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How Much Longer Can It Last?

Today was one of those days that was so beautiful as to defy description. Warm sunlight, gentle breeze, low humidity. Birds chirping and everything is green. Being a Sunday our normally busy road was pretty quiet. The only way it could have been better would have required me to be sitting on the deck looking out over Black Lake in northern Michigan. My wife and I went to our local greasy spoon to have breakfast, the first time we have eaten at a restaurant together since the “pandemic” started, then ran to the store to grab some groceries.

Because I am a melancholy kind of guy most of the time, I had to wonder how many more days like this most of us have ahead of us. How much longer can we count on being able to grab a meal in peace and quiet, and run to the store where the shelves are full? How many lazy Sunday afternoons where we can enjoy the day without looking over our shoulders?

A lot of people are starting to feel what some of us have been feeling for quite some time. Things are changing and the pace of change is accelerating. The old America that the rest of the world envied is passing away and what is replacing it will be poorer, dumber and more violent. People in other nations have to be taking some pleasure at seeing America falling into chaos, even as they must realize that a world without America is going to be a lot worse for everyone.

I suspect that things will change a lot faster than anyone could expect. I figured 2020 would be a tumultuous year for certain but I expected it to be political with some violence as we neared the election. I had no idea we would see rioting and looting across the country in Spring and people would be seriously discussing defunding and eliminating the police. That would have been electoral suicide a few years ago but now the Left talks about it openly.

January 2021 is looming large in my mind but all of us need to take rest and comfort in the brief time we have left. Prepare your mind and body for what is coming.


  1. Anonymous

    My money says that China sinks a US or an Australian warship before the year is out. I lean towards Australia because 1) Australia _officially_ does not have nukes and 2) USA isn't going to go to war with a nuclear power because a minor ally got given a blood nose after ignoring repeated warnings to mind their own damn business.

    Prediction. Trump will keep talking / tweeting whilst America burns. He's done sweet FA for all of his supporters leaving them all to hang. The next election doesn't matter. Nobody is going to accept the "winner" Why would the Right accept a Left wing President? Reminder that children of the President are now fair game as is the First Lady. And if Trump wins? Yeah, apparently all that winning isn't that crash hot. Blacks just got $1 billion from companies because of their temper tantrum. Whites rock up to a protest carrying 20'000 guns and they couldn't even stop the governor from removing their consitutional rights.

    Aesop may be right about the Right's violence being an on off switch. But until they grow a pair and flick that switch their getting a kicking like I'd never have believed

    Lastly. Stick a fork in her. The US as we know it is over. Plan accordingly and please stay safe as we are all in a great deal of danger

  2. Arthur Sido

    I don't share Aesop's view, most of the Right isn't poised for a violent outburst because we have jobs and 401ks and families. We have something to lose. The Left? Those losers have nothing to lose and that makes them dangerous.

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