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Robski Speaking Truth And News About Pistol Braces

This is only the beginning…

All that stuff you like is likely to be impossible to buy by this time next year. AR-15s? Nope. AK-47s? Nope. Semi-auto handguns that hold more than 10 rounds? Nope. Pistol brace semi-auto pistols in 5.56/7.62/9mm? Nope. This is what I wrote in the video comments:

What you buy right now is likely all you are going to have. The only direction gun laws are going to go is toward being more restrictive. Many of my customers are buying specifically because they are worried about things going sideways and not being able to get a firearm to protect their family if it does. Trump is at best pretty unreliable on this issue and if he loses in November thanks to demographics and election shenanigans, anything beyond a double barrel shotgun is on the chopping block.

Don’t dawdle.

There are a tragically few leaders in Congress who notice or care about these things, Matt Gaetz being notable as one of them and he is the one sounding the alarm here.

Meanwhile as I wrote about yesterday in Our New Outcome Based Judicial System, the legal system is now consumed with getting the “right” outcomes and things like law and evidence be damned. The Supreme Court declined to hear a bunch of important 2nd Amendment cases this week and this is the sort of thing that is working it’s way through the courts:

Smith & Wesson Sued for Negligence Over 2019 Synagogue Shooting

According to the suit, Smith & Wesson deceptively marketed their AR platform to young men and that made a guy shoot up a synagogue.

Smith & Wesson “deceptively marketed its military-style assault rifle in a way that attracted impulsive young men with military complexes who were particularly likely to be attracted to the unique ability of AR-15 style weapons,” according to the complaint.

What the hell is a “military complex”? No mention of video games like Call of Duty that also appeal to young men with a “military complex”. We have lots of “impulsive young men” in America shooting each other all the time, but the Brady Center doesn’t seem interested in them. I wonder why?

The suit seeks to force S&W to change their marketing and sales practices plus the dreaded “unspecified damages”. The real goal is to make to it too expensive for S&W to produce AR-15s. If you can’t get an outright ban yet, the next best thing is to run the manufacturers out of business. The same thing is happening in the ammo business with a suit against online ammo dealer Lucky Gunner because someone bought ammo from them after lying about his age and then committing a mass shooting.

The assault is everywhere on every front and the aim is the disarmament of heritage white Americans to smooth the process of demographic replacement and the trampling of our rights.

While people on the Right spend all of their time stroking their egos, building a base of fanboys and drumming anyone they disagree with out of the movement, the Left is working overtime on dozens of different fronts.

I have little hope of stopping or even slowing this down. We are past that point, more on that in an upcoming post. Now we are outsiders in our own land and we need to get ready to deal with what that will mean.

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