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Mayor Beetlejuice Changes Her Tune

Just a few days ago, Chicago Mayor Beetlejuice, aka Lori Lightfoot, was demanding that Federal agents stay out of Chicago so they couldn’t interfere with Chicagoan’s terrorizing each other. After at least 15 people were shot at a funeral, she has suddenly changed her tune:

Federal agents to be sent to Chicago after mayor’s initial pushback

President Donald Trump is sending help in the form of federal agents to Mayor Lori Lightfoot to help on the crime front in Chicago. The mayor’s response was somewhat of a forced agreement, as long as it’s not a situation like Portland.

The mayor at first pushed back against Trump’s threats to send federal agents to the city. The president said he wanted to send them to fix the city’s gun violence problem.

This weekend, 150 federal agents will be deployed to Chicago. Originally, fearing it would be like Portland, where agents clad in military style uniforms without names or insignia were in the area, the mayor resisted. But her understanding Tuesday is that’s not going to be the case.

Instead, Lightfoot said the federal agents will work alongside Chicago Police Department officers which is not unprecedented, and unlike in Portland, the U.S. attorney for the northern district of Illinois, John Lausch, will help.

The situation in Portland is quite different from Chicago. In Portland a bunch of White communist agitators are engaged in open rebellion against the government. In Chicago it is just garden variety black on black violence. Different problems demand different solutions.

In general I am against the notion of Federal law enforcement of almost any sort but we are way past the point of having arguments like that. If you encourage a child to have a tantrum in the store by giving them the candy, they turn into adults who have tantrums but now these petulant children are big enough to hurt other people. It is obvious that Mayor Beetlejuice has lost control of her city and is now being mocked and criticized by the head of Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police:

CPD Superintendent David Brown says he welcomes the extra manpower but president of Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police John Catanzara wasn’t so diplomatic.

“She endorses and supports that now,” he said. “Why didn’t she ask for that a while ago? Because she’s too proud and too arrogant to ask for any help from President Trump even though he repeatedly offered it to you. But now all of a sudden it’s a good idea.  Well at least she’s finally come to the table and admitted she has no control over this.”

The solution, if there is one, in Chicago is pretty simple. We all know who is doing the shooting so instead of waiting on them to shoot each other and then the cops show up, Chicago needs some sort of stop-and-frisk. You see a black guy on a street corner? Roust him, pat him down and arrest him if he has a gun. See a group of blacks standing around? Scatter them. Young black guys in a car? Pull them over, get them out of the car and search it for guns.

Spend a week doing that and violent crime will start to drop immediately. Sure it is un-Constitutional in about a dozen ways but are we ready to admit that the Constitution doesn’t mean much these days? Having a copy of the Constitution in your pocket isn’t going to stop a stray bullet from killing you and the black community is unwilling to stand up to these animals in their midst. It won’t happen of course because Lori Lightfoot thinks the solution to violent crime is to anthropomorphize guns and get into text squabbles with the head of the Chicago FOP.

In a sane world, Lori Lightfoot wouldn’t have a job more significant than replacing the wafers in the urinal of men’s rooms. That an incompetent Beetlejuice doppelganger is mayor of the third largest city in America is proof enough that America is past the point of no return.

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