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Mass Shooting Alert! ChiTown Hits The Century Mark

Even by Chicago standards it was a particularly grim and bloody weekend.

102 people shot, 14 dead include a 3 year shot while in a car with his dad. Apparently the father was the target and was also wounded but the 3 year old died. It looks like two shootings qualified as mass shootings in the Windy City over the weekend, a weekend that saw around 3 shootings every two hours.
In a sad twist, last weekend was Father’s Day Weekend, a holiday that won’t be with us much longer as it seems a little too patriarchal. No community has suffered more from a lack of fathers in the home than the black community and it is not coincidental that the same community struggles with escalating levels of violence. Broken homes and young men raised without fathers is a recipe for violent behavior.
One hundred people shot in a single city over one weekend is further proof that a nation without fathers cannot survive.

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