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The Two Americas On Display At 5 AM

This morning I had occasion to be out and about before 5 AM. Not voluntarily but some stuff had to get done and I was the guy to do it. I was out for a little over an hour driving around.

That early you wouldn’t expect to see much traffic but even as we are winding down from the “pandemic”, there were lots and lots of cars on the road. Because of where we live, many of them were Amish work crews loading up and heading to the job site. Many others were people going to factory jobs or some other work. There really aren’t a lot of people driving for pleasure that early but lots of jobs require you to show up early and get after it.

This same scene plays out all over America, in rural, suburban and urban areas. Whites and blacks, Hispanics and Asians. People who get up at ungodly hours to get a job done. These are the people who make this country work, unlike the parasite class that shuffles papers, makes rules and regulations and leeches from the productive work of others.

I know lots of people like those on the road so early in the morning. Most of them are just decent, honest people who want to get the job done, get paid and be left alone. They are about family and friends and not bothering anyone else. As long as you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you.

Then there is the other America. The America where you can “protest” for weeks on end because you apparently don’t have a job to go to. The America where your entire existence revolves around what other people are doing or not doing, saying or not saying, even thinking or not thinking.

They don’t concern themselves with petty things like work and home and family. No, they want to know how they can punish others for a litany of abuses and wrongs from decades or centuries ago. Having never created anything significant or of real value, they slander and seek to destroy the very memories of men they know to be their betters. For their flaws, men like Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee were giants and those spray-painting statues in their honor are not even worth recognizing as humans.

It is an ugly existence, a hollow existence. When you exist only to resent and destroy, it creates a growing void in your humanity. No matter how much you screech and protest, no matter how many monuments you tear down or rallies you attend, it is never enough. Like a junkie, your outrage craving demands a fix and you need more each time to give you that temporary high before the cravings start again.

What really sticks in their craw is that for all their disdain and outright hatred for us, they know deep down that they depend on us. The people painting “Fuck the police” on walls would be the first to call the police if people like me were rioting in their neighborhood. They know we keep the lights on and the food showing up in the store. We pay the taxes that fund all of those programs they like now and want more of in the future. They rely on us for their continued existence and they hate us for it. Their utter dependence is one of the core reason for their rage.

In the wee hours of the morning, we see the two sides of America. One America is up early, going to work and making this country function. The other America is just getting to bed after a day of destruction.

For now we keep doing what we do, getting up early and going to work, paying our taxes and keeping the country running. The question must be asked, how much longer will there be enough of us willing to do that and what happens when we stop?


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