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Where Is Black Lives Matter?

While the dozen or so “white supremacists” in America, who collectively couldn’t organize a fantasy football league, were somehow convincing blacks to loot Nike stores and noodle-armed antifa bitches to riot and burn American cities, the media seems to have mostly missed this little news item from Chicago:

82 shot, 19 fatally, over Chicago’s most violent weekend of 2020

Nineteen people were killed and at least 63 others were wounded by gun violence in Chicago’s most violent weekend of the year so far, which also saw widespread protests, riots and looting throughout the city in the wake of the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd.

More than half of the weekend’s victims were shot on Sunday as the city reeled from violent protests Saturday night that led to hundreds of arrests and the implementation of a curfew.

The weekend’s toll surpasses the tally from the same weekend in 2019, when 52 people were wounded — 8 fatally — in citywide gun violence.

82 people shot in a single weekend and not even a long weekend.


That is a more than 50% increase from last year to 2020.

Maybe it is just me but I would think that people outraged by police brutality would find other ways to express themselves besides shooting each other. With over 40 people shot on Sunday that is almost two shootings per hour.

If I didn’t know better, I might think that having the cops in Chicago dealing with rioters and looters provided a convenient excuse for the urban denizens of the Windy City to engage in a little casual murder and mayhem. With the cops overwhelmed, it is even less likely than usual that there will be much in the way of arrests and convictions for these 82 shootings.

I am not going to do a bunch of research on other cities but Baltimore saw 14 people shot, with 3 fatalities. 19 people were shot, with 2 killed, in St. Louis. I am sure most other urban cities saw pretty typical numbers of shootings in spite of the supposed peaceful protests for George Floyd. It is also safe to assume that the vast majority of those shot and those doing the shooting were black but their lives won’t get any mention from Black Lives Matter or antifa or politicians or celebrities.

To paraphrase Stalin:

One dead black man killed by the police is a tragedy, thousands of dead black men killed by other black men is a statistic. 

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