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Ammo-pocalypse Redux

Things in the ammunition market, especially for the most popular ammo, are pretty dire right now. I have been trying to get more 9mm ammo and generally speaking most places are either completely out of it or are charging $.40 / round for brass case 9mm or more which is ridiculous.

This morning I was home so I spent some time refreshing Ammoseek between other stuff I was doing. At first nothing was happening, probably because it was too early in the morning, but then some Winchester 9mm popped up on one site for $.23/round so I got 400 rounds ordered. Less than five minutes after my confirm came through, it was sold out. Half an hour later, another place had Aguila 9mm available so I got another 600 rounds at $.233/round. Again, almost immediately after I got my confirmation, it was sold out. As of right now there isn’t any brass case 9mm for less than $.40/round and that is before shipping.

Ammo for ARs is just about as bad, non-steel .223/5.56 is scarce and you can rarely get brass case for under $.40/round. Even a lot of steel case .223 is going to at or even over $.40/round which again is crazy but it is the world we live in.

I haven’t tried getting any .22 LR for a while but I expect it is tough to come by as well, and other slightly less popular calibers like .45 ACP seem to be out of stock most places, at least online. The last time I shopped for ammo in a store was at a local Dunhams early this week and the handgun ammo section was wiped out, they had a sign saying they were out of 9mm and only had a couple lonely boxes of .40 and .45, and maybe some stray .380 or .32. The rifle ammo was a little better for hunting calibers but the only .223 they had was steel case and they wanted $9.99 for a box of 20. GTFOH with $.50/round for steel .223 ammo. The display cases for firearms at Dunhams were pretty empty as well, we still are not seeing most manufacturers or distributors offering AR-15s in any significant quantities.

People who are paying attention know that things are just going to worse, especially after the election. The prudent man is allocating both money and time to seeking out and stocking up on ammo. Your UPS/FedEx guy should learn to hate seeing your address on his route because he knows you are getting heavy boxes every week. You shouldn’t aim to simply replenish what you are shooting but to increase your stockpile.

The warning signs are all out there. Don’t wait until it is too late and then complain about not being able to find anything to feed your hungry firearms.


  1. jl

    Yes indeed, its grim out there. Be thankful you can at leadt still order ammo online. We poor dumb bastards still living in CA cant even do that. All ammo has to go thru an FFL now, and wouldnt you know it, all the shops have been closed due to the scary "contagion" for the last few months. Never been more relieved being into preparedness as during these last few months. Im grateful that neither food nor ammo has been a personal concern during this farce. Not that I wont go for more when/if ever available in this state again…

  2. Anonymous

    What you've got prep-wise *may* be all you will have.

    I'm so glad I've been chipping away at my preps for years. Because if I were to try to get set up right now? Well, sucks to see the light after a lifetime of being a Left Wing Loon

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