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Mass Shooting Alert! Twofer Edition.

There were a couple of mass shootings recently that I missed. Good thing I get a news alert for the term “mass shooting” because these rarely make the national news.

The first mass shooting happened in Texas.

5 People Injured during Mass Shooting at 600-Person Party in a Texas Park

On Sunday, May 10, 2020, things turned sour while around 600 people gathered at a park in Texas. A mass shooting occurred where several people were injured.

Over the weekend, the Village Creek Park was swarming with a gathering of an estimated 600 people who were there for a party. Fireworks went off at the park before around 30 rounds of gunfire followed, according to Public Information Officer Buddy Calzada.

There is actually a video of the shooting filmed from a police car. There were cops there because of the huge crowds and drinking and someone still shot five people. It sounds like multiple different firearms being discharged. Shooting starts at around the six minute mark, six minutes into a video of a mostly “diverse” crowd totally ignoring the cops and going about their business until the shots are fired.

In the story linked, it sounds like this is a park where the urban youths, teens, joggers and construction enthusiasts like to hang out:


A resident who has lived on Edgewood near Wilbarger Street for 24 years, Raymond Brown, said most people at the party appeared to be 18 to 20 years old. Brown explained why they were there stating:

“This is one of the few parks in Fort Worth where African-Americans feel they can go and enjoy themselves.”

A bunch of young joggers, underage drinking in full sight of the cops, and no one pays the slightest attention to the cops until one of the joggers starts shooting other joggers. I guess that is what happens when construction enthusiasts gather in large numbers to enjoy themselves and cops are afraid to do anything for fear of getting into an altercation with a jogger that ends up on Youtube.

The second shooting occurred in Baton Rouge, a city that is about 40% white and 50% black.

New info on shooting at Baton Rouge convenience store: 12-year-old hurt; victims likely bystanders

A hail of bullets came blasting through the front of a Baton Rouge convenience store Sunday afternoon, injuring five people — two women, two men and a child — in a Mother’s Day mass shooting that remains unsolved. 

All the victims were patrons of the store, police said Monday morning. Detectives have not yet determined whether any of them were the shooter’s intended target but believe that some, if not all, were bystanders caught in the crossfire.

The shooting happened at Carlin’s Food Market, a store specializing in “Cajun and Soul Cuisine”. The pictures of the food they sell look yummy but I am guessing they would be too spicy for my northern palate.

The shooter was captured on video but we don’t have a picture of the shooter or even a description other than what he was wearing in the story I first saw. A subsequent news story showed that this appeared to be a shootout and as is usual in jogger-involved shootings, neither shooter was hit but five innocent bystanders were.

So you didn’t hear about either of these stories? Even though a 12 year old boy was injured in one shooting?

How curious.


  1. Anonymous

    Apparently, our "jogger-Americans" can't seem to enjoy themselves in the company of their peers without lighting off a few dozen rounds in their exuberance. I am glad to know there is somewhere in Fote Wuff where da homies can feel safe enough from White microaggressions to act out their feral macroaggressions on one another.

    Reminds me of the toddler birf'day parties at Chuck E. Cheese that a fair number of swarthies feel compelled to bring handguns to. My White privilege won't let me fathom the mindset of a person who arms up to go to a social gathering. On Mother's Day. And once again, HOW many rounds fired into a dense crowd of hundreds with no deaths and only FIVE casualties? Even with Common Core math that is a pretty pitiful yield.


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