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Trump Notices Antifa Are Domestic Terrorists

From the President of the United States…

I’ll put this one in the “Better late than never” category.

“Antifa” has been engaged in domestic terrorism and political violence since before Trump even took office. While we have mock “hearings” on the phantom menace of “white supremacy”, antifa has been rampaging in our streets, attacking people, assaulting journalists, clashing with the police and destroying property for years.

They are not “anti-fascist” and not a one of them could define fascism in any historically recognizable sense. They are simply the latest iteration of Marxist street agitators and should have been recognized as political terrorists a long time ago and squashed like bugs. The government is quick to come down like the wrath of God on any right-wing groups, even people like Randy Weaver who aren’t bothering anyone, but antifa has been allowed to wreak destruction on our streets for years and often without the slightest interference from law enforcement.

We will see if social media platforms do anything about it or will they allow these terrorists to continue to use their platforms, and if they do will the Trump administration do anything about it.

While antifa should not be used as a scapegoat to provide cover for the rioting and looting by Black Lives Matter, they should be held accountable for political violence, intimidation and for committing acts of terror across American cities.

Let’s hope this isn’t another case where Trump is “monitoring the situation” and instead he actually acts like the head of the Executive Branch and orders Federal law enforcement to do something.

Long overdue.

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