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White Flight On Steroids

Every white liberal in an urban area right now….

If you missed the memo, when white people leave urban centers and those urban centers then collapse into crime and violence, it is “white flight”.

If white people move back into urban centers, bringing in jobs and driving crime lower, that is “gentrification”.

Whatever white people do, it is bad. Sure we built those cities but now we are scolded if we leave and scolded when we move back.

Regardless of the “heads I win, tails you lose” rhetoric, we are about to see the mother of all white flight.

When a black man named George Floyd, a lifelong criminal, decided to try to pass a counterfeit bill and then resisted arrest while suffering from heart disease and drugged out of his mind on fentanyl, pot and meth, “shockingly” died in police custody, it led to the typical “protests” that devolved rapidly into rioting and looting. This happens a lot and usually burns out pretty quickly. In this case something different happened and suddenly “spontaneous” protests/riots broke out all over the country to protest “police brutality”.

No one with an ounce of sense thinks this is spontaneous. In general the denizens of our vibrantly diverse urban areas don’t need much prompting to riot and loot but the extent of this uprising smacks of someone guiding the whole thing from behind the scenes. The timing is just too convenient but it is working because the rioting has been going on for weeks now and no one seems to know just what they want other than “racial justice”, whatever that means.

While most of the silly middle-class white people “protesting” don’t have any clue what they want, other than to virtue signal how woke and tolerant they are and boy, they are just not happy about that police brutality, the people behind the scenes know what they want and what they want is to completely overturn the Western world order. They have been pursuing that goal since the end of the 19th century. We saw it mostly clearly in the Russian revolution that led to the creation of the totalitarian Soviet Union but thanks to a policy of containment it never spread around the world. Just because the Soviet Union collapsed, don’t think for a second that they gave up. They will never give up. From the Civil Rights movement to the anti-war movement, feminism to environmentalism, and today in the police brutality protests, the same people are pursuing the same goal.

That process is rapidly coming to a head and Minneapolis is leading the way with the city council declaring a veto-proof majority in favor of defunding and eliminating the Minneapolis police department. Don’t be fooled by people who say they only want some “reforms”, what they want is to eliminate traditional policing in favor of a new, ideologically driven law enforcement.

Nine member majority of Minneapolis City Council announce support for dismantling MPD

Here are the money quotes from the City Council….

Bender went on to say she and the eight other councilmembers that joined the rally are committed to ending the city’s relationship with the police force and “to end policing as we know it and recreate systems that actually keep us safe.”

Councilmember Ellison said frankly, “This council is going to dismantle this police department.” 

Similarly, Councilmember Cano said the council would “abolish the Minneapolis Police system as we know it.” 

That isn’t “reform”, that is getting rid of the police and replacing it with something else.

In a related story, at least one county sheriff is already telling Minneapolis to not look for them to rescue the city if they get rid of their police.

Anoka Co. Sheriff has ‘no appetite’ to help Minneapolis if it abolishes police department

The Anoka County Sheriff says his agency has “no appetite” to help the city of Minneapolis after nine members of the City Council voiced their support for disbanding the department Sunday.

Sheriff James Stuart said the Minneapolis City Council should, “be mindful that numerous other law enforcement agencies have responded to support them, to restore order, to protect their citizens and to return peace to their city during recent tragic days.”

Anoka County makes up a lot of the northern suburbs of Minneapolis and I imagine that they have a close working relationship with the Minneapolis Police Department. It sounds like they are not interested in riding in to the rescue to save the city. They will probably have their hands full trying to deal with the criminal overflow from the city.

I would expect that the 1,100 officers of the Minneapolis Police Department will take the hint that city leadership doesn’t appreciate them putting their lives on the line every day and go find work elsewhere. The result will be Minneapolis trying to recreate from scratch a veteran police force with over 1000 members with built in handicaps to make it impossible to deal with violent crime. With almost no experienced cops, I am sure they will have an easy time creating this new law enforcement branch from the ground up. You can be sure they will quietly try to find ways to incentivize cops staying on the new force or sticking around until they get it up and running, but if I was a Minneapolis cop I would putting my house on the market and looking for a job on the force of some small town where I will be appreciated.

More broadly speaking, who would want to be a cop right now? Just doing your job can put you in a situation where you have to use lethal force and even if it is 100% justified, you still might lose your job or even go to jail, definitely will have your name slandered and likely your family will be put in jeopardy. If being a cop, already with major barriers to attracting candidates, becomes even more dangerous, that means the quality of candidates will also go down and especially so in large metro areas. Do you suppose that will help or hurt the issue of “police brutality”?

Meanwhile other urban areas are going to follow the lead of Minneapolis. Los Angeles and New York City are already cutting funding for their police in response to a crime wave. Shrewd. This is going to lead to reverse gentrification as whites flee the cities for the relative safety of the suburbs. Minneapolis is around 60% white right now. Expect to see that percentage plummet as Minneapolis turns into Mogadishu. When that happens, tax revenue will plummet, putting further strain on the budget. White suburbanites won’t shop in cities or go to sporting events if they understandably don’t feel safe. More tax revenue lost. Without police to protect corporate assets, companies will either fortress up and hire private security forces or they will quietly move out of the city. More revenue lost. The same is true with stores. There comes a point when the loss prevention efforts stop working and “shrink”, which is a retail term for “stuff that was stolen”, is so high that you just close up. More “food deserts” and lost revenue.

A city can’t survive without a tax base. Just look at Detroit. Detroit went from an overwhelming majority white city to a city with a less than 8% white population, while blacks went from under 10% of the population to over 82% in 2010.

Detroit today is an urban wasteland with entire blocks of abandoned houses, stretches of streets with no street lights or garbage pickup and violent crime and poverty so grim that the city has become the poster child for urban blight. This is the future of Minneapolis. It won’t be long until they get a new sign welcoming visitors to the Twin Cities…

The people with the means to leave, will leave. Those who don’t, won’t. Violent crime will get worse, schools will turn into armed prison camps and the tax base will flee. No one will win and black lives will just get worse.

You have to start to ask who is benefiting from all of this because it sure as hell isn’t the average black person.


  1. Anonymous

    During the riots some Police found their radios jammed. Come on. Who honestly thinks that wasn't planned? Antifa should have been taken seriously decades ago. They fought in Syria for crying out loud. Why they're not being dronned, vanned and suicided I have no idea. Whilst I'm at it, bring the Weather Underground to justice

  2. Darren

    Sad but true. I just cant see how this ends well for the cities. Also, the corona virus has shown us that most of the commuting to a city for work isn't even necessary either. Since work doesn't tie whites to the cities the flight will increase even more dramatically.

  3. Arthur Sido

    Violence and destabilization is the goal. I can't imagine many people will willingly get into a car and drive into the city when a riot can break out at any time. People need to drive around Detroit and start to figure out that when the white folks and anyone else who can afford to moves out, what is left is a nightmare.

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