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Information Is White Supremacy

To piggyback on my post yesterday about dissenting voices being systematically suppressed in America, Dissent Will Not Be Tolerated, along comes something I have been anticipating from the time that Biden appeared to be the presumptive favorite and was also clearly slipping mentally. The Left is advising Biden’s team to skip the debates entirely or impose so many restrictions that the debates get cancelled anyway. Tucker Carlson spoke about this recently:

If I was Trump I would be demanding a dozen debates, invoking the Lincoln-Douglas debates and talking about this election being a referendum on the path forward for America. Then I would mock and hound Biden incessantly on social media until he agreed to a bunch of debates and in the debates I would lay into him non-stop, forcing the inevitable meltdown. Joe can’t handle being challenged, he about got into a fist fight with an autoworker who challenged him on gun rights and that was a two minute exchange. A couple of hours with Trump on stage and Biden will lose it. It might seem cruel to bait a demented old man into going crazy on live TV but this isn’t a county fair, this is for the Presidency of the United States of America.

On the other hand, if I were advising Biden’s team I would tell them to do everything in their power to avoid getting Joe on stage with Trump. The obvious ploy is to use the coronavirus scare to insist that in person debates are too dangerous.

There is absolutely no upside to Biden debating Trump. Even on his best days, and those are long since gone, Biden wasn’t up to debating Trump. Today he isn’t competent to drive a Rascal scooter in a Wal-Mart, much less go toe-to-toe with a guy who loves conflict and chaos. The entire case for voting for Joe Biden is Orange Man Bad. No one is excited about a Biden Presidency, they just want Trump gone and his supporters punished. The less voters who can be swayed to vote one way or the other (or stay home) know about Biden, the better. Anything you learn about Biden other than he is not Trump just hurts Biden’s chances. You are not going to have a choice between Trump and Biden, your choices is going to be Trump or Not Trump.

Not only is dissenting thought banned, just thinking at all and comparing competing ideas is going to be forbidden. When people are given choices, they all too often make the wrong choice like they did in 2016. The easiest way to avoid that happening again is to not allow people anything other than the most cursory illusion of choice while avoiding any real choices. Back in the Soviet Union, they held elections like clockwork and there was enormous turnout and the Communist Party always won overwhelmingly. No one really thought there was a choice but they went through the farce of holding elections to try to add an aura of legitimacy.

As demographic changes make electing Republicans at the national level impossible, our elections will start to look more like the Soviet Union or some large cities. Sure you can run for Mayor as a Republican in Baltimore or for governor in California, but you aren’t going to win. Having elections without a real choice provides the veneer of respectability and “democracy” without the danger of the people picking the wrong winners.

Ironic that the party that has elevated “choice” in abortion to an unholy sacrament is now seeking to eliminate real choice in our elections.

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