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The Enemy Hidden In Plan Sight

I have often said that the greatest enemy to a right-wing populism in America is not antifa. It is not Schumer and Pelosi or “Black Lives Matter”. It isn’t the socialist media and university faculty poisoning the minds of Americans. The greatest barrier to seeing America turned around is found in the ranks of “conservatives” who undermine real right-wing positions, acting as controlled opposition to give the illusion of opposing liberalism while in reality simply acting as a mirror, shifting to match liberalism at every turn. No matter where liberalism goes, “conservatism” will shift to stay in plausible opposition while not moving too far away and becoming dangerous to the established order.

This video from VertigoPolitix is a quick look at the repugnant political class known as Conservatism Inc.

Think back to January 2017. Trump had won a stunning victory and carried a clear mandate. The Republican party controlled both houses of Congress. You could understand why many people thought we were about to see some serious business getting done.

We didn’t.

After two years, all that was accomplished was a massive tax cut that, while it helped small businesses and individual tax-payers, mostly was a huge benefit to the largest corporations. Those same corporations that regularly crap all over the very people who voted for Trump. Trump’s signature issue, what he campaigned on and what carried him to victory, namely immigration, got nothing. No wall. No significant enforcement. No taxing of remittances to Mexico. Illegal and legal immigration alike didn’t slow, if anything they increased.

It is common to blame the intransigent Democrats or the endless media opposition. A lot of blame, rightly, is placed on Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her loathsome husband Jared “Wormtongue” Kushner. But the real blame belongs to Republican leadership. From think tanks to lobbyists to the Paul Ryan-Mitch McConnell team, the President’s agenda was undermined from the word go and never was given a chance to get off the ground. Immigration enforcement and border control was never on the table because the majority of Republicans in Congress not only don’t care about that issue, they are paid to oppose anything that would endanger the pipeline of cheap labor.

The primary purpose of “conservatives” is to deflect and redirect people who are headed down a real right-wing path. Trump was sunk even before he was sworn in, thanks to the very people that lie to us for our votes and then betray us once they are in office.

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