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Just when you thought the Ahmaud Arbery case couldn’t get more absurd

The out of control, political hacks with badges and guns known as the Georgia Bureau Of Investigation have arrested William “Roddie” Bryan Jr. and charged him with felony murder.

Who is William “Roddie” Bryan Jr.? Another gunman?

Nope, he is the guy who was recording the infamous video from his truck who never got out of his vehicle and had no contact with Arbery.

Ahmaud Arbery case: Georgia man who recorded deadly shooting arrested on charges including felony murder

He was videotaping what happened and he is being charged with felony murder.

Felony murder.

The GBI is completely out of control on this. The notion of charging a man for felony murder for the act of driving down the road and videotaping an incident is so ridiculous that any serious person should assume it is a joke made in poor taste. But it isn’t.

Any shred of doubt that this farce is not and never has been about “justice” should be dispelled by the latest news.


  1. Anonymous

    Presumably, the message here is, Don't present evidence that might interfere with "the narrative". The 'crime' of noticing members of the perpetual victim class displaying typical behavior is apparently now a punishable offense. How soon before some poor old White couple gets arrested for locking their door at night, inconveniencing homeboys who wish to break in and rob them?

    Wasn't that video used specifically to bring this case to the grand jury? Roddie Bryan should by all rights be a hero to the bleeding hearts who are going to railroad the Georgia father and son, for getting this case national attention. How he is even remotely connected to felony murder merely for being nearby is Orwellian in its implications.

    Spicy times are upon us.

  2. Arthur Sido

    A few are and more by the day but it won't reach a significant enough critical mass in time. One of the most bitter pills I have had to swallow is recognizing that I can't save all of us, so I just try to wake as many of my people up as I can before it is too late.

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