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Mass Shooting Alert! Morning In Mogadishu

As the sun rises on another day in Mogadishu, aka Minneapolis, things are clearly on the upswing:

Minneapolis shooting spree leaves at least 1 dead, 11 wounded, police say

One man was killed and 11 people were wounded early Sunday when gunfire erupted in a Minneapolis business district, police said.

Say, how is that effort to defund and abolish your police department going?

Gateway Pundit had a more thorough report including some videos of the scene. Looks like a very diverse crowd. One line was interesting:

A report on the police scanner described the shooter as a black male with a fade cut, gold teeth, and an all black Adidas jogging suit.

Obviously a false report designed to incriminate people of color from the White supremacist police force!

There are reports of at least nine mass shootings so far this weekend. Kind of ironic that on Father’s Day weekend we see the death toll of a nation that has decided fathers aren’t important for raising kids. Doubly so because the communities these mass shootings always impact are the same communities where fatherlessness is rampant and yet “black lives matter” is calling for ending the patriarchy and the nuclear family. It is almost as if black lives matter doesn’t really care about black lives and is instead just a front for Marxism…


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