Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Senator Mike Braun: An Embarrassment To The State Of Indiana

In 2018, Mike Braun won the nomination to take on Joe Donnelly for the U.S. Senate seat from Indiana. In the primary, two very strong conservatives duked it out and ended up splitting the vote, leaving Braun with enough votes to become the nominee with only 41% of the vote. It was pretty unexpected. Most of us reluctantly voted for Braun in the general election even though he ran an awful campaign and had to have Trump come support him, in Indiana against a Democrat, late in the race.

He has been mostly a non-entity in the Senate and when he does speak, he sounds like a buffoon. But then he decided what the people of one of the most conservative states in the Union really want is for their Senator to announce he supports the anti-White Marxist front known by the risible name "black Lives Matter". Oh and also to make it easier to sue cops. That is what Hoosiers want. Then to really cap it off, he decided to go mix it up with Tucker Carlson. What could go wrong?

This might be the most embarrassing thing to ever come out of Indiana....

What the hell was Braun thinking, going on Tucker with apparently no preparation? Has he never seen the show and is he unaware that Carlson doesn't accept empty slogans at face value? Thanks to Tucker for tearing Braun apart and humiliating him on national TV. Senator Braun deserved it and more.

We sent in this letter to Senator Braun and if anything I had to tone down what I really wanted to say:

Senator Braun

As Hoosiers who voted for you in 2018, we watched with what can only be described as humiliation at your appearance with Tucker Carlson. That someone who ran as a conservative and was elected by the votes of Indiana conservatives, someone President Trump made a special trip to endorse right before the election, could state his support for an openly Marxist, anti-American, anti-family, anti-police and anti-White racialist organization like “Black Lives Matter” is an embarrassment to the good people of Indiana. Either you have not taken the time to investigate what the “Black Lives Matter” movement actually stands for before endorsing it, a complete dereliction of your responsibilities as an elected representative of the people of Indiana, or you do know that “Black Lives Matter” is a far left racialist organization pushing things like the elimination of the traditional family and you still voiced your support. Either way, your statement is outrageous.

Then you go on Tucker Carlson and he rightly took you apart on camera for your statements. Do you think that the cops on the streets in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and Gary are supportive of your endorsement of “Black Lives Matter” and making it easier to sue them for doing the difficult work that they risk their lives for every day? Do you really think that the right way to deal with a criminal who assaulted police officers and fired a weapon at them is to just let him go, in the hopes of catching him later? Is that the sort of policing you want for Indiana, because we can tell you with absolute certainty that it isn’t the sort of policing the people that voted for you want. We support our police, and we support the rule of law, not a country where criminals can assault cops, steal weapons from them, fire those weapons at a cop and when the cop defends himself, the cop gets fired and faces the death penalty.

As our Senator, you represent the people of Indiana and as the man we voted for in 2018, you represent us even more specifically. This isn’t what we voted for. This isn’t what we will vote for again in 2024. You need to stay off TV and spend some time back in your state, listening to the people who voted for you, and then rethink your support of a Marxist race-based, anti-police terror group.

Saying we are disappointed in your statement isn’t nearly strong enough. We are ashamed to have voted for you and ashamed to have you representing Indiana in the United States Senate.

You better be sure Braun will face a primary challenge in 2024 and we will enthusiastically support them if they are reasonably competent because Mike Braun clearly is an idiot.

This isn't the first time Braun has betrayed his base, he is quite enthusiastic about "red flag laws" as he expressed to me in a letter last August: Senator Mike Braun Betrays His Base.

I hope Todd Rokita or pretty much anyone else in Indiana will run against Braun in 2024 but no matter what I won't cast another vote for him.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Bubba Smollett Has No Regrets

It used to be that when a "hate crime" was invariably shown to be a hoax, the perpetrators had the common courtesy to pretend it never happened and moved on.

Then the perps would get angry when a "hate crimes" was shown to be a hoax because it "could have happened".


Bubba Wallace on Handling of ‘Noose’ Incident: ‘At the End of the Day, I Wouldn’t Have Changed Anything’

“But at the end of the day, I wouldn’t have changed anything. NASCAR, I felt like I did the right thing, you know, in the shape of a noose. It, in fact, was a noose. Everybody has seen the image now, so to say we would go back and do things differently, I don’t think so. Maybe word things differently? Yes, but I would – I would launch an investigation. I would have NASCAR or follow NASCAR’s judgment on it again.”

So even though the damn FBI was called out and it turns out to have been a handle on a rope to pull down a garage door, and clearly not intended to be a "noose" or a threat of any sort or even placed where anyone would have know Wallace would have kept his car, and even though Bubba didn't even see the "noose", he wouldn't have changed anything?

On the other hand, why would he change anything?

He is a mediocre driver, and no one outside of racing had a clue who he was. Now he is famous around the world as a "victim", even though nothing actually happened to him. He probably was set to score some new endorsement deals and has been all over TV. There will be no repercussions for his freaking out about a "noose" that he admits he didn't even see.

There really isn't much downside to most "hate crime" hoaxes, unless you are Jussie and it is just too ridiculous to believe. You might cash in and even if you don't, nothing will happen to you.

Pretty sweet gig.

The Future Of America In One Picture

From St. Louis....

"Peaceful protesters"

Some Catholics were having a prayer meeting at the statue of the namesake of St. Louis, Louis IX, a Catholic saint. Of course antifa and black Lives Matter showed up and things got violent.

Nothing will happen to these thugs, not even the fella with the blue bandanna who appears to have something in his hand he is about to strike the older man with.

Eventually the statue will come down and the name of the city will probably be changed. Meanwhile the country will continue to collapse into violence and lawlessness but those committing the acts of violence will be held blameless.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

The Single Issue Focus Of The Gun Rights Lobby: Both Their Greatest Strength And A Fatal Flaw

For as long as I can remember, the gun rights lobby in America has been laser focused on defending the Second Amendment. Not perfectly, the NRA has dropped the ball on several issues and of late seems to have completely gone off the rails, but many of the people I knew growing up had NRA stickers in their windows and for the Left they were their most intractable opponent precisely because they didn't get sidetracked on other conservatives issues. They fought for gun rights and that was it.

Now we are at a turning point in the defense of the natural, inviolable individual right to keep and bear arms. While things are pretty good right now, with laws ebbing and flowing back and forth but generally in our way, we are in the end stage of living in a nation where Americans are free to purchase any firearm they want (other than fully automatic weapons, rifles and shotguns with barrels that are too short, etc).

The single most important issue for gun rights is not defeating red flag laws. Nor overturning magazine capacity limits. Not even nationwide concealed carry reciprocity.

Nope, the single most important issue in the gun rights debate is immigration control.

Gun rights groups like the NRA and Gun Owners Of America have a significant strength that has helped to stave off many, but not all, attempts at gun control over the years: a laser focus on a single issue. The NRA is all about the 2nd Amendment and that is about it. They don't get caught up in other issues, just guns. It has been a pretty solid strategy by most accounts. The NRA is public enemy number one for the Left for a reason. However.....

This singular focus of pro-2nd Amendment groups will also prove to be the undoing of the 2nd Amendment in America. 

The gun lobby doesn't play the "conservative" game of Whack-A-Mole, where conservatives chase after one new outrage popping up before charging after the newest outrage, all the while missing what is going on behind the scenes. All they do is fight for gun rights.

Many years ago, maybe in the 1960s or perhaps decades earlier, the Marxist Left in America figured out that regular Americans simply weren't all that interested in Communism. Sure some were, mostly college professors, but too many of us like things like freedom and liberty and the promise of prosperity for working hard and we enjoyed other stuff like eating. We saw the desolation inflicted on the people of Eastern Europe, Russia, China and Cuba by the false promises of Communism and wanted nothing to do with it. The Marxists have been chipping away at us since the early part of the 20th century but that was taking way too long. So they simply decided that rather than trying to convince stubborn Whites that Communism would work this time, they would follow the musings of Bertolt Brecht in his poem Die Lösung:

Would it not in that case be simpler
for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?

If the American people won't accept Communism, they would simply replace the American people with new "Americans" that are more pliable and open to Communism.

For the last two decades, the NRA and other groups have been lobbying as if the make-up of the American people has remained static since the 1950s. It hasn't.

Nothing reflects the American political scene and what is going to happen in November and beyond better than this simple chart. When the 2020 census results are delivered in December, I anticipate that the percentage of "Non-Hispanic Whites", in other words White people, in America will dip below 50%. The new, non-White Americans (esp. mestizos) are already the majority of Americans under 16 and in general, the slim majority of Whites is much older.

The Second Amendment is going the way of the dinosaurs because the people who are voting in increasing numbers in America simply don't care about foundational American principles like the right to keep and bear arms or freedom of expression. The people at the various gun lobbies either didn't realize this or didn't want to rock the boat. In the case of the NRA, I think the problem is a rot from within, at the very top. Most institutions have one overriding goal: self-preservation. Wayne LaPierre probably cares a lot about gun rights but he cares a lot more about Wayne LaPierre. I assume Wayne is smart enough to see the handwriting on the wall and is getting as much loot as he can before he retires somewhere in a gated community.

Everyone seems to understand what is going on and why/how except for mainstream Conservative Inc. grifters, who don't know or more likely do know but don't care and of course the average conservative who is convinced that they just need to fine tune the argument for conservatism and black and mestizo voters will flock to the cause.

The media doesn't even try to hide their glee and has started to take victory laps already. The New York Times wrote a gushing piece on Virginia and even used the naughty "D" word;  demographics: What Made Virginia Change Its Mind on Guns?.

While the article starts off with an interview of Lisette Johnson, apparently a prototypical suburban woman who was shot by her estranged husband (and there is no word as to how the new gun control laws would have prevented this shooting) and became a Democrat, the article makes multiple mentions of demographic changes that are turning Virginia from a reasonably solid "red state" that respected the 2nd Amendment to a now likely permanently "blue state" that has become Ground Zero in the fight over gun rights in America. From the article:

At the root of this district’s — and Virginia’s — political transition is a slow-moving demographic change, a new kind of suburbanization that is sweeping through national politics. From Atlanta to Houston, this pattern is repeating itself — suburban housing developments gobbling up rural areas and farmland and lifting Democrats to power.

They cleverly spin this as a suburban vs. rural thing but that is not the whole story. Certainly as rural Whites have smaller families and more and more people who are already mostly inclined to vote Democrat move to fill the insatiable appetite of the Federal behemoth for more surly paper-pushers, they White population has changed from a rural, Southern people to a more cosmopolitan, global minded people. The Wikipedia page for Virginia has this to say:

The state's most populous ethnic group, Non-Hispanic White, has declined as a proportion of population from 76% in 1990 to 62% in 2018, as other ethnicities have increased.

That is a pretty precipitous decline. More from Wikipedia:

More recent immigration in the late 20th century and early 21st century has resulted in new communities of Hispanics and Asians. As of 2018, 9.4% of Virginians are Hispanic or Latino (of any race), and 6.8% are Asian. The state's Hispanic population rose by 92% from 2000 to 2010, with two-thirds of Hispanics in the state living in Northern Virginia.

In just ten years the Hispanic population nearly doubled and as we know, Hispanics in general vote overwhelmingly for Democrats.

Texas, considered by many to be the most stalwart red state, full of conservatives and a reliable counterweight to permanantly blue California, the real story is far more disturbing. While Republicans have just assumed Texas will always stay reliably conservative, it is also shifting rapidly.

Bankrolled Anti-Gun Propaganda Aims to Turn Texas Blue with Boost from Demographics

What the gun-grab groups and the Democrats they’re fronting for are counting on is one of the same key factors that turned Virginia blue: Changing demographics.....

....The same holds true for Texas. While the mix of newcomers differs somewhat, their political similarities are remolding the electorate with two main groups bringing about what Barack Obama pegged “a fundamental transformation.”

California once elected Ronald Reagan as Governor. Now it isn't even worth running a Republican for statewide offices. The image of Texas as the home of the White evangelical conservative isn't true and hasn't been for a while.

While this chart seems to show Whites with a comfortable, if declining majority, you will notice that all "White" people are lumped together and that according to Wikipedia, White Texans are already a distinct minority in their state:

According to the 2010 United States census, the racial composition of Texas was the following:

White American 70.4 percent (Non-Hispanic Whites 45.3 percent)

What this attempt at obfuscation hides is that White Texans were already at 45% of the state's population in 2010 and the last 10 years have accelerated the process of displacement. Look at births in Texas:

For at least those five years, mestizo births dramatically outpaced White births. I can assume the same was true for many years prior to 2013 and also in the years since 2018.

Texans on social media love to brag that what happened to California isn't going to happen in Texas. Guess what cowboy, it already happened.

Georgia is another example. The state of Georgia is also experiencing the "slow-moving demographic change". Actually it isn't really all that slow....

The 2010 population of Georgia claims that 59.7% of Georgians are "White" but the main wikipedia article for demographics in Georgia points out that the actual White population in Georgia is already only 56%, the rest being "White Hispanic", a category that is useful for obfuscating the prevalence of non-White criminal behavior. Trump will have a tough time carrying Georgia again this fall.

The third largest state by population is Florida and there as well we see the White population teetering on the edge of dropping below 50% while the mestizo population is skyrocketing, and the black population also is on the increase....

How exactly does Trump get re-elected when he stands to lose states like Florida while gaining no states with even close to the same level of population, if he even pulls that off? See: Do The Math for more on Florida.

Now then, if you ask your average high profile BoomerCon, they will tell you that mestizos are "natural conservatives" because of their emphasis on family, Roman Catholic upbringing, "entrepreneurial spirit", etc. and etc. Republicans just need to say some Spanish phrases in campaign events, run some "Latino outreach" and not talk at all about illegal aliens and the mestizos will vote Republican in droves. As it turns out, that is a load of hooey. Mestizos vote around 2-1 for Democrats and always will. Likely that ratio will turn even more unfavorable because the Hispanics who do vote Republican, notably Cubans, are decreasing as a percentage of the Hispanic vote.

The same is true for almost every state in the union. Even in my staunchly conservative state of Indiana, mestizos are the fastest growing group and while the state is overwhelmingly White, over a quarter of children under one are non-White.

Mexicans are not sneaking into the United States because they want to escape socialism and join a more conservative society. They leave Mexico (or El Salvador or Guatemala) because Mexico is full of Mexicans and come here because America is not, at least not yet. They don't love our freedom, they love our free stuff, they love the relative safety compared to where they came from and they love the chance to make more money. They have no appreciation or gratitude toward those who built America into the kind of place they want to come to and no interest in adopting and upholding our values.

Polling during the Democrat primaries shows that not only are mestizos overwhelmingly Democrats, their preferred candidate is Bernie Sanders. Blacks like Joe Biden but the mestizo voters in the Democrat party love them some socialism. Bernie Sanders convincingly won the Nevada caucus on February 22nd and mestizo voters were the reason his win was so enormous.

California's primary was just a few weeks after Nevada with 416 delegates up for grabs and California has a huge mestizo population. No surprise, Bernie Sanders won handily in California and pulled in a whopping percentage of the mestizo vote, doubling Joe Biden:

Sanders lost Texas as the race was pretty much over at that point but still pulled in 40% of the mestizo vote, 13% more than Biden, and he had a huge margin in the growing Asian voting block, 48% to 14%. Asians are another growing demographic and they are also overwhelmingly Democratic voters, even though you would think that they would be another group of "natural conservatives". Again, black voters inexplicably love Joe "You ain't black" Biden but mestizos seem less than enthusiastic about him but they will still vote for him.

Everyone paying attention already knows that mestizos are far Left voters. On February 20th, Pew Research ran a story about mestizo voters being far more to the Left than many people realized:

Latino voters favor raising minimum wage, government involvement in health care, stricter gun laws

There was a critical paragraph in the story:

A record 32 million Latinos are projected to be eligible to vote in November’s general election, exceeding the number of black eligible voters for the first time. About 62% of Latino registered voters identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party, while 34% affiliate with or lean to the Republican Party.

It will be interesting to see the Democrats shift as their voting base grows more and more mestizo and the number of black voters relative to mestizos shrinks. The average black voter is about to discover that black Lives only matter when Democrats need their votes.

Mestizo attitudes mirror their loyalty to the Democrats. The poll that really jumped out at me was this one:

What that means for the future of the 2nd Amendment in a nation that is becoming majority-minority is pretty grim. Every three million new mestizo voters is a net one million voters who want more gun control and even if they aren't really concerned with it, will agree to more gun control if that is what it takes to get more free stuff. Honestly I don't think the average mestizo voter cares about gun rights or gun control, but they know that supporting gun control is the price of admission for the stuff they do want.

As mestizos eclipse White voters, there will be no chance of the 2nd Amendment, or the Constitution as a whole in any recognizable sense, surviving. Already the Constitution is mostly an impotent relic as it only means what any given judge or justice says it means.

Gun rights groups have been waging a fighting retreat for years, winning lots of battles and skirmishes along the way but are just now discovering that they lost the real war decades ago.

Friday, June 26, 2020

The Violent Marxist Roots Of black Lives Matter

Most people think that black Lives Matter sprung forth organically in response to "police brutality". Nothing could be further from the truth.

The story of BLM is far more complicated. To begin with, BLM came into being after George Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon Martin in 2013.

In popular lore and the retconning of recent history, Trayvon Martin was a fresh faced little black kid who was murdered in cold blood by a White monster who shot him out of racism while little Trayvon was just minding his own business, wearing a hoodie and buying Skittles. The real story is that Trayvon was a pot-smoking thug, who likely was casing houses to break into, and attacked a Hispanic man, smashing his head on the concrete sidewalk and telling him he was going to die tonight. Zimmerman pulled his weapon and shot Martin, killing him. It is noteworthy that while BLM now is mostly about the police, George Zimmerman was a private citizen acquitted of all charges in the shooting of his assailant.

The subsequent killings of Michael Brown, the enormous criminal who attacked a cop and was shot and killed, leading to the dishonest "hands up, don't shoot" mantra as well as the less well publicized death of Eric Garner (the one death of the three that actually was questionable) further catapulted this "new" movement into prominence in 2014. From there the movement continued to spread, ostensibly a decentralized political movement but we know that isn't true.

A pattern began to form where any killing of black men by police was automatically assumed to be unjust and conflated with actual cases where the killing was questionable. Protests were held when a black man was shooting at cops and was killed by return fire, without much distinction from cases where an allegedly unarmed black man was killed by police (reminder that unarmed doesn't mean not dangerous). Then in 2016 a black man and supporter of BLM, Micah Xavier Johnson, ambushed and assassinated five cops during a BLM protest. For some reason BLM managed to escape the guilt by association.

Seven years after the formation of black Lives Matter, things are not any better and according to activists, things are getting worse. So what BLM is doing is not working and if anything it seems counter-productive and is exacerbating already tense race relations. So why keep doing this?

Mostly because the ideological roots of BLM are not in "black lives", they are steeped in Marxist theory and police brutality is simply a convenient cover story.

Several black women are credited with being the founders of black Lives Matter: Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi.

Cullors, aka "Patrisse Khan-Cullors" (she is "married" to another black woman, although I am not sure "she" is really a woman or not) was interviewed in 2015 and gave a rambling and boderline incoherent response to a question about the perceived lack of ideology in the BLM movement and in her replied declared that she was a "trained Marxist".....

Trained by who I wonder?

The muted threats of violence are growing louder and less muted. For example:

“Some White People May Have to Die for Black Communities to Be Made Whole” – Far Left UGA Teaching Assistant on Black Lives Matter Movement

This was a statement made in 2019. He also said: “Fighting white people is a skill.” and “I’m confused why that is so controversial” .

Angry White grifter pretending to be a black guy Shaun King wants to destroy all "light-skinned" images of Jesus because they are "White supremacy":

Leading BLM activist Shaun King says "tear down" all paintings, statues of light-skinned Jesus: "They are a gross form of white supremacy"

King isn't a serious person and he is also a pussy but his voice carries weight among the ignorant. The days when churches (not not mosques or synagogues) are destroyed by mobs is right around the corner. Right or wrong, Christianity is associated with White, European culture.

The New York Times has been sponsoring the so-called 1619 Project, which is "re-examining" the legacy of slavery as a way to continue to retcon an institution that was widely practice throughout human history, across cultures and races, into a uniquely White "sin". The loony founder of this project is a crackpot black woman with pink or red dyed named Nikole Hannah-Jones. I am not sure what I said to her on Twitter but it must have upset her.

Anyway, she is quite the piece of work. She recently supported the claim that "government agents" were setting on fireworks to “to disorient and destabilize the #BlackLivesMatter movement.”.

1619 Project Author Apologizes for Fanning Conspiracy Theory That ‘Government Agents’ Using Fireworks to ‘Destabilize’ BLM Movement

We aren't done with her quite yet. The same woman seemed flattered that she helped inspire riots and criminal vandalism:

New York Times 1619 Project leader calls it 'honor' to inspire riots, statue attacks

Still not done with her. Apparently her animus toward White people who created the sort of society where someone with her lack of talent could nevertheless find a very comfortable existence has a long history:

NYT "1619 Project" founder called whites “barbaric devils,” “bloodsuckers” in resurfaced 1995 letter

It goes without saying that a White person, assuming any still work at the New York Times, who said anything a fraction as offensive about blacks in 1995 would immediately be terminated and never work again in the media. Her crap 1619 Project won a Pulitzer Prize despite the fact that it was full of factual errors, proving that the PP has no meaning today. She also seems to think that black explorers managed to travel to America and helped build the Aztec pyramids long before those White devils made it. No explanation for why no one can find any trace of this happening, or how a people who failed to invent the wheel much less navigate the seas managed to discover America.

How about this chump?

Black Lives Matter leader states if US 'doesn't give us what we want, then we will burn down this system

Kind of a tricky statement since no matter what the US gives black Lives Matter, they will just demand more. As a people we have already transferred hundreds of billions from Whites to blacks and things just keep getting worse in the black community.

"I said," (Hank) Newsome told the host, "if this country doesn't give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. All right? And I could be speaking ... figuratively. I could be speaking literally. It's a matter of interpretation.

Hank Newsome has appeared on this blog before when he made the claim that...

...his organization considers itself at war with the police and that they are arming themselves for that purpose

Like Nikole Hannah-Jones, he is a little sketchy when it comes to history:

"I love the Lord and my Lord and savior," Newsome responded to MacCallum's prompt. "Jesus Christ is the most famous black radical revolutionary in history. And he was treated just like Dr. King. He was arrested on occasion and he was also crucified or assassinated. This is what happens to black activists. We are killed by the government."

At the conclusion of the interview, Newsome told MacCallum, "I just want black liberation and black sovereignty, by any means necessary."

So it is wrong to portray Jesus as a White guy (and he wasn't White of course) but it is fine to pretend he was a black guy, when he wasn't. The critical line in that quote is the "by any means necessary", or BAMN, a slogan that carries with it the implied willingness to use violence to achieve your desired goals. Newsome wants "black liberation" and "black sovereignty". I absolutely support blacks having sovereignty and self-determination but as I wrote last December, it isn't as popular as you might think: Why Isn't Black Nationalism More Widespread? It is easy to talk about "black sovereignty" until you have to actually do it and I think everyone understands that in true ethnostates, some races have proven more capable of self-governance than others.

How about one more? In 2016 the co-founder of black Lives Matter Toronto, Yusra Khogali, had some naughty things to say about "men and white folks" in general. She tweeted:

Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today.

Her Twitter account is now protected and her profile pic shows her with a shaved head, not a good look for her. She has also been on record talking about "white skin is sub-human" as part of a pretty hilarious screed that can only be described as "Melanin Supremacist". The whole thread is funny because on the one hand she says White people are "recessive genetic defects" but doesn't explain how such defective people held blacks in bondage and colonialism until we decided to stop. It was bad enough that even a little sissy White guy named James Di Fiore, writing for the Huffington Post called for her to resign in 2017 although not before tacking on this little cucky disclaimer:

Now, normally my white skin would admittedly preclude me from even suggesting that a black activist should hang up the megaphone, but Khogali has made a habit of directing violent, hateful language towards people with white skin, so much so that I feel comfortable calling her out. 

How low must your testosterone levels be and how high your own self-loathing to write something like that? It takes her talking about killing men and White people in general for him to summon the courage to be critical. In fairness, some of his recent tweets are kind of funny.

The entire black Lives Matter movement is thoroughly steeped in Marxist ideology along with a foundation based on racial resentment and hatred, accompanied by a willingness and even eagerness to engage in violence against Whites. While so-called "White supremacist" groups are hounded and can't even gather in public, and number so few that they couldn't organize a decent fantasy baseball league, black Lives Matter operates in enormous numbers, with impunity and no interference from the government. Their stated goal of "racial justice" is simply theater for the masses, providing unassailable cover for degrading and undermining the fabric of society in order to pave the way for revolution, a revolution they foolishly believe will lead to greater justice.

Marxism is the ideological foundation of Communism, the most violent and murderous political ideology known to mankind. Few of those who were in the vanguard of Communist revolutions enjoyed the fruits of a worker's paradise and many ended up with a bullet in the back of their head.

For all of the façade that is on display for normie consumption, bLM is quite open about their goals and those goals are vintage Marxist ideology.

We didn't win the Cold War, the enemy simply changed masks, and now 30 years later they are on the cusp of victory, a war fought and won right under our noses while we slept.

Lie Down With Dogs

I am putting this edited post back up, minus the cheerful comments wishing me death. I removed the name of the victim not because it got a gaggle of illiterate people upset but because it was just in poor taste so soon after her death. My main point had been lost in the kerfuffle but it still remains. Oh and comments remain off.


When you spend a lot of time reading stories about violent crimes and murder as I do, the names and faces start to blur together. The mugshots from the offenders are almost always the same, the dead eyes and vacant stare sometimes mixed with the teeth showing "look how tough I am" pose. The victims are often the same, usually other black men who often conveniently have a mugshot on file.

Every once in a while, a story breaks the spell and catches my eye. One of these examples happened this week in nearby Fort Wayne, Indiana. A young woman, only 22 years of age, was shot to death in a driveway in the middle of the afternoon. The man she had been in the car with moments earlier and was apparently arguing with, a young man with an extensive criminal record of his own, allegedly shot her four times before fleeing. I am not sure what her relationship was with this young man but as I said he was a convicted violent criminal. The young woman was dating at some point recently a different young man who was incarcerated and she herself had been arrested last year for resisting arrest and assaulting a cop.

It makes me wonder what happened to this young woman that put her on the path to laying dead in a driveway at age 22. Why would she choose a boyfriend who was a criminal? She is pretty enough to get a boyfriend who wasn't a loser. Why would she be in situations where she gets arrested for assaulting a cop and resisting arrest? 50 years ago a girl like her would probably be married and starting a family or on that path. Instead she is dead. Is this liberating and empowering?

There is an old saying:

If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas.

The Bible says something similar:

Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.” (1 Corinthians 15:33)

The general point is the same, regardless of your opinion of the Bible. If you hang around with the wrong sort of people, bad things tend to happen to you. Every weekend people are shot in urban areas who were not the target of the shooter but when you hang around late at night with the sort of people other people want to shoot, your chances of getting shot go way up compared to being at home in bed. You can't just lock yourself away in the hopes of never being a victim of crime but you can certainly reduce your chances of ending up dead from a gunshot by making better choices.

We don't know all the details of this young woman's murder yet but you can start to piece together some likely scenarios. Her death is almost certainly the result of a series of bad choices culminating in her death, just like the death of Ahmaud Arbery was not caused by "racism" but rather a short lifetime of bad choices that led to him fleeing from the scene of a crime before attacking an armed man.

Bad things do happen to good people but bad things happen a lot more often to bad people and the people who hang around with bad people.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The (Not So) Curious Case of Bubba Smollett

It is starting to feel like Groundhog Day in America.

- A black person claims to have been the victim of a "hate crime".

- The media, celebrities and politicians trip over themselves to condemn this atrocity. This Is Not Who We Are! 

- A few days later some actual investigation is done and it turns out to be a hoax of some sort.

- The media barely mentions or retracts their original message.

Rinse. Repeat.

The latest example is the case of Bubba Wallace, a black NASCAR driver (I guess the only one). Since he is apparently a pretty mediocre driver, he has latched onto the black Lives Matter movement in spite of being only half black and he looks mostly like a Greek guy. At a quick glance I wouldn't have thought he was black at all. Anyway.

Over the weekend it was claimed that a "noose" had been found in a garage at  Talladega Superspeedway assigned to Wallace. The whole thing screamed hoax from the very beginning. Who the hell hangs a noose anywhere these days? If you want to express "racism", you can start a blog! Not to mention that since these cars and the equipment going along with them are incredibly valuable, I am sure the whole area is blanketed with cameras. In general, there is about a 0.000% chance that this happened in 2020. But that didn't stop NASCAR from freaking out about it, and of course celebrities condemning evil White NASCAR fans because everyone knows NASCAR fans are all racist hicks. Even the FBI was called in to investigate it.

Read that again. The F freaking B freaking I sent actual agents to investigate an obviously ridiculous report of a noose in a garage. THE FBI!

The timing is pretty obvious and clumsy, coming right on the heels of NASCAR banning the Confederate flag from events. The message is obvious. NASCAR considers their fan base to be horrible, racist people The President of NASCAR, Steve Phelps, swore swift and merciless justice on the perpetrator:

“This is a difficult time for our sport but we are going to react swiftly and again we’re going to use all the means, resources at our disposal and of those of the FBI to make sure this person or persons are caught and dealt with swiftly and severely,” Phelps said in a teleconference with reporters.

“There’s no room for this at all and we won’t tolerate it.”

Phelps said those caught would be banned from the sport for life.

Phelps later got super righteously indignant at the idea that this might be staged, given that most of the "hate crimes" in the last decade were staged.

As Phelps talked to reporters Monday afternoon, he turned angry at the notion that the noose was staged.

“I would say that is something that personally offends me,” Phelps said. “This is a terrible, terrible act that has happened. For those who would think that this is staged, I wouldn’t know where to go with that.”

Phelps said that NASCAR has provided Wallace’s extra security. Wallace was at the forefront of NASCAR banning the Confederate flag, calling for it two days before NASCAR did so.

Phelps had to be giddy at the idea of a noose being left in Bubba Wallace's garage, confirming that his fan base are a bunch of evil rednecks. It was a dream come true, a kick in the groin to those stupid hillbilly fans who spend all of that money on the races and merchandise that pay his salary. Before the race all of the other racers pushed Bubba Wallace and his car to the front of the line, an ironic and unintentionally hilarious echo of affirmative action where yet another black man was given an achievement he did nothing to earn thanks to the hard work of White men.

The FBI investigation was completed and of course they pinpointed the dastardly racist that perpetrated this awful deed!


The old standby hate symbol, having a handle on the pull rope used to close a garage door. Those have been around since....since there have been garage doors. What kind of an idiot sees this and assumes it is a noose, other than someone who has a vested interest in being portrayed as a victim? It is attached to the damn door and is pretty obviously present on every garage door at Talladega.

Oh, and Bubba Wallace finished Talladega is 14th place, clearly held back by the forces of systemic racism. Now he has entered the lexicon of American hoax hate crimes right next to Jussie Smollett....

What every thinking person was assuming turned out to be the case. There was no "noose", there was no "hate crime". It was a damn pull rope with a handle. We have been so inured to the repeated instances of hysteria over "hate crimes" turning out to be hoaxes that thinking people automatically assume a "hate crime" is a hoax until proven otherwise.

I am sure that Bubba Wallace will face no repercussions for going on a tirade about the "racist" attack he suffered. Hell, he probably scored a handful of new endorsements from companies eager virtue signal and as a bonus to shit all over NASCAR fans.

The new, woke NASCAR has done a lot to alienate their fan base in just a few weeks. Hopefully people will stop subsidizing the motorsport that seems determined to dump all over their fan base, in order to signal how woke they are to people who won't become race fans no matter what they do.

It is all so wearying and predictable.

The actual hoax itself isn't that interesting in and of itself but some of immediate kneejerk reactions from "conservatives" was quite interesting.

First, little weasel Ben Shapiro, the same guy who immediately assumed the Covington Catholic kids were guilty of "racism", wasted no time jumping on the "hate crime" bandwagon.

I am sure Li'l Ben is a big NASCAR fan. As soon as the news that it was bogus hit, here came Ben to shift positions and paint himself as always being suspicious.

Yeah, we aren't buying that Ben. Shapiro lies like fish swim, it just comes naturally to him. Because he is the miniature king of Conservative Inc., he has learned to shift positions almost effortlessly.

Next up is Nimrata Randhawa, who goes by the name "Nikki" Haley, and is a darling of thirsty Boomercon divorced dudes who think she is hot. Spoiler, she is not. Also spoiler, she is not all that smart.

Bubba's army is mostly a bunch of idiot politicians. Regular Americans knew this was a hoax. At least she had the decency to not pretend she knew it was a hoax like the loathsome Shapiro. She just moved on and pretended like it never happened.

Then soft as cotton balls Scott Walker, who looks like he would cry at a sudden loud noise, threw in his two cents.

You love America because a black guy lied about a noose and was fawned over by the media and NASCAR for a couple of days? Do you still stand with Bubba? No retraction from Walker or apology, just some pictures of pages from his Bible and tweets about rioting in Madison.

These are just a few examples. An awful lot of "conservatives" are quick to condemn Americans as racist, and slow to apologize when they slander us yet again.

These cucks must be purged from the GOP or the GOP itself must be burned to the ground. The American people need a political party that actually represents them. Cowards like Walker and grifters like Shapiro are a greater threat to the American people than antifa and BLM. At least antifa and BLM are honest about hating us.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

More Meanwhile From Mogadishu

As things deteriorate in Minneapolis Mogadishu, the same city recently deciding to defund and abolish their police force, it suddenly seems like they need help.

More gunfire as Minneapolis calls in other agencies to help restore order

The shock of a mass shooting in Uptown that left one man dead and 11 other people wounded had barely subsided Monday when multiple shootings elsewhere in the city swelled the number of casualties.

On Monday, the day three separate afternoon shootings on the North Side left nine people injured, Mayor Jacob Frey announced details behind a multiagency effort to quell the bloodshed that has persisted over the past several weeks.

Joining the Minneapolis Police Department will be virtually every law enforcement agency within reach: the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, Metro Transit police, and federal authorities from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the FBI and the Secret Service, according to the mayor.

Keep in mind they haven't even disbanded the police and they are already calling for help keeping their diversity in check. Why should the Secret Service help solve crimes in Mogadishu when the city already has a police force?

It sort of seems like this might be a callous ploy to save some money while relying on the sheriffs and Feds to keep the peace in The Mog.

If White Silence Is Violence....

...then it seems reasonable to respond to people who refuse to parrot back the required talking points with violence.

See how easy that is?

Control the language, control the people. "White silence is violence" is one of those cutesy, nonsensical sayings that most White people dismiss as silly but it most assuredly is not. You see people like this....

...carrying around signs and you have to start to realize that our young people have been turned against themselves. All young people resent older generations but this generation of young White people hates their parents, hates their country and hates themselves. The girl in this picture should be happily married and starting a family but instead she probably is either in the middle of or a few years removed from college where she was taught to hate the very people, institutions and civilization that provided her with the cushy life she resents.

The mass media and education system simultaneously teach non-Whites to take pride in the accomplishments of others while marinating in a malevolent stew of racial grievances and at the same time teaches White kids to hate themselves. The girl in that picture probably thinks of herself on a surface level as a "good White", an "ally" but deep down she has to hate herself.

What the use of language like "White silence is violence" is creating is a framework where someone who says something black people don't like is an excuse for violence and even failing to say what the Powers That Be have decreed you must say is an excuse for violence. See, if silence is violence and it is OK to respond to violence with a violent response, then your silence is an attack on me that I am justified in attacking you for. Of course you will note that it is "White silence" that is violence. Not Latino silence or Asian silence or Jewish silence. Just "White silence".

There are already numerous cases of a black person attacking a White person on video and after the video is released we are assured that the White person called the black a nigger or some other racial slur, and that apparently excuses a violent and potentially lethal assault. A recent example involved an employee at Macy's in Genesee County, Michigan which is home to the city of Flint. The county is about 70% White and 20% black but the city of Flint itself is over 53% black. The Macy's is in Flint Township, right on the edge of Flint itself. A video surfaced of a black guy sucker punching a White Macy's employee and then continuing to strike the man while he was down. The White guy clearly has no idea what is going on and the brother of the man assaulting him is filming the whole thing, while giggling. The man filming, a black "rapper" who calls himself "FT Quay", claims that the employee called them niggers and that is what instigated the attack.

He said the encounter started when his brother “got the shirt, just picked it up. He didn’t have it on physically. He just put it over his body. He asked him, ‘Does this shirt look too little?’ And he politely said, ‘Yes,’ and continued back on the phone with the remark, ‘No one, just some n—r (nigger).'”

First off, even if that really happened and it sounds about as believable as two white guys attacking Jussie Smollett, it doesn't excuse a violent assault. The black guy was the aggressor as the White guy never even tried to defend himself and repeatedly hit him while the White guy was on the ground.

Second, there is zero chance of this happening. The White guy sounds very meek and timid in the video and he works in a mall next to Flint. No one who has spent any time in diverse urban settings would call two clearly hostile black men niggers in ear shot and I doubt the White guy has ever called someone a nigger in his life. Almost all White people understand that the word nigger has an almost mystical quality to blacks and that calling a two black guys niggers is going to result in an assault. The man filming defended his brother for the attack with this:

And just, what else were we supposed to do? In this age and time, he didn’t know what else to do. That was just his instinct.”

And this:

“I’m behind my brother fully, because with everything else going on, what else can we do at this point?” Quay said. “All the hate and everything is not needed because nothing works. It was spur of the moment. That was his instinct.”

He didn't know what else to do, it was just instinct.

He didn't know what else to do?

Maybe contact the store manager like a normal person?

The statement is very telling. When confronted with an uncomfortable situation, his only possible response was to act on instinct and attack the guy. He was helpless to exercise any self-control, his basest instincts took over. This wasn't a life or death situation, it was a slightly built White guy with his back to him. Still, his brother claims that he could do nothing but react and react violently.

How is that anything other than repeating exactly what many people claim about blacks, that they lack any sort of impulse control?

Of course the entire story is bullshit. Given the age of the White guy working in a Macy's and his voice in the recording, I would guess there is a pretty significant probability that he is a homosexual (spend some time in a higher end department store and check out the men working there). This looks like some good natured black on White gay bashing and when there was a backlash we got this story about the guy calling him a nigger and the use of the word is supposed to be justification for a violent assault. A lot of homosexuals who have partnered up with other anti-White interest groups are going to find out the hard way that once they stop being useful, they are in for a bad time.

That brings me back to the notion of speech and ideas being "violent". Set aside bogus cases of Macy's employees calling people niggers or White guys attacking a black TV actor at 2 in the morning. At what point does simply discussing, in a calm and rational way, things like crime statistics and racial disparities in the commission of crimes become "violence" that can and should be met with defensive real violence? In truth we are already there.

Normal Americans have lost control over our own language. Violence can now mean speech that makes one uncomfortable. Racism no longer means holding racial animus towards people of another race, now simply being White makes you inherently and unalterably "racist". Controlling the language and redefining words, or even making up completely new words, is a favored tactic of Marxists. Someone insufficiently excited about a violent takeover of their nation by Communists was a "counter-revolutionary" and "enemy of the state". Calling each other comrade, a word implying a level of familiarity and affection, was used to refer to all people, even strangers and people you don't like, and failing to use the term could get one labelled dangerous reactionary.

White people need to understand. Staying silent isn't going to save you. David Deavel wrote an excellent piece for The Imaginative Conservative: No Safety in Silence and in part he wrote:

So do not stay silent. Do not shout. Calmly speak the truth about the issues of the day, whether they be about race or sex or—what I think is the most important one for our present moment—class. You can acknowledge the difficulties in race relations without resorting to strange theories about the evils of “whiteness.” You can accept that there are still problems in modern policing without speaking nonsensically about “defunding the police.” You can have sympathy for the difficulties of those with gender dysphoria without accepting the notion that being a man or a woman is simply a matter of what one feels. You may well lose people you thought were friends. You may find that your mobility is no longer upward as it once was. Your public voice may even be canceled.

The still, small voice of conscience will never be canceled. And the silence that follows acting upon it is truly golden.

Again, your silence in the face of Marxism won't save you because your silence is itself seen as an act of violence. You must choose to either capitulate fully to whatever the Left demands, changing but always assenting no matter how crazy the demands, or you choose the life of the dissident.

There isn't a third option and your choice, either way, will have consequences. Choose wisely.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Mass Shooting Alert! ChiTown Hits The Century Mark

Even by Chicago standards it was a particularly grim and bloody weekend.

102 people shot, 14 dead include a 3 year shot while in a car with his dad. Apparently the father was the target and was also wounded but the 3 year old died. It looks like two shootings qualified as mass shootings in the Windy City over the weekend, a weekend that saw around 3 shootings every two hours.

In a sad twist, last weekend was Father's Day Weekend, a holiday that won't be with us much longer as it seems a little too patriarchal. No community has suffered more from a lack of fathers in the home than the black community and it is not coincidental that the same community struggles with escalating levels of violence. Broken homes and young men raised without fathers is a recipe for violent behavior.

One hundred people shot in a single city over one weekend is further proof that a nation without fathers cannot survive.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Mass Shooting Alert! Morning In Mogadishu

As the sun rises on another day in Mogadishu, aka Minneapolis, things are clearly on the upswing:

Minneapolis shooting spree leaves at least 1 dead, 11 wounded, police say

One man was killed and 11 people were wounded early Sunday when gunfire erupted in a Minneapolis business district, police said.

Say, how is that effort to defund and abolish your police department going?

Gateway Pundit had a more thorough report including some videos of the scene. Looks like a very diverse crowd. One line was interesting:

A report on the police scanner described the shooter as a black male with a fade cut, gold teeth, and an all black Adidas jogging suit.

Obviously a false report designed to incriminate people of color from the White supremacist police force!

There are reports of at least nine mass shootings so far this weekend. Kind of ironic that on Father's Day weekend we see the death toll of a nation that has decided fathers aren't important for raising kids. Doubly so because the communities these mass shootings always impact are the same communities where fatherlessness is rampant and yet "black lives matter" is calling for ending the patriarchy and the nuclear family. It is almost as if black lives matter doesn't really care about black lives and is instead just a front for Marxism...


Saturday, June 20, 2020

Reminder That They Hate You

From former National Security Adviser and U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice:

The trash heap you say?

It is impossible to overstate the hatred they have for you. 63 million Americans voted for Trump in 2016. According to Susan Rice these people are trash. Isn't that what you put in a trash heap?

What do you do with trash? Normally you burn it or bury it.

Who are "Trump's supporters"? Middle and working class white people for the most part.

Rice is amping up the hate whitey rhetoric to try to catch the eye of Biden's team as they look for a "woman of color" to choose as his running mate and almost certain replacement within a year of his taking office.

They hate you.

They hate your children.

They hate everything you stand for.

They want you dead.

Friday, June 19, 2020

The Dissident Mindset

No quote better captures the dissident mindset 
Making small adjustments to something as significant as a political philosophy is pretty easy. Most of us tweak our political philosophy as we get older and (hopefully) grow wiser and more experienced. In my case, something like foreign policy is a good place to look. I was mostly a standard "fight them there so we don't have to fight them here" guy when it came to wars in the Middle East post-911. As the years went by and the wars dragged on and I did more investigating, it started to become apparent that the wars were based on (at best) half-truths and that our entire foreign policy in the ME was not in the best interested of the United States or her people. Where that is leading now is an even different tale. But generally for most of my adult life I have been a pretty generic conservative, perhaps a bit more vocal than most and further to the right but still a conservative.

Then I went through a brief libertarian phase but in many regards I still sounded like a conservative, just a smaller government conservative, still opposing "gay marriage" and abortion. Me as a libertarian wasn't that different from me as a conservative, just with the added frustration of seeing conservative politicians screw us over after we voted for them just too many times.

Tweaking your philosophy is one thing, it is pretty easy and also inevitable. Jettisoning the established political order wholesale is something else entirely. It is jarring and kind of leads to feeling somewhat adrift.

It is also absolutely necessary.

We have got to get out of the mindset of conservative versus liberal where we choose our sides and duke it out on public policy via the ballot box. The country where that mostly worked is gone and not coming back.

People, generally speaking with few exceptions white people, who believe in things like the Constitution, American exceptionalism, limited government, traditional Western moral values derived from a cultural Christianity, the rule of law, basically what would be the average set of beliefs in America throughout most of our history, have no political representation right now. None. Think about that. Around 63 million Americans who voted for Trump and millions more who voted for someone like Gary Johnson (like me) or Constitution Party nominee Darrell Castle, or who just didn't vote for whatever reason, are functionally without any sort of representation at the Federal and most state levels. That doesn't mean that there aren't still plenty of Republicans in elected office, but rather the point is that most Republicans are beholden to a different constituency than the people who voted for them.

Someone like Ilhan Omar can push explicitly for positions benefiting blacks and say so openly. She doesn't try to hide it, she owns it. Or Julián Castro can campaign for President based on his race and policies aimed at aiding his own people (at the expense of white people) and no one seems to care.

When a Republican politician says anything even mildly construed as being pro-white? While we have almost no contemporary examples, the case of Steve King in Iowa shows what happens. Not only was he opposed by Democrats, his own party spent lots of money and worked tirelessly to get him out of office. They stripped him of his committee assignments and funded a primary challenger who ended up defeating him. They might lose the seat now but the GOP would rather lose a seat than have any officials come across as being pro-white, no matter how mildly.

What about Trump? Well our "America First" President seems to spend no time at all working for the people who actually voted for him. He panders to blacks. He panders to homosexuals. He panders to mestizos. He bends over backwards for Jews.

The people who are accused of being "white supremacists" and benefiting from "white privilege" have almost no political representation and certainly none who would come out and say so.

It is time to stop pretending that we can think and operate like it is still the 1970s.

We must get out of the mindset of winning over voters and gaining victories from the ballot box. That hasn't been a winning strategy for a long time and it is impossible now. In fact we need to jettison the entire concept of a winning strategy. We lost and now we have to deal with that fact.

We can't peaceably assemble anywhere without drawing violent counter-protests that the police will likely be ordered to ignore.

We can't express even mildly pro-white opinions without neo-Marxists doxxing us and trying to get us fired from our jobs or threatening our families.

It is long past time to start thinking of ourselves as disenfranchised political dissidents even though we are the people who built this country and there are tens of millions of us. Trying to convince people by having the better arguments and facts is a waste of time. The new non-white majority looks at things only one way "Does this benefit my tribe and does it hurt whites?". That's it.

Our mindset must be geared toward surviving in an increasingly hostile society and encouraging our people to adopt this mindset.

For example, a lot of people understandably are upset at the statues and monuments being torn down. It is a recreation of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, destroying the past and erasing history. So they have rallies to protest the removal and some even stand guard at the monuments. What has that gotten us?

On the former, we got "Unite The Right" in Charlottesville, the single biggest propaganda victory for the Left in many years. The media has spun that event into something unrecognizable to people actually there. The optics were horrible with the tiki torch marches and in spite of the people on the right being dramatically outnumbered, the cops forced the two groups together with the inevitable violent clashes. People on the right arrested went to jail, people on the left got off without charges or having charges dismissed. To cap it off, a perfect villain in James Fields drove his car into some "protesters" in a panic and as a result an obese woman died of a heart attack. Now James Fields is a political prisoner who will spend the rest of his life plus 419 years in jail. The damage done to the movement is irreparable and helped kill the "alt-right".

On the latter, a group of men tried to protect a monument in Albuquerque, New Mexico of Juan de Oñate and of course antifa types showed up and tried to pull it down. One man, Steven Ray Baca, got into an altercation with several of the vandals and then one apparently hit him with a skateboard (a favored weapon of antifa) and another came at him with knives according to reports. He shot a man and severely wounded him, and then the cops decided to get involved, arrested him and disarming a number of other men protecting the statue. The initial charges surrounding the shooting were dropped but Baca is still being charged because he was carrying a handgun without a permit, plus probably assault charges against the vandals. The vandals likely will face no charges for malicious damage to the statue.

We are past the point of holding marches and rallies and protecting statues. The Richmond gun rights rally was probably the last time we will see a mostly white, mostly conservative rally outside of Trump campaign stops. I fully expect those Trump rallies to have lots of violence in an effort to suppress political speech, amplified because antifa knows that people going to a Trump rally won't be armed. The only reason Richmond went off was the simple math of thousands of armed men being more than antifa could handle.

I understand the anger at watching the secular Taliban in America destroying monuments memorializing great men. It is infuriating and makes a lot of us consider stuff I can't put in writing for public consumption. But we need to change our mindset.

The political dissident in 2020 understands that we can rebuild monuments and statues. We can even rebuild cities. We built them once, we can do it again. But we can't rebuild anything locked in jail for life.

The political dissident in 2020 understands that they have no political voice. Our choices are between two different big government statist parties that would be happiest if we would all just die off. The only difference between the parties is one wants to drive America over the cliff a little faster than the other.

The political dissident in 2020 understands that the "justice" system is stacked against him and would like nothing better to see them locked up or dead. The cops aren't going to save you and neither will the courts. You and you alone are responsible for protecting your family.

The political dissident in 2020 understands that everything he consumes in popular entertainment, journalism and social media is carefully crafted to make him hate his own people and to refuse to defend himself and his family. Almost everything being beamed into your computer, TV and phone is a lie.

The political dissident in 2020 understands that we aren't all going to make it. He can't save everyone, most of his own people are self-loathing and seeking a culture wide mass suicide. People who insist on living in cities and pretending that people are people no matter what are going to be lost. Many of them might be openly against us and we have to be prepared to do what we must to protect our families. We can't save them and have to let them go. Our focus must be on our family, friends and neighbors.

The political dissident in 2020 knows that this election in November is probably not going to go our way and that when the Left takes permanent control, their vengeance and bloodlust will be unchecked and backed by the full might of the Federal government. We are not going to make America great again, we are facing political purges and pogroms like nothing ever seen in America.

The political dissident in 2020 understands that we are not in a fight to win victories, we are in a struggle for mere survival. The best thing we can do right now and for the next decade is survive to fight another day. Government is never getting smaller. The South is never going to rise again. We can't even try to Benedict Option ourselves in the naive belief they will leave us alone. All we can do is get ready to ride the tiger and hope to live long enough to start the rebuilding process.

The political dissident in 2020 understands that he might not live to see the other side. What we do, we do for our posterity, for our children and grandchildren and for the future generations of our people. If they are to have a future, my life might have to be forfeit and I am OK with that.

That is grim in a lot of ways but it is honest and realistic. The days of starry-eyed idealism are over. Now is the time for steely-eyed determination and hearts and minds hardened to for the ugly times to come. I find it rather refreshing. As a dissident I don't live in a fantasy world, playing the part dictated to me by the Powers That Be. I reject their paradigm and I reject their narrative.

I'm not a "conservative", although there was a time when I thought of myself that way.

We are not going to conserve anything and conservatism as a movement has absolutely failed to conserve anything of significance in America.

I'm not a "libertarian", although there was a time when I thought of myself that way.

Libertarianism is a fantasy, something that sounds great in arguments and essays but utterly fails to understand human nature.

I'm not "alt-right", although there was a time when I thought of myself that way.

The alt-right had a lot of promise but was quickly appropriate by egomaniacs and social misfits. The missteps were many, from "Heil Gate" to "Charlottesville" and I suspect most of the major missteps were coordinated by agent provocateurs who infiltrated the alt-right early on to derail the creation of a new political movement. Now no one is really alt-right anymore, not even ego-maniacal Vox Day or obvious Fed/closeted faggot Richard Spencer talk about it. It went from the greatest threat to our democracy to completely dismantled in a year.

I am a political dissident.

My only loyalty is to my family and those of my people who want to survive. Trump has betrayed us just like the Republican party as a whole. Our schools have betrayed us. Our government has betrayed us. Our justice and law enforcement system have betrayed us. By and large our religious institutions have betrayed us. I don't care if anyone likes me or agrees with my positions because I am not looking to win elections or popularity contests. I am looking to survive what is coming and what is coming is inevitable and unstoppable.

That is what it means to be a political dissident in 2020, knowing that almost everyone is against you and still speaking out anyway. It is scary but it is incredibly freeing.

Quit playing by their rules. Quit chasing the stick.

Our time is at an end but our time is also just beginning.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Meanwhile In Mogadishu

In the Minnesota city formerly known as Minneapolis, with a benevolent city council that just voted to defund and eliminate their police, the oppressed people of color are celebrating their new found freedom:

Multiple Shootings Reported Across Minneapolis Overnight; At Least 8 People Shot

On a Tuesday night, at least five shootings in three hours. On a Tuesday. Eight people wounded by the gunfire plus a bonus stabbing. One shooting at a Taco Bell was a mass shooting with four wounded. This follows a weekend shooting where seven people were shot as a fight at a bar escalated, with one person later dying. There have been over 30 shootings since the beginning of the month in Minneapolis.

I am sure it is unrelated to the pending shutdown of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Robski Speaking Truth And News About Pistol Braces

This is only the beginning...

All that stuff you like is likely to be impossible to buy by this time next year. AR-15s? Nope. AK-47s? Nope. Semi-auto handguns that hold more than 10 rounds? Nope. Pistol brace semi-auto pistols in 5.56/7.62/9mm? Nope. This is what I wrote in the video comments:

What you buy right now is likely all you are going to have. The only direction gun laws are going to go is toward being more restrictive. Many of my customers are buying specifically because they are worried about things going sideways and not being able to get a firearm to protect their family if it does. Trump is at best pretty unreliable on this issue and if he loses in November thanks to demographics and election shenanigans, anything beyond a double barrel shotgun is on the chopping block.

Don't dawdle.

There are a tragically few leaders in Congress who notice or care about these things, Matt Gaetz being notable as one of them and he is the one sounding the alarm here.

Meanwhile as I wrote about yesterday in Our New Outcome Based Judicial System, the legal system is now consumed with getting the "right" outcomes and things like law and evidence be damned. The Supreme Court declined to hear a bunch of important 2nd Amendment cases this week and this is the sort of thing that is working it's way through the courts:

Smith & Wesson Sued for Negligence Over 2019 Synagogue Shooting

According to the suit, Smith & Wesson deceptively marketed their AR platform to young men and that made a guy shoot up a synagogue.

Smith & Wesson “deceptively marketed its military-style assault rifle in a way that attracted impulsive young men with military complexes who were particularly likely to be attracted to the unique ability of AR-15 style weapons,” according to the complaint.

What the hell is a "military complex"? No mention of video games like Call of Duty that also appeal to young men with a "military complex". We have lots of "impulsive young men" in America shooting each other all the time, but the Brady Center doesn't seem interested in them. I wonder why?

The suit seeks to force S&W to change their marketing and sales practices plus the dreaded "unspecified damages". The real goal is to make to it too expensive for S&W to produce AR-15s. If you can't get an outright ban yet, the next best thing is to run the manufacturers out of business. The same thing is happening in the ammo business with a suit against online ammo dealer Lucky Gunner because someone bought ammo from them after lying about his age and then committing a mass shooting.

The assault is everywhere on every front and the aim is the disarmament of heritage white Americans to smooth the process of demographic replacement and the trampling of our rights.

While people on the Right spend all of their time stroking their egos, building a base of fanboys and drumming anyone they disagree with out of the movement, the Left is working overtime on dozens of different fronts.

I have little hope of stopping or even slowing this down. We are past that point, more on that in an upcoming post. Now we are outsiders in our own land and we need to get ready to deal with what that will mean.

Black Lives Mafia

The somewhat goofy but often entertaining Styxhexenhammer666 put out a good video this morning on the way Black Lives Matter is really just a Democrat slush fund dressed up as a social activist organization....

This video comes on the heels of this news story.....

Minnesota Freedom Fund has only spent $200K to bail out protesters, despite raising more than $30M

Obviously this has upset some street-level "activists" who don't understand how this all works. There aren't that many people in jail and I am willing to concede they have probably bailed out everyone they could related to the riots and it only cost them $200k. It isn't their fault that idiots gave them $30 million dollars to bail out looters and rioters. So what happens to that money? Well I am sure it will be used for all sorts of leftist organizing and agitation, and mostly to pay salaries for people who are avoiding gainful employment.

None of this is new. I have been talking about this for years, specifically about the Southern "Poverty" Law Center, a far-partisan group that rakes in huge amounts of money by scaring white liberals into thinking there are millions of mouth-breathing white supremacists just waiting to lynch some colored folk and send the Jews to camps ( See: Paging George Orwell ). They spend their donations publishing a bogus "hate map" that includes groups with a couple of members and counts the same groups in multiple states, while amassing a hoard of over half a billion dollars. Who knew fighting poverty was so lucrative?

Jesse Jackson and to a lesser extent Al Sharpton have been masters of this hustle for decades. Jackson, born to a 16 year old woman impregnated by her 33 year old adult married neighbor, has never had a real job in his life from what I can tell. He has been an "activist" since his time in college. The "Reverend" Jackson claims Martin Luther King Jr. died in his arms and used his relationship with the famous adulterer as a springboard to becoming wealthy without working. Jackson's hustle is pretty simple, and Styx talks about it a bit in the video. Jackson basically goes to corporations and threatens to cause a ruckus, accusing them of not being sufficiently obsequious about race, and they usually give him a bunch of money to make him go away. Rinse, repeat. He has been doing this for decades, really for as long as I can remember, and it has made him immensely wealthy and influential. It is just cheaper and easier to pay him to go away than to deal with bad press and boycotts. It is the same reason companies just pay off ambulance chasing lawyers, it is cheaper and easier than dealing with endless lawsuits. Paying off race hustlers like Jackson is just a cost of doing business, a cost passed on to the consumers like everything else. A great book on this topic is Ken Timmerman's Shakedown: Exposing The Real Jesse Jackson.

Jackson's con has been adopted by a whole new generation of hustlers all across the country. Every decent sized city has a core group of black "activists" and "ministers" who pop up whenever the news is favorable to demand "action", which translates into "money" in the form of funding they use for "programs" that don't do anything but line their pockets. As I have said over and over, the surest and easiest path to a lucrative future for a moderately intelligent black person is to become some kind of "activist". It doesn't require a long, academically rigorous education, just the ability to figure out how to monetize white guilt. Figure that out and you are looking at a life of not working and driving nice cars. Fake black man Shaun King and homo black activist DeRay Mckesson didn't even have to do the Civil Rights era marches like Jesse Jackson, which carried an element of actual danger. They just adopted the rhetoric and refined it using the new mediums of social media. I was unaware of this but apparently fagtivist Mckesson has been vocal in criticizing Shaun King. Any number of mafia movies should make clear, people won't pay protection money to two different crime syndicates.

That brings me to "Black Lives Matter", perhaps the most shamelessly deceptive name in the history of a movement full of deception. BLM has taken this to a whole new level. Where Jesse Jackson would threaten a company with bad publicity and boycotts, BLM threatens to burn entire cities to the ground. It is extortion, pure and simple, and you better pay them the protection money they demand or else. It is the old mafia trick of demanding protection money from business owners, but on a much larger scale.

Where do white liberals think the money they give to BLM or other "social justice" groups goes? I suppose they think it goes to help poor blacks pay the rent or buy groceries, but we already do that via housing assistance and food stamps. While you can't actually see what is going on due to a lack of transparency, it is clear most of the money left over after lining the pockets of "activists" is funneled into leftist political action, which means Democrat politicians.

A significant chunk of charitable giving doesn't do a thing for charity. This is true no matter where you look and is more true the bigger a group gets. Most people are shocked to find how much money charitable groups spend on a) staff salaries and perks and b) to raise more funds. A lot of the money you donate goes to pay people to raise more money from people so the organization can pay people to raise more money. That is not to say that these groups don't do any good at all, many of them do all sorts of charitable work but the issue is how much charity do they spend money on versus overhead. Again, that is why I will give money to a local food bank before I give money to a national group "fighting hunger". A local food bank probably spends almost all of their funds on actual food and uses volunteers as staff while a big national organization spends millions on office space, salaries and benefits and of course more fund raising. Most people would be shocked to look at the budgets of big churches, even ones that talk about caring for the poor and mission work. I have been writing about this for many years, most Christian giving goes toward making it comfortable and entertaining for Christians to go to church for an hour once a week.

That is true for tangible things like "fighting hunger" by providing free food but when the goal is more amorphous, like "combating racism"? It makes it far harder to quantify what is going on. How do you combat an attitude with an endlessly changing definition? Obviously you can't. That is by design. Giving money to BLM and other "civil rights" groups is like giving money to third world orphanages. You get that little dopamine hit for being a good person and maybe you can mention it in passing on social media for upvotes and likes but you don't really care if it does anything because the purpose is to make you feel better, not solve any problems.

The people pulling the strings behind BLM understand this. The unspoken contract is that white people give them money and ask no questions. Corporations make a big deal about giving them money with the understanding that the purpose of the donation is to make their mostly white customer base feel better about buying their products/services. No one cares if things get better and in the case of BLM, the last thing they want is better race relations because no one contributes to groups like them when things are going good. Do you think the NRA gets more donations with Trump in office or Obama? Big advocacy groups quietly love it when their cause is under threat. I guarantee the SPLC is raking in cash left and right thanks to Trump being President.

The Black Lives Matter movement is just the latest iteration of the Jesse Jackson hustle, with the added feature of the threat of citywide violence and mayhem. The funds they are raking in won't do anything to protect black lives but they will make a handful of black "activists" quite wealthy and will fund the neo-Marxist movements here and abroad.