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The Dissident Mindset

No quote better captures the dissident mindset 

Making small adjustments to something as significant as a political philosophy is pretty easy. Most of us tweak our political philosophy as we get older and (hopefully) grow wiser and more experienced. In my case, something like foreign policy is a good place to look. I was mostly a standard “fight them there so we don’t have to fight them here” guy when it came to wars in the Middle East post-911. As the years went by and the wars dragged on and I did more investigating, it started to become apparent that the wars were based on (at best) half-truths and that our entire foreign policy in the ME was not in the best interested of the United States or her people. Where that is leading now is an even different tale. But generally for most of my adult life I have been a pretty generic conservative, perhaps a bit more vocal than most and further to the right but still a conservative.

Then I went through a brief libertarian phase but in many regards I still sounded like a conservative, just a smaller government conservative, still opposing “gay marriage” and abortion. Me as a libertarian wasn’t that different from me as a conservative, just with the added frustration of seeing conservative politicians screw us over after we voted for them just too many times.

Tweaking your philosophy is one thing, it is pretty easy and also inevitable. Jettisoning the established political order wholesale is something else entirely. It is jarring and kind of leads to feeling somewhat adrift.

It is also absolutely necessary.

We have got to get out of the mindset of conservative versus liberal where we choose our sides and duke it out on public policy via the ballot box. The country where that mostly worked is gone and not coming back.

People, generally speaking with few exceptions white people, who believe in things like the Constitution, American exceptionalism, limited government, traditional Western moral values derived from a cultural Christianity, the rule of law, basically what would be the average set of beliefs in America throughout most of our history, have no political representation right now. None. Think about that. Around 63 million Americans who voted for Trump and millions more who voted for someone like Gary Johnson (like me) or Constitution Party nominee Darrell Castle, or who just didn’t vote for whatever reason, are functionally without any sort of representation at the Federal and most state levels. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t still plenty of Republicans in elected office, but rather the point is that most Republicans are beholden to a different constituency than the people who voted for them.

Someone like Ilhan Omar can push explicitly for positions benefiting blacks and say so openly. She doesn’t try to hide it, she owns it. Or Julián Castro can campaign for President based on his race and policies aimed at aiding his own people (at the expense of white people) and no one seems to care.

When a Republican politician says anything even mildly construed as being pro-white? While we have almost no contemporary examples, the case of Steve King in Iowa shows what happens. Not only was he opposed by Democrats, his own party spent lots of money and worked tirelessly to get him out of office. They stripped him of his committee assignments and funded a primary challenger who ended up defeating him. They might lose the seat now but the GOP would rather lose a seat than have any officials come across as being pro-white, no matter how mildly.

What about Trump? Well our “America First” President seems to spend no time at all working for the people who actually voted for him. He panders to blacks. He panders to homosexuals. He panders to mestizos. He bends over backwards for Jews.

The people who are accused of being “white supremacists” and benefiting from “white privilege” have almost no political representation and certainly none who would come out and say so.

It is time to stop pretending that we can think and operate like it is still the 1970s.

We must get out of the mindset of winning over voters and gaining victories from the ballot box. That hasn’t been a winning strategy for a long time and it is impossible now. In fact we need to jettison the entire concept of a winning strategy. We lost and now we have to deal with that fact.

We can’t peaceably assemble anywhere without drawing violent counter-protests that the police will likely be ordered to ignore.

We can’t express even mildly pro-white opinions without neo-Marxists doxxing us and trying to get us fired from our jobs or threatening our families.

It is long past time to start thinking of ourselves as disenfranchised political dissidents even though we are the people who built this country and there are tens of millions of us. Trying to convince people by having the better arguments and facts is a waste of time. The new non-white majority looks at things only one way “Does this benefit my tribe and does it hurt whites?”. That’s it.

Our mindset must be geared toward surviving in an increasingly hostile society and encouraging our people to adopt this mindset.

For example, a lot of people understandably are upset at the statues and monuments being torn down. It is a recreation of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, destroying the past and erasing history. So they have rallies to protest the removal and some even stand guard at the monuments. What has that gotten us?

On the former, we got “Unite The Right” in Charlottesville, the single biggest propaganda victory for the Left in many years. The media has spun that event into something unrecognizable to people actually there. The optics were horrible with the tiki torch marches and in spite of the people on the right being dramatically outnumbered, the cops forced the two groups together with the inevitable violent clashes. People on the right arrested went to jail, people on the left got off without charges or having charges dismissed. To cap it off, a perfect villain in James Fields drove his car into some “protesters” in a panic and as a result an obese woman died of a heart attack. Now James Fields is a political prisoner who will spend the rest of his life plus 419 years in jail. The damage done to the movement is irreparable and helped kill the “alt-right”.

On the latter, a group of men tried to protect a monument in Albuquerque, New Mexico of Juan de Oñate and of course antifa types showed up and tried to pull it down. One man, Steven Ray Baca, got into an altercation with several of the vandals and then one apparently hit him with a skateboard (a favored weapon of antifa) and another came at him with knives according to reports. He shot a man and severely wounded him, and then the cops decided to get involved, arrested him and disarming a number of other men protecting the statue. The initial charges surrounding the shooting were dropped but Baca is still being charged because he was carrying a handgun without a permit, plus probably assault charges against the vandals. The vandals likely will face no charges for malicious damage to the statue.

We are past the point of holding marches and rallies and protecting statues. The Richmond gun rights rally was probably the last time we will see a mostly white, mostly conservative rally outside of Trump campaign stops. I fully expect those Trump rallies to have lots of violence in an effort to suppress political speech, amplified because antifa knows that people going to a Trump rally won’t be armed. The only reason Richmond went off was the simple math of thousands of armed men being more than antifa could handle.

I understand the anger at watching the secular Taliban in America destroying monuments memorializing great men. It is infuriating and makes a lot of us consider stuff I can’t put in writing for public consumption. But we need to change our mindset.

The political dissident in 2020 understands that we can rebuild monuments and statues. We can even rebuild cities. We built them once, we can do it again. But we can’t rebuild anything locked in jail for life.

The political dissident in 2020 understands that they have no political voice. Our choices are between two different big government statist parties that would be happiest if we would all just die off. The only difference between the parties is one wants to drive America over the cliff a little faster than the other.

The political dissident in 2020 understands that the “justice” system is stacked against him and would like nothing better to see them locked up or dead. The cops aren’t going to save you and neither will the courts. You and you alone are responsible for protecting your family.

The political dissident in 2020 understands that everything he consumes in popular entertainment, journalism and social media is carefully crafted to make him hate his own people and to refuse to defend himself and his family. Almost everything being beamed into your computer, TV and phone is a lie.

The political dissident in 2020 understands that we aren’t all going to make it. He can’t save everyone, most of his own people are self-loathing and seeking a culture wide mass suicide. People who insist on living in cities and pretending that people are people no matter what are going to be lost. Many of them might be openly against us and we have to be prepared to do what we must to protect our families. We can’t save them and have to let them go. Our focus must be on our family, friends and neighbors.

The political dissident in 2020 knows that this election in November is probably not going to go our way and that when the Left takes permanent control, their vengeance and bloodlust will be unchecked and backed by the full might of the Federal government. We are not going to make America great again, we are facing political purges and pogroms like nothing ever seen in America.

The political dissident in 2020 understands that we are not in a fight to win victories, we are in a struggle for mere survival. The best thing we can do right now and for the next decade is survive to fight another day. Government is never getting smaller. The South is never going to rise again. We can’t even try to Benedict Option ourselves in the naive belief they will leave us alone. All we can do is get ready to ride the tiger and hope to live long enough to start the rebuilding process.

The political dissident in 2020 understands that he might not live to see the other side. What we do, we do for our posterity, for our children and grandchildren and for the future generations of our people. If they are to have a future, my life might have to be forfeit and I am OK with that.

That is grim in a lot of ways but it is honest and realistic. The days of starry-eyed idealism are over. Now is the time for steely-eyed determination and hearts and minds hardened to for the ugly times to come. I find it rather refreshing. As a dissident I don’t live in a fantasy world, playing the part dictated to me by the Powers That Be. I reject their paradigm and I reject their narrative.

I’m not a “conservative”, although there was a time when I thought of myself that way.

We are not going to conserve anything and conservatism as a movement has absolutely failed to conserve anything of significance in America.

I’m not a “libertarian”, although there was a time when I thought of myself that way.

Libertarianism is a fantasy, something that sounds great in arguments and essays but utterly fails to understand human nature.

I’m not “alt-right”, although there was a time when I thought of myself that way.

The alt-right had a lot of promise but was quickly appropriate by egomaniacs and social misfits. The missteps were many, from “Heil Gate” to “Charlottesville” and I suspect most of the major missteps were coordinated by agent provocateurs who infiltrated the alt-right early on to derail the creation of a new political movement. Now no one is really alt-right anymore, not even ego-maniacal Vox Day or obvious Fed/closeted faggot Richard Spencer talk about it. It went from the greatest threat to our democracy to completely dismantled in a year.

I am a political dissident.

My only loyalty is to my family and those of my people who want to survive. Trump has betrayed us just like the Republican party as a whole. Our schools have betrayed us. Our government has betrayed us. Our justice and law enforcement system have betrayed us. By and large our religious institutions have betrayed us. I don’t care if anyone likes me or agrees with my positions because I am not looking to win elections or popularity contests. I am looking to survive what is coming and what is coming is inevitable and unstoppable.

That is what it means to be a political dissident in 2020, knowing that almost everyone is against you and still speaking out anyway. It is scary but it is incredibly freeing.

Quit playing by their rules. Quit chasing the stick.

Our time is at an end but our time is also just beginning.


  1. Anonymous

    >>>I write for me…Sometimes it feels like the only thing I can have some control over in a world gone mad…and I still think most of my posts suck but they have gotten better.

    now me>> I am glad to have stumbled across your blog…lately, they are almost never easy reads…too much truth tersely worded.

  2. Anonymous

    If we allowed our children an equal say in household policy when they were very young, bedtime would have been abolished, and we'd have had waffles and ice cream every evening for supper. Of course we, as responsible adults, did not give the children any such power, and until such a time as each proved himself worthy of managing his own affairs, they were held strictly under the parental thumb. As it should be.

    For reasons that still completely elude me, we have let petulant adult children in America not only have a vote but have granted them unquestioned veto power over what has been best for the majority. Does anyone in authority understand that this never ends? That they can never be satisfied? The parasite class is utterly clueless and apparently thinks that money, goods and services are their entitlement, and that there is a limitless supply of these things. But absent benevolent White coddlers, who do they suppose is going to supply the money, goods and services that they are utterly incapable of providing for themselves?

    I don't expect to live long enough to see this slow motion trainwreck through to its logical, inevitable conclusion. Maybe none of us will, depending on how long and drawn-out the process is. I grieve for our children, and for their children. They will never know the wonderful WHITE world that we, and our forebears, cobbled out of the wilderness.


  3. Anonymous

    It seems you didn't recognize your comment to a recent Wilder blog…I requoted, only the last two phrases are mine…I do enjoy your writing and check in daily

  4. Arthur Sido

    We understand that because we can think about consequences more than 30 seconds in the future. Most people cannot. The universal franchise is going to be the death of this country.

    You might be surprised though, things are accelerating so unless you are in your 90s I think you are going to see this come to a head, in the next five years or less.

  5. Arthur Sido

    It is interesting that political dissent used to be thought of as a "liberal" thing but today's liberals are completely in lockstep with the prevailing political zeitgeist and corporate America.

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