Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Future Of America In One Picture

From St. Louis....

"Peaceful protesters"

Some Catholics were having a prayer meeting at the statue of the namesake of St. Louis, Louis IX, a Catholic saint. Of course antifa and black Lives Matter showed up and things got violent.

Nothing will happen to these thugs, not even the fella with the blue bandanna who appears to have something in his hand he is about to strike the older man with.

Eventually the statue will come down and the name of the city will probably be changed. Meanwhile the country will continue to collapse into violence and lawlessness but those committing the acts of violence will be held blameless.


  1. It might very well be a machete. This blek is training his decapitating skills. The next step may be cannibalism: remember those funny cartoons? Blx with human bones through their noses, cooking and eating their blek and white enemies? They have not changed: Africans are still cooking and eating their enemies today. It's actual african culture today.

    1. As society loses control over our more aggressive members, they will revert to their basic nature.

  2. If he ducks at just the right moment, morn takes his buddy's hand off.

  3. With jews you lose.

  4. I couldn't find this incident in the media.