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Reminder That They Hate You

From former National Security Adviser and U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice:

The trash heap you say?

It is impossible to overstate the hatred they have for you. 63 million Americans voted for Trump in 2016. According to Susan Rice these people are trash. Isn’t that what you put in a trash heap?

What do you do with trash? Normally you burn it or bury it.

Who are “Trump’s supporters”? Middle and working class white people for the most part.

Rice is amping up the hate whitey rhetoric to try to catch the eye of Biden’s team as they look for a “woman of color” to choose as his running mate and almost certain replacement within a year of his taking office.

They hate you.

They hate your children.

They hate everything you stand for.

They want you dead.


  1. Anonymous

    Arthur, I posted a comment on this article the day it appeared, but it is nowhere to be found. Caught in spam, or censored?


  2. Anonymous

    Who, or what, is a 'Susan Rice'? I had to consult DuckDuckGo (#NeverGoogle) to learn that this off-color turd is a former obama flunky (National Security Advisor? What did this opportunistic POC secure, nationally, aside from unbridled resentment from the adults in the country?)

    They hate us, sure. But we hate them right back. At least I do. And like the Saxon of Kipling fame, it took me a long time to develop this all-consuming, visceral, deep-in-the-bowels loathing for the willful destroyers of all things good, decent and White. As a late-late boomer, myself, this Rice cretin is a contemporary of mine, but I cringe to think of her in the White House doing anything more than polishing the brass and emptying ashtrays.


  3. Arthur Sido

    Sorry, it was in spam. I don't censor comments!

    Unfortunately I think Susie Rice has a bright future as a commissar overseeing re-education camps or something. Moderately intelligent, black and female? She has a cabinet post at least in the next administration.

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