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An Incredibly Dumb Take From Scott Adams

In a social media world awash with terrible takes, here is a solid contender for the worst take from an alleged conservative/libertarian (and there is a lot of competition).

There are plenty of dumb white people but Scott doesn’t seem to understand that he is one of them.

I guess Scott thinks that Black Lives Matter was just “protesting” all along, and not inciting violence and looting along the way. Long before there was a “Black Lives Matter” movement, black protests turned into black looting and rioting on a regular basis. The Zman put it rather succinctly and starkly:

One of the features of modern liberal democracy is that everyone is trapped in a constant present, unaware of both the past and future. The current black riots, for example, are being described as unprecedented, when in fact they are a regular feature of American life. Birds fly, fish swim and blacks riot. Amusingly, the man allegedly responsible for these riots, President Trump, you know, because of the low black unemployment, is in office because of the last round of black riots.

It is absolutely true that far left groups are latching onto these riots to LARP at being anarchists but the Black Lives Matter folks don’t need any special encouragement to engage in mayhem. Yes, there are white people in black outfits and masks throwing bricks but there are also tons of blacks doing the same. If you don’t think media outfits are specifically finding white people in the crowd to video, you are either naive or an idiot.

The goal of Black Lives Matter is to overthrow the current system and replace it with something resembling South Africa, and that is the best case scenario. Scott Adams isn’t going to get special treatment under the new regime, he is just another wealthy white guy and the new order will come after him as soon as they can.

Wake up to reality people. This isn’t political. This is tribal and right now everything my people have built over the course of hundreds of years is being burned down. What rises from the ashes won’t be a new, more just society. It will be war and people like Scott will be some of the first victims.

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