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Mass Shooting Alert! Back To Bakersfield Edition

It has been a busy 2020 for Bakersfield, California as they record their second mass shooting in a month, despite stringent social distancing orders. As you may recall, six people were shot at a “large party” in Bakersfield last month. The only lead was that it was four black males in a white car. I am guessing no arrests have been made.

Now a month later, another mass shooting:

Five teens injured inside an East Bakersfield apartment mass shooting

The Bakersfield Police Department is investigating a mass shooting that left five teenagers injured in East Bakersfield overnight.

Around 12:30 a.m. Monday morning police responded to the Santa Rosa Apartment complex, located on West Columbus Street, for reports of a shooting.

When officers arrived they found two 18-year-old men, two 17-year-old girls and one 17-year-old boy were shot.

Not the children! We have a solid description:

The suspect is described as a black male adult wearing dark clothing, according to BPD.

That should narrow it down. There are around 350,000 people in Bakersfield and 8% are black so that works out to 28,000 black people. Half are male so that is 14,000 but the suspect was an adult, so let’s call it 10,000 adult black men in Bakersfield. I doubt many of them have dark clothing so I am sure the police will make an arrest in no time.

What is up with Bakersfield?

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