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But Muh Second Amendment And Muh Supreme Court!

Since Ruth Bader Ginsburg seems to be sustained by arcane dark magic rituals, it looks like the Supreme Court is going to stay as is for the rest of the election season. Assuming Biden wins, it is likely that RBG will retire shortly after he takes office and that his handlers will choose someone even farther to the left to replace her.

At the same time, I have detailed the Biden gun control plan and it is extensive: The Future Of Gun Ownership (Or Lack Thereof). A lot of Fudds reasonable gun owners think that a Biden administration will be like the Obama administration and very little gun control will get passed. They all seem to think that Obama was the first ever Democrat to be President and forget that under Clinton the sweeping “assault weapons ban” was passed and for ten years it was about impossible to buy the firearms many of us take for granted.

Besides they say, the 2nd Amendment is secure. The Supreme Court will save us!

Think again.

The SCOTUS recently declined to take up a pile of beneficial cases for the 2nd Amendment and now we know why….

Conservative Justices Declined to Take Up Second Amendment Case after Roberts Signaled He Would Side with Liberals: Report

The conservative wing of the Supreme Court reportedly declined to take up a case dealing with Second Amendment rights after Chief Justice John Roberts indicated that he would vote with the court’s liberal justices.

In June, the justices rejected petitions from 10 challenges relating to state restrictions on firearms after Roberts signaled he would not vote with them, depriving the court’s conservatives of the fifth vote needed to overturn gun regulations, CNN reported Monday.

Roberts is proving to be as unreliable as….well, as most justices nominated by Republicans.

Unless we catch a break and RBG dies in the next few months (fingers crossed), we are looking at a court that is hostile to personal firearms ownership and looks to get worse. Keep in mind that reliably conservative justice Clarence Thomas has been on the court for 28 years and is 72 years old.

The supreme court isn’t going to save your gun rights. As I keep saying, there is a good chance that the guns you have on December 31st are all you are ever going to have.

Plan and budget accordingly.


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