor now because once it is “free”, getting an appointment will be very difficult. “Green energy” laws will be passed and you can expect our current energy independence to go right in the toilet. The national “debt” is going to explode but no one cares. One big item that will be near the front of the line will be an enormous backdoor reparations payment, the topic for a future post. Speech laws will be passed as will “hate crimes” legislation, not to mention silly crap like a Federal law against lynching because current laws against murder aren’t strong enough. The borders will essentially be thrown wide open and I expect to see millions of mestizos and blacks flooding into the country over the next few years, welcomed with open arms and the promise of free gibs paid for by Americans.

One common theme will be that all of the Democrat’s legislative priorities will disproportionately benefit non-White citizens at the expense of White Americans. The driving factors will be hatred and vengeance and White Americans are going to be made to pay for their “crime” of electing Trump. White historical figures are going to be purged at an accelerated rate and White taxpayers are going to see their already overwhelming burden of funding the government get even heavier. Simultaneously the proportion of Whites is going to keep declining at the same time we will be ordered to pay “our fair share” and the math on that just doesn’t work out.

Whites are about to become an even more hated minority in our own country and as the police are defunded and handcuffed, while Whites are disarmed, plus criminals released in massive numbers from prison, it is going to be open season on us. I expect to see a widow of time where Whites who defend themselves are prosecuted but that won’t last for long as the government loses control of the cities.

All of the weird revenge porn blacks and mestizos have been marinating in for years, all the movies that amp up black resentment, all of it is about to get the official sanction of the Federal government.  It is coming. A year or two of political revenge, purges and pogroms without parallel in modern history.

By all means, vote for Trump in November but be aware that no matter what it is likely he loses and takes the Senate down with him. This won’t be just another political loss like Bill Clinton defeating George H.W. Bush. This is the beginning of a new Zimbabwe and the chaos is going to be something terrible to behold.

A lot of liberal Whites are about to discover that hatred, vengeance and self-loathing are useful political tools to win elections but they tend to backfire when they are the basis for governing.

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