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The Great Unraveling

This rather disturbing but highly educational video was linked from American Partisan the other day and I can’t stop thinking about the implications it contains. The video deals with white mercenaries fighting in the “Congo Crisis” in the 1960s, specifically in Stanleyville in 1964. Warning, the video contains disturbing imagery, including a bunch of corpses and people being shot and killed on camera. Don’t watch at work or around children.

After what was by all accounts a brutal colonial period under Belgium, first under King Leopold II as his personal fiefdom and then under Belgian government, the Congo was granted independence in 1960 and pretty much immediately devolved into a series of civil wars, made worse by Cold War proxy conflicts between the Soviets and the U.S.. Experienced mercenaries were employed in the war, leading to the era of glamorizing mercenaries that lasted into the 80s. I remember reading Solider Of Fortune magazine, it seemed very heroic and exciting. In the real world it was brutal and ugly. 1960 was only 15 years removed from World War II, so there were plenty of professional soldiers around.

After almost a century of colonial rule, the native Congolese were set loose and the violence was incredible. It was not just the killing but the rape, torture, mutilation and even cannibalism. Early Presidents were either deposed by force or assassinated. 60 years after the Congolese were given their independence, things are not much better. Violence is still rampant, especially sexual violence against women and children, earning the Congo the dubious distinction of being known as the rape capital of the world. They seem to have a regular outbreak of diseases like Ebola that they rationally respond to by attacking the white doctors who come to try to save their lives. The nation is 100 million people living in a state of constant civil war, disease, violence and ignorance. Meanwhile the Congo is slowly being re-colonized by China, the largest purchaser of the Congo’s ample natural resources.

Like many former colonies, it is questionable whether life is better now that they are independent.

The big question this short video raised for me is more ominous: what happens when white heritage Americans become a minority in our own country?

There is no historical, reasonably contemporary precedent I can think of where an advanced civilization slowly is subsumed by people who had no hand in creating that civilization and who furthermore have been fed a steady diet of racial hatred toward the very people who welcomed them and allowed them to benefit from their work. Hatred in this case is not too strong of a term.

The people who come here from places like El Salvador and Somalia are not essentially the equivalent of people who came here from Ireland and Italy. While the Irish, Italians and Slavs faced discrimination and a century of struggle to integrate into America, owing to lingering prejudices from Europe and the aftermath of centuries of religious wars between Catholics and Protestants, they were still European, white and from nominally Christian cultures. They had hope and wanted to become American, embracing the language and culture and especially The American Dream. By the latter third of the 20th century, probably as a result of shared suffering in World War II and the affluence of America in the post-war years, the newer European immigrants were completely assimilated into the fabric of America.

The new immigrants seem to have a perpetual chip on their shoulders. Someone like Ilhan Omar hates everything about America and especially the non-immigrant American people, even though her family fled from a country full of Somalians to come to a country full of white people. Or Therese Patricia Okoumou, the Congolese woman who climbed on the Statue Of Liberty to protest the government of the country that gave her shelter from the shithole she fled from.

When the majority becomes a minority and civil society inevitably starts to come apart as a result of fiscal collapse and tribalism, the violence we saw in places like the Congo and even today in South Africa are going to pale in comparison to what will happen here. Even with a fairly functional law enforcement system, the tribal violence is growing worse and in spite of media efforts to hide what is happening, the careful observer sees it all around us in elderly white people executed by a black man or a black man pummeling an old white man in a nursing home or a black kid punching a white man at the fair, killing him, and getting juvie.

There are few limits to human depravity and brutality absent a Western moral and legal system. Without Western people to sustain that society, it will collapse and the darkest aspects of humanity will flourish.


  1. Anonymous

    Its frankly rather amusing to read 'warnings' about graphic images in such a video as is embedded in this article, for I am completely inured to the sight of feral sub-humans' remains scattered, discarded, littered across the landscape of those locales that sustain them. I honestly do not give a wet shit about this class of 'humans'. Had these formerly live wretches not been snuffed by their own, they would find their way into our once-orderly society and dedicate their short, brutish lives toward making ours a little less civil and rewarding, for ferals know no better. They destroy whatever they touch.

    No less an authority than Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, referred to these creatures as 'human weeds', and 'reckless breeders'. I could not agree more. I am opposed, on principle, to civilized Whites aborting their own issue for shallow, selfish reasons. But the failed race, under permanent [White] custodial care, would do everyone a favor by refraining from reproducing. Sadly, this seems to be all that they are capable of accomplishing with any degree of competency.


  2. Anonymous

    You have to be Blind Freddy, or someone that watches Legacy Media exclusively or a True Believer to not see what's coming.

    Bison Prepper had a comment a while back that really made sense. This (racially attacking Whites in our own nation) is just POC ethnically cleansing the other. Lord Bison explained it as tribal thinking of removing other people from access to resources. Of course they're not thinking that. They're most certainly not thinking that the people they're killing are the ones that provide the cornucopia. The Horn of Plenty requires high trust average or higher IQ, hard working community minded people to work together to make work. Without them?

  3. Arthur Sido

    I assume most people do see what is coming, deep down, but they refuse to allow themselves to see it. Maybe because they are so deeply indoctrinated to not think naughty thoughts, maybe because they realize they can't do anything about it so they pretend it isn't happening. The capacity of the human mind to deceive itself is amazing.

  4. Arthur Sido

    My general rule is that I don't care what Africans do in Africa as long as we agree to let the chips fall where they may. If they want to slaughter each other, have at it. When that happens in my country? That is where the problems come in. We should offer all white Africans shelter in America. We could use more Elon Musks and fewer race hustlers.

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