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Biden’s Job Interview

It is generally a waste of time to point out the hypocrisy and double-standards of the American Left. As I often say, if it weren’t for double standards, the Left would have no standards at all. They don’t care that they are hypocrites, all they care about is winning. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the sudden reversal on the #MeToo, #TimesUp, #BelieveWomen nonsense that has evaporated into the mists of time now that Joe Biden is the apparent standard bearer for the Democrat party.

A recap is necessary here.

In the summer of 2018, President Trump nominated Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United State Supreme Court to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy. Kennedy had been the swing vote on the SCOTUS for many years and his retirement and subsequent replacement by the far more conservative Kavanaugh set the Left into a frenzy as they saw a threat to their unholy sacrament of abortion. Out of the woodwork came a clearly disturbed woman, Christine Blasey Ford. In a page right out of the Democrat handbook for derailing conservative nominees, first used to smear Clarence Thomas, Mrs. Ford claimed that in the early 1980s when she was 15 and Brett Kavanaugh was 17, she was at a house with Kavanaugh and a friend of his. They were allegedly drinking and she claims that they ended up in a bedroom where she alleges that Kavanaugh drunkenly tried to kiss her, pawed at her breasts and covered up her mouth with his hand, which somehow led her to believe he was going to kill her. There is absolutely no corroborating evidence of this behavior and to be honest, as someone who was in high school in the late 80s, it was not at all unusual for high school kids to drink booze and clumsily get handsy. I would expect that a significant percentage of my peers in high school had encounters where both parties were drinking and maybe some groping took place but then again we were in high school. My general opinion is that it is almost certain nothing happened between the two parties involved and if anything did happen, it was juvenile making out under the influence of alcohol which does not and never has been considered criminal sexual assault. I wrote quite a bit about the allegations and the broader implications in 2018, for example What Happens When You Disenfranchise Tens Of Millions Of People? and I Believe Facts And Evidence.

The actual allegations were unimportant. The mere suggestion of impropriety on the part of a high school kid was enough to condemn his nomination according to the Left. Washed up actress Alyssa Milano sat in the audience glaring at Kavanaugh throughout the hearings. Twitter was full of outrage and dumb hashtags. Screechy women went to the floor of the Senate to denounce Kavanaugh. When it was pointed out that we are supposed to have a presumption of innocence in our legal system, many liberals smugly declared that this was not a criminal trial, it was a “job interview” so Kavanaugh had no right to expect to be presumed innocent, even of risible claims of an encounter that occurred when he was in high school 35 years earlier. Kavanaugh was confirmed in spite of the efforts to torpedo his nomination but we still hear about the whole incident.

Fast forward to 2020 and we have an interesting development in the Presidential election. A female staffer working for Joe Biden, Tara Reade, has claimed that then Senator Joe Biden sexually assaulted her when she worked on his staff. Here are the key differences:

– The alleged event occurred in 1993, a full decade more recently than the Kavanugh allegations.

– The assault included Biden pushing her against a wall, forcing his hand under her clothing and digitally penetrating her against her will. Unlike a teen making out with another teen and touching her breast, what Biden is accused of certainly rises to the level of sexual assault.

– At the time, Reade was 29 and Biden was an adult man in his 50s. They were not drunken high school kids.

– Joe Biden was a United States Senator and Tara Reade was his employee.

– Joe Biden has a reputation for being handsy with women and you can see this on display in a number of video clips where women, often clearly uncomfortable, are being pawed by Joe Biden. He has a demonstrated tendency to engage in unwanted physical contact with women, and continues to do so today.

– Unlike the Kavanaugh accusations, there is ample evidence that Tara Reade told people about this event around the time it happened, including her mother calling in to Larry King Live in the same year and mentioning “problems” of that nature her daughter was having and several other people who recall her talking about the assault when it occurred.

Remember, Kavanaugh had no presumption of innocence because he was essentially in a “job interview”. Even Gropin’ Joe Biden said so at the time.

It is startling to hear Biden just a few years ago speaking relatively coherently and then compare him to today. The severity of his mental deterioration in less than two years is incredible and doesn’t point to a very positive trend line for someone facing six months of campaigning and then four years as President. Also, I would rather have red hot nails driven into my ears than listen to Kirsten Gillibrand speak. She takes the tendency of female politicians to get screechy and loud when they want to come across as serious and raises it to a whole other level of annoyance.

So if Supreme Court nominations are a job interview, isn’t that even more true for a President? Being the President means holding the highest office in America. If Democrats in 2018 believed that 35 year old allegations of drunken pawing by a teen-aged Brett Kavanaugh were enough to deny him a seat on the Supreme Court, shouldn’t far more credible, recent and serious allegations against Biden be enough to deny him the Presidency?

Apparently not because Orange Man Bad trumps Believe All Women. Some Democrats are at least honest enough to sort of admit they believe Tara Reade but just don’t care if it means getting rid of Trump. The Kavanaugh fiasco was never about whether or not a drunken teen-aged boy pawed the breast of a drunken teen girl, it was all about trying to deny Trump’s nominee no matter what.

I am not sure if Biden survives this. The media is trying hard to ignore it and the coronavirus is helping but if the allegations don’t go away as the country emerges from lockdown, it might be enough to sink him when combined with his obvious health problems. That leaves the Democrats in a pickle as the nominating convention is only three months away and the only candidate with a significant number of pledged delegates other than Biden is Bernie. If the Dems step over Bernie and give the nomination to someone else, the noodle armed, limp-wristed soyboy Bernie-bros might get violent.

Things are about to get interesting and Trump thrives in chaos. He might just pull out a re-election after all.

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  1. John Wilder

    This is a more credible case with a more credible witness than Ford. That being said, they'll sweep it under the rug (Joe has hairplugs, so he's safe there) and go on.

    We'll see . . . .

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