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Another Huge Month Of Firearm Sales

April continued the trend started in March of record breaking firearm sales with nearly 3 million background checks performed.

Record gun sales for 2nd month, more than 7 million sold this year

Gun sales saw record sales for a second straight month, hitting nearly 3 million in background checks for April.

The FBI said on Monday that April background checks for gun sales and concealed carry permits had hit a new record of 2,911,128 backgrounds checks, an increase of 576,879 from April 2019.

In other words, we have a whole bunch of new guns in the hands of law abiding Americans and still violent crime is confined to a few zip codes, using illegal firearms. I wonder if maybe that connection between having available guns and gun violence isn’t as solid as we were led to believe.

As far as availability, it still sucks. Most distributors are weeks behind on shipping orders and popular styles are just not available. The big players can get stuff like the Taurus G2 and Springfield Hellcat but the rest of us are out of luck.

Ammo is also at critically short levels and prices keep climbing. Good luck getting .223 for less than $.35/round unless you are buying steel case ammo and even that is over $.30/round. 9mm is a little better but not by much, especially for brass case. Good deals disappear as quickly as they appear so you shouldn’t dawdle. Yes the prices suck but not as much as being out of ammo if you need it.

Don’t wait. We haven’t really felt the impact of the economy flying straight into the ground at high speed. Things are going to get a lot worse.


  1. Arthur Sido

    You are right, I did come across some steel that was cheaper but I also have noticed shipping costs going way up. I try hard to stick to brass case with cheap shipping but even that is getting tough to come by. And for some reason your comments keep ending up in my spam even though I added you to my address book. Very irritating.

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