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Honor Those Who Have Fallen By Creating Fewer People To Honor In The Future

It is Memorial Day 2020 and we haven’t had a Memorial Day quite like this one in my lifetime. Nevertheless, my message today is the same as it is every Memorial Day. If we truly want to honor those who have given their lives, we ought to pursue policies that lead to fewer people to memorialize in the future. Americans have sacrificed too many of our young men fighting in wars that were none of our business, stretching back to the War of 1812. Let others fight their own wars. We have too many young men cut down in their prime to remember today as it is.

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  1. Anonymous

    This has long been my opinion as well. Although I'd go further and attempt to bring to justice those that are responsible for the war. Ho Chi Mihn was surprised that the US weren't on his side (as he was fighting off a colonial power as had the US). The Gulf of Tonkin incident has been proven to not have happened, start there when looking for people to hang.

    Chairman Mao made many overtures of friendship to the US basically saying that China had zero ambitions to challenge US political & military. Even today, short of Nukes, China can not challenge the US. The US were going to nuke China had the Cuban Missile Crisis gone hot. In fact the only reason China wasn't nuked was that a commander sent MP's with guns to stop the launch.

    The Taliban were prepared to hand over Osama on the proviso that proof was offered. Osama vehemently denied any role in 911. 911 has to go down in history as the most successful asymmetric attack in history.

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