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Meanwhile In Chicago

1 dead, 32 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings

Our diverse neighbors to the northwest are just piss poor shots. 33 people shot and only one fatality? You would think you would kill at least a few more just by accident.

Another 33 shot and we haven’t even reached the official first day of summer yet. As police are more heavily scrutinized and the anger toward them increases, it makes it far less likely that anyone will be arrested for the shooting of 33 people, most of whom are black.

If you are an urban cop getting close to retirement and a pension, why would you get out of your car to try to help ungrateful people who are as likely to attack you as they are to provide information? If you are an urban cop who already has enough years in to get your pension, you have to be thinking about retiring from your force and either getting a job with a small town police force while collecting your pension or starting a new career in a different field. If you are a young cop with only a few years on the force in an urban area, maybe it is time to cut your losses and get out. Maybe you don’t drive quite so quickly to get to calls or maybe you drag your feet wrapping up a crime scene. The fewer interactions with the public, the better when every interaction could mean you losing your job or even ending up in jail.

The violence will continue to escalate as the cops pull back, what is commonly known as the Freddy Grey effect. This chart has been shared before but it is worth looking at again. From 2015 when lifelong criminal Grey died in police custody through 2019, there were 100 more murders per year than in the prior years and almost all of the new murders were blacks. 2017 had 147 more murders than 2011.

The trendline is ugly and getting worse by the day.

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