Sunday, May 31, 2020

Trump Notices Antifa Are Domestic Terrorists

From the President of the United States...

I'll put this one in the "Better late than never" category.

"Antifa" has been engaged in domestic terrorism and political violence since before Trump even took office. While we have mock "hearings" on the phantom menace of "white supremacy", antifa has been rampaging in our streets, attacking people, assaulting journalists, clashing with the police and destroying property for years.

They are not "anti-fascist" and not a one of them could define fascism in any historically recognizable sense. They are simply the latest iteration of Marxist street agitators and should have been recognized as political terrorists a long time ago and squashed like bugs. The government is quick to come down like the wrath of God on any right-wing groups, even people like Randy Weaver who aren't bothering anyone, but antifa has been allowed to wreak destruction on our streets for years and often without the slightest interference from law enforcement.

We will see if social media platforms do anything about it or will they allow these terrorists to continue to use their platforms, and if they do will the Trump administration do anything about it.

While antifa should not be used as a scapegoat to provide cover for the rioting and looting by Black Lives Matter, they should be held accountable for political violence, intimidation and for committing acts of terror across American cities.

Let's hope this isn't another case where Trump is "monitoring the situation" and instead he actually acts like the head of the Executive Branch and orders Federal law enforcement to do something.

Long overdue.

Only Certain Black Lives Matter

As black rioters and scrawny white antifa soyboys burn and loot Amercian cities, allegedly in response to the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota, we are seeing a resurgence of the discredited movement called "Black Lives Matter". According to Statista, police shootings of black men is an epidemic:

Sadly, the trend of fatal police shootings in the United States seems to only be increasing, with a total 228 civilians having been shot, 31 of whom were Black, as of March 30, 2020. 

No mention of how many of the 31 black men shot were pointing guns at or actively shooting at cops or charging them with some other weapon. Also no mention of the statistical fact that blacks are about 13% of the population and that 31 is 13.5% of 228. In other words, in 2020 at least blacks are shot by police at a rate that mirrors their percentage of the overall population.

Despite the grandiose and sweeping name "Black Lives Matter", and woe to you if you say "All Lives Matter" cuz that is racist, the movement apparently doesn't care about "black lives". It only cares about some black lives that have significant political utility, like the killing of George Floyd.

For example, there have been protests in nearby Fort Wayne, again allegedly in response to the Floyd killing. But in the news last week was this story:

16-year-old charged as adult in drug deal robbery gone bad

Two men were charged, 16 year old Xavier Walker and 19 year old Ronnie Miles, Jr. for killing 19 year old Jaden Lee Diaz Nelson.

Here are the accused...

Ronnie Miles Jr. and Xavier Walker
Here is the deceased victim...

Jaden Diaz Lee Nelson
If you are keeping score at home, that is a 19 year old black man murdered by a 16 and 19 year old black men. There were no protests or vigils. No rioting or looting. Almost no mention at all and until these two young men are sentenced, you likely won't hear anything about Jaden Diaz Lee Nelson. His name won't trend on twitter. He won't warrant mention from national political figures or entertainers.

He is just another dead black guy killed by two other black guys.

No one cares but his mama.

Nelson was apparently a drug dealer and was selling to Walker and Miles. The sale went bad, guns came out and Nelson was killed.

You can't use his death to advance a political agenda so he just ends up in the ground without notice.

Black Lives Matter is a scam, a phony movement with an intentionally dishonest name. They don't care about black lives at all, they only care about using deaths to advance their far left agenda.

An Incredibly Dumb Take From Scott Adams

In a social media world awash with terrible takes, here is a solid contender for the worst take from an alleged conservative/libertarian (and there is a lot of competition).

There are plenty of dumb white people but Scott doesn't seem to understand that he is one of them.

I guess Scott thinks that Black Lives Matter was just "protesting" all along, and not inciting violence and looting along the way. Long before there was a "Black Lives Matter" movement, black protests turned into black looting and rioting on a regular basis. The Zman put it rather succinctly and starkly:

One of the features of modern liberal democracy is that everyone is trapped in a constant present, unaware of both the past and future. The current black riots, for example, are being described as unprecedented, when in fact they are a regular feature of American life. Birds fly, fish swim and blacks riot. Amusingly, the man allegedly responsible for these riots, President Trump, you know, because of the low black unemployment, is in office because of the last round of black riots.

It is absolutely true that far left groups are latching onto these riots to LARP at being anarchists but the Black Lives Matter folks don't need any special encouragement to engage in mayhem. Yes, there are white people in black outfits and masks throwing bricks but there are also tons of blacks doing the same. If you don't think media outfits are specifically finding white people in the crowd to video, you are either naive or an idiot.

The goal of Black Lives Matter is to overthrow the current system and replace it with something resembling South Africa, and that is the best case scenario. Scott Adams isn't going to get special treatment under the new regime, he is just another wealthy white guy and the new order will come after him as soon as they can.

Wake up to reality people. This isn't political. This is tribal and right now everything my people have built over the course of hundreds of years is being burned down. What rises from the ashes won't be a new, more just society. It will be war and people like Scott will be some of the first victims.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

The Contrast Couldn't Be More Stark

We just watched the launch of the SpaceX rocket, a collaboration between a private firm and NASA to launch a manned mission from U.S. soil for the first time since the end of the space shuttle program almost a decade ago in 2011.

SpaceX launching May 30 2020
It was a significant milestone for America and for Elon Musk's company to launch humans into space is a pretty big deal. Never before has a private company launched a rocket carrying humans and perhaps this is the beginning of a new era in space travel. 

Shortly before the launch, as I was driving in my car the emergency broadcast system went off. I have heard those warning tones my entire life as every radio station does a test on a regular basis. As a kid it was every week and included some version of "This is a test. This is only a test.". I don't think I have ever heard the tones followed by anything other than "this is only a test". Until today.

Although we aren't that close to Columbus, today the emergency broadcast system was warning civilians to stay out of downtown Columbus, Ohio thanks to the rioters who are looting and burning for "justice", even though the cops have been fired and the one kneeling on George Floyd's neck has been charged and arrested. It clearly is no longer about "justice" and really never was. 

I lived through the Cold War and the looming threat of nuclear war and never heard an emergency broadcast followed by an actual emergency but here we are with citizens of the United States being warned to stay out of the capital of Ohio.

Contrast the image of SpaceX launching men into orbit, a scientific achievement that builds on more than half a century of our finest minds working together with this image....

People who have built nothing, invented nothing, created nothing burning and looting. People allegedly "protesting" the death of a black man in Minneapolis by waving a Mexican flag from the CNN building?

This stark dichotomy brings to mind a prior post The Dumbing Down Of America. As a kid I expected the future to be more advanced, more peaceful as mankind marched inexorably toward a brighter future. What we got instead is a nation slowly descending into chaos. This isn't the same nation that sent men into space and to the moon because we don't have the same people. A choice was made without our knowledge or consent to enact a wholesale change in the American people and it has left us with a nation careening toward the cliff. As I wrote in part:

You can have a technologically advanced nation.

- or -

You can have a pluralistic nation made up of competing ethnic and racial groups that subsidizes and rewards irresponsibility.

But you can't have both.

What we are seeing on the news today is the reaping of the harvest planted in the 1960s when the decision was made to abandon being the shining beacon of hope for the world in favor of pushing for a multicultural nation that would be easier for a small cabal of technocrats to rule.

Our future is not SpaceX. Our future is burning cities, looting of liquor stores and the gradual collapse of the rule of law.

It didn't have to be this way but we need to recognize who made this happen, who diverted America from her once glorious future in favor of Autozone stores on fire.

There needs to be a reckoning.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Mass Shooting Alert! No Justice No Peace Edition

In my post The Danger Of Crying Wolf I used the example of the killing of Breonna Taylor as something that should be protested but that is lost in the background noise of every police killing being automatically assumed to be unjust. In a tragically predictable twist, a "protest" being held in Louisville, Kentucky coinciding with the release of the audio of her boyfriend calling 911 and the ongoing rioting in Minneapolis turned violent.

Breonna Taylor: 7 people shot in protests over the fatal police shooting of Breonna Taylor, police say

Outcry over the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor reached a boiling point overnight Thursday in Louisville, Kentucky, when gunfire erupted during protests and audio was released of Taylor's boyfriend's call to 911 the day of her death.

Seven people were shot downtown, the mayor said in a video message on Twitter. Property damage also was reported after peaceful demonstrations took a turn, Louisville Metro Police Department officials said during a news conference.

Large groups with tension high and the police backing down is a recipe for violence and with the weekend upon us, I expect things to go from bad to worse not only in Minneapolis but large metro areas around the country.

Even in the middle of protests/riots demanding justice for two black people killed unjustly, there are large elements of that community that simply can't restrain themselves from shooting each other over petty disputes.

It is all too common. In my post yesterday, Is It Really About Justice?, I posted this chart detailing the murder rate in Baltimore after career criminal Freddy Grey died in police custody:

About 100 additional people were murdered annually in the years following the police backing off after the death of Freddy Grey than in the years prior. So in response to one black man dying under shady circumstances in police custody, black men killed several hundred fellow black men in four years.

Is that justice? Is that peace?

If you are incapable of living in peace, I am not really interested in your calls for "justice"

Seven people shot Thursday night and as Friday breaks across America, lots of people with mayhem on their minds and no jobs to go to are about to cut loose in American cities. Remember when I said the time to bugout is right now and not when things are already out of hand?

I told you so.

Mass Shooting Alert! Mass Edition

A mass shooting in Massachusetts:

Five men shot in Dorchester, one dead, police say

Five men were shot, one of them fatally, at the Franklin Field Housing Development in Dorchester just before midnight on Wednesday, law enforcement officials said.

Details are pretty sparse. It happened in a housing project and Dorchester is heavily black and increasingly mestizo so I don't expect to hear anything more about this one. Spicier posts incoming.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Is It Really About Justice?

In 2017, a cop in Minneapolis shot and killed an unarmed woman. She was approaching the police vehicle to ask for assistance. She was barefoot and in her pajamas. The police in the vehicle were responding to a call and testified that they heard a "loud noise" and were startled. There is no evidence this happened and they didn't mention it in their initial report. The officer driving had his window down and his partner in the passenger seat shot the unarmed woman, who was not touching the vehicle or acting in a threatening manner. The shot went through the driver's side window and struck the woman, meaning the officer shot across the body of his partner. She bled out quickly on the scene.

The officer who shot the woman was arrested, tried and convicted of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. He was sentenced to 12.5 years in prison for killing an unarmed woman and the city paid an enormous settlement for the wrongful shooting.

Justice was done and community activists were pleased.



The woman who was killed was Justine Damond (aka Justine Ruszczyk), a white Australian woman, and the cop who murdered her was Mohamed Noor, a Somalian living in Minnesota.

When Ms. Damond was murdered, there was no rioting. There was no looting. There were a couple of small, quiet and peaceful protests.

When the officer convicted of killing her was found guilty, you didn't see an outpouring of gratitude from the people who complain about police brutality. As I detailed in a prior post last May, Justice For Justine Damond?, what we saw instead were blacks complaining that he had been found guilty of murder. From the prior post:

"Officer Noor was going to jail no matter what because he's a black man who shot a white woman in the state of Minnesota," said John Thompson, an activist and friend of Philando Castile, a black man who was killed in 2016 by a Latino suburban police officer who was acquitted.

Alana Ramadan, an African American and Muslim who held a sign calling for the resignation of Hennepin County's head prosecutor, said the African American people she's spoken with knew Noor would be convicted.

"It's almost like there's no hope," she said.

In a statement, the Somali-American Police Association (SAPA) criticized the jury's decision.

"Officer Noor is the first police officer in Minnesota's history to be convicted of murder while in the line of duty," the statement read. "SAPA believes the institutional prejudices against people of color, including officers of color, have heavily influenced the verdict of this case. The aggressive manner in which the Hennepin County Attorney's Office went after Officer Noor reveals that there were other motives at play other than serving justice."

"SAPA fears the outcome of this case will have a devastating effect on police morale and make the recruitment of minority officers all the more difficult."

I would think that a cop who murdered an unarmed woman being convicted of murder would be cause for celebration and an example of justice being done but it apparently was just more racism.

According to the "Somali-American Police Association", and imagine explaining that to the men who founded Minnesota, this finding of guilt would make it harder to recruit minorities to become cops.

So we should let black cops murder unarmed white women because not being able to murder unarmed white women makes it harder to recruit black cops?

What a shitty message that denigrates all of the black cops who sign up for a a thankless, dangerous job.

Meanwhile, as predictably as the sun rising in the east, the "protests" for "justice" have devolved into wanton rioting, mayhem and looting. It is hard to make the case that you are protesting for justice when it looks mostly like you are just taking advantage of an opportunity to loot and steal and commit acts of violence. I am not going to link to any videos, they are pretty easy to find (there are a bunch here at Zero Hedge), but I can't see how someone can say with a straight face that this looting is about "justice" when you see people loading flat bed carts with big TVs or women casually pushing a cart through a wrecked store grabbing whatever strikes her fancy.

As I have been saying for a while, blacks will circle the wagons around each other even in a case like Mohamed Noor gunning down a woman in her pajamas because they see politics as I have come to see it: a tribal and racial conflict with no place for the runner-up. Stacy Abrams, a possible contender to be Joe Biden's running mate, was right when she said:

"I believe in identity politics. And I believe identity politics are the only politics that win"

(video starts at the relevant point but the entire thing is worth watching

While the killer of Justine Damond saw his community speak out against his guilty verdict while white Minnesotans sat mostly mute and stayed entirely peaceful, Minneapolis is burning because a white cop killed a black man. Stores looted and burned, property destroyed, police vehicles trashed. Burning down the Autozone to strike a blow for "justice"!

The ongoing protests/rioting/looting/general mayhem in Minneapolis over the death of George Floyd aren't really about "justice". Four cops were fired. At least one will face criminal investigation, likely at both the local and Federal level, and the other three probably will face criminal charges as well. The U.S. Department of Justice has declared their investigation to be a "top priority"....

Deadly shooting near George Floyd protest as looting, arson grip Minneapolis

In other words, the DOJ is trying to fend off additional looting and rioting.

What would justice in this case look like? Summarily executing the cops involved in the street?

At least one looter was shot by a pawn shop owner and armed citizens are showing up to help protect businesses. If this continues into the weekend, we could see a lot of people getting hurt. "Protesters" have already been spotted outside of the homes of the cop who was kneeling on George Floyd and the  home of the county prosecutor.

Things are getting out of hand and the cops are reportedly standing down and letting the looting happen.

The thing is, they are getting justice. We just aren't getting peace. In other words, this isn't about justice at all. When a cop oversteps and kills someone and then gets convicted, the gauge of whether it was just or not is entirely based on the race of the cop and the person killed. It doesn't even matter if the cops were justified or not, there are still people invoking Michael Brown as a martyr when it was obvious he was attacking the cop who shot him in justifiable self-defense.

In a few months George Floyd will be mostly forgotten but the stores burned won't be re-opened and things in the black community won't be any better. Likely they will be worse. When career criminal Freddy Grey died in police custody in 2015, the city exploded in riots and the police backed down on enforcement. Freed from the oppressive police brutality, Baltimoreans responded with an unprecedented era of peace and prosperity:

Why would a cop even get out of his car unless someone was shooting at him in a majority black neighborhood? Nothing good is going to come of it and there is a decent chance that you can end up on camera, fired from your job, having your family threatened and perhaps even ending up in jail.

Summertime just got a lot hotter and the next incident of a black guy dying at the hands of a cop, regardless of the circumstances, could tip the whole thing over.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Speaking Of Crying Wolf

Last week I wrote about The Danger Of Crying Wolf. Today we are seeing another example of this playing out.

A black man in Minnesota, George Floyd, was placed under arrest by Minneapolis police. On video it appears that a white police officer is kneeling on the man's neck (I haven't watched the video and don't plan to) for several minutes. The man pleads with the officers, saying he can't breathe. At some point he stops moving but the cop keeps his knee on the man's neck until paramedics arrive. The man ended up dying. Like I said, I didn't watch the video and I have no interest in watching someone slowly being killed on camera. People who I respect have watched it and I have enough testimony to know that there isn't a lot of gray area here. The guy was basically throttled to death.

Was Floyd a criminal? Sounds like it, both from this incident and before. Was he resisting arrest? Probably. Was he drunk and/or high at the time? Maybe. That doesn't change the fact that he was handcuffed and on the pavement with a man's knee on his neck. This has all the appearance of an actual case of police brutality.

The response has been reasonably swift. The incident happened on Monday and by Tuesday four Minneapolis cops were fired. The FBI is being called in to investigate. I would be surprised if at least one of the officers, the guy kneeling on George Floyd's neck, was not indicted on criminal charges.

This is the way it is supposed to work. Something awful happened, the cops were summarily fired (not easy for government union employees), the Feds are investigating and charges are likely forthcoming. Isn't the mantra "No justice, no peace"? We seem to be getting justice, the cops were fired and the justice system will now almost certainly indict them. Are we getting "peace"?


There were violent clashes last night in Minneapolis, including the rather predictable throwing of rocks and bricks, and looting, with the police forced to respond with tear gas. There was damage to police vehicles which is going to bring a forceful response.

Whoever that guy is, he should be easy to identify and arrest.

Meanwhile, the reason the cops got involved in the first place was in response to a call from an employee at a store called Cup Foods where George Floyd was allegedly trying to pass a counterfeit $20. According to the story from the Star Tribune, this has led to the store owner getting death threats.

Cup Foods’ owner, Mike Abumayyaleh, later confirmed that one of his employees had followed store policy by calling police after someone, thought to be Floyd, tried to pay with a counterfeit $20 bill. Abumayyaleh said he’s been receiving death threats since then.

That is the proper policy for someone who is trying to use counterfeit bills. Paying with a counterfeit bill is theft, just as if you stuffed merchandise into a bag and ran from the store. I am guessing a man with the last name of Abumayyaleh is not a white guy and is probably just a business owner trying to make a living and often dealing with crooked people. Because his employee called the cops, something any reasonable person would do, he is getting death threats. Where is the justice and peace for him? Does "justice" mean you let people rip you off, because if it does he will close up his store and then people in that neighborhood will have one less place to buy groceries.

Again, this seems like a pretty blatant case of police brutality but it is already getting lost under the deluge of people rioting and looting, race hustling lawyers like Benjamin Crump sniffing around for a payday and the simple fact that we get the same reaction from the "Black Lives Matter" whenever a black man is killed in a conflict with police, which happens far more than it should thanks in large measure to black men regularly committing crimes far out of proportion to their population.

There are cases of police brutality, lots of them. Many of those cases happen in the black community, partly for the reason that blacks tend to have criminal interactions with the police far more often and they also seem to be less inclined than whites to cooperate peacefully with law enforcement. There is very likely a racial component in some cases, just as there are racial components in many of the violent crimes committed by blacks toward white people.

Cops are people. People come in all kinds, most are average, some are great and others are awful. Not everyone who goes into law enforcement does so with the same motivation, just like in every other profession.

Most people go into youth ministry and teaching because they love children and see it as a way to help them become better people but of course some people go into those fields because it gives them intimate access to young kids.

Most people take jobs at places like the DMV because it pays relatively well and has good benefits, but some people go into those jobs because they are miserable and being a petty functionary affords them the opportunity to make other people miserable.

Most people who go into law enforcement do so with good intentions or because they have a family connection but some people go into law enforcement because it gives them the opportunity to push people around, hurt people and even kill people.

Did the officer kneeling on George Floyd's neck become a cop to hurt people? Is he someone who went into law enforcement for the noblest of reasons but slowly lose any compassion after years of seeing the worst of humanity day in and day out? I don't know. I do know he should at the minimum be considered for criminal prosecution and he shouldn't ever be a cop again but apparently for the "No justice, no peace" crowd, he should be summarily executed without trial because the video made them angry.

Incidents like this one should cause outrage, but not outrage that leads to rioting and looting, but the real outrage should be reserved for real outrageous situations. If you chant "no justice, no peace" when cops shoot a man who is shooting at them, it cheapens the slogan and numbs all of us when real outrages happen.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Those Wacky Libertarians!

The Libertarian Party recently held some sort of virtual national convention and nominated Jo Jorgensen to be their candidate in 2020. Jo styles herself on her webpage as "Dr. Jo Jorgensen" (she has a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology), an affectation I always find pretentious in academics outside of the university setting and one that seems especially common among women.

On many of the issues, she has decent positions. Unlike someone like Bill Weld, the first mannequin to run for Vice-President, Jorgensen has been a libertarian since before I could vote and her position on most issues reflects current libertarian thought. Unfortunately that means that she holds the one position that will make sure that a libertarian form of government never actually happens...

Repealing "arbitrary quotas" on the number of people crossing our borders is suicide for libertarianism. I have covered this at length in other posts, most specifically Open Border Libertarianism Is Self-Defeating but here is the gist of it. The people who would come here if the borders were open would almost universally be opposed to every position Jo claims to champion, from gun rights to a smaller Federal government, other than freeing "persons convicted of non-violent victimless crimes". Our migrants today are not Irish or German. They are mestizo, Asian and African and those groups consistently and overwhelmingly vote for bigger government, against gun rights, for higher taxes on the productive class and less liberty for all of us.

The typical response from libertarians is to argue that just because people live here, it doesn't mean they get to vote but unless we eliminate birthright citizenship the net result is a massive influx of people who are reliably going to vote for far left positions and against liberty.

In fairness to Jo, I do understand the libertarian argument, in theory, for open borders and the free and unrestricted movement of people. The problem is that, as with virtually all standard libertarian positions, when you deal in reality instead of theory, the whole thing falls apart and is exposed as a farce. In a perfect world full of people who share common values and culture and who can always be counted on to act rationally, libertarianism might work. In a very small, ethnically homogeneous nation it might work. In a country with 350,000,000 people who are divided into several large, competing tribes? No way. In other words, her position on de facto open borders is ideologically consistent with her world view, just practically impossible. So I can sort of respect that while at the same time utterly rejecting it.

She seems nice enough, kind of has a matronly, "Tammy From HR" look about her. She speaks passably well but isn't terribly charismatic. She probably would have done well enough to get a Gary Johnson level of support, somewhere around a couple million votes. Not enough to win of course, that isn't on anyone's radar, but maybe enough to make a little splash and siphon enough votes from Trump to give Biden the win via states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. I reject the idea that the libertarian would pull from Biden, people familiar enough with most libertarian thought are far more aligned with the GOP than the Democrats. But then I saw who was going to be her running mate.....

The Libertarian Party nominates their Vice-Presidential candidates separately and directly, unlike the two major parties where it is mostly a selection by the Presidential candidate. Apparently Jo Jorgensen favored John Monds as her running mate. Monds is from Georgia and is one of the very rare black libertarians. He seems pretty solid on his credentials. His wife is a professor and he has been homeschooling their four children, so he looks like a decent, hard working fellow and a ticket of a woman and a black man would maybe attract some attention. Unfortunately the delegates had other ideas and nominated this guy.....

His name is Jeremy Cohen but he calls himself Spike Cohen and his social media presence is a pages long cringe-fest, the ramblings of a dumb ass who desperately wants to be seen as edgy and hilarious but comes across as just flat out stupid. He was partnered up with crackpot Vermin Supreme, a man known for wearing a rubber boot on his head and a platform including the promise of a free pony, and this is what he has on his VP section.

Spike Cohen was born Jeremy Cohen at an extremely young age in 1982.  At the age of 3, Jeremy went to the theater with his family to watch the My Little Pony movie.  After witnessing the heroism and bravery of Spike the purple dragon, he informed his family that Jeremy was in fact dead, and he was now Spike.  This bit of information proved to be a strong indicator of how Spike would conduct himself for the rest of his life.

That is comedic gold right there. When you have to try that hard to be funny, it is a sure sign that you are terribly unfunny. His entry on Wikipedia makes a big deal out of him being Jewish and a former(?) frequent drug user.

In a Presidential race featuring a billionaire former reality TV star alongside Mike Pence, a demented old creepy dude and whichever wahman of colour he chooses to be his running mater, Jeremy/Spike Cohen is the least serious one of the bunch. Facing a collapsing economy, a fiscal disaster on the horizon and rising tribalism, Jo Jorgensen could have made the case as the serious candidate in the race but not with this cringe clown as her running mate. It is not her fault, this is the hand she was dealt. I am sure behind closed doors she is beating her head on a desk, now that she finally becomes the nominee and had the chance to have a serious ticket, she is instead condemned to be a laughing stock thanks to this dipshit as her running mate.

Whatever chance the Libertarian Party had of being taken seriously was dashed when the delegates decided to, for whatever reason, nominate Spike Cohen as their VP candidate. There are plenty of serious people, like John Monds and Austin Petersen but they choose a guy like that? How could any semi-serious adult, recognizing the state of the world and our country in particular, cast a vote in good conscience for that tool?

The libertarian moment in America came and went, first with the platform of pothead Gary Johnson and weirdo Bill Weld and finally with the nomination of a man who lacks sufficient seriousness to be a cashier at a pot shop.

The future will be in the hands of economic populists and nationalists. Sadly it is probably already too late.

Mass Shooting Alert! Memorial Day Weekend Twofer Edition

While Memorial Day weekend saw just a crapton of shootings in general, there were at least two mass shootings that I came across and both were in unusual locations.

The first came in Daytona, Florida.

Authorities ‘slammed’ in Daytona Beach during Memorial Day weekend with shooting, massive crowds

Six people were wounded Saturday in a Daytona Beach shooting as massive crowds gathered during Memorial Day weekend.

Daytona Police Chief Craig Capri said Sunday at a news conference that two people were shot around 7:30 p.m. on South Ocean Avenue near Breakers Oceanfront Park. Police later discovered four people were hit by shrapnel during the shooting. None of the injuries are life-threatening, he said.

Capri said the victims are not cooperating with the investigation and police have not arrested any suspects.

I am not sure what they mean by "shrapnel" as that might indicate they were hit by bullet fragments or by debris from a ricochet or even something unrelated to the actual shooting but I am still going to count it. Videos from the crowds seemed to indicate a common factor in the beach-goers including some genius throwing cash from his car to the crowd.

The second mass shooting happened in Myrtle Beach. As I mentioned in the prior post, Myrtle Beach had several shootings over Memorial Day weekend but one had four people wounded and in an unusual twist, six people were arrested in connection with the mass shooting.

Six arrested in early Sunday morning shooting on Ocean Blvd.

Sequion Johnson, 18, of Lumberton was charged with four counts of attempted murder, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and unlawful carrying of a pistol.

Darriante Tymaine Marriscell Parker, 19, of Lumberton, was charged with obstruction of Justice and unlawful carrying of a Pistol.

Sincere Joshiano Johnson, 21, of Lumberton; Kwashek Breeden, 20, of Lumberton; Ty’reck Demonte Hill, 20, of Lumberton, and Yakemiean Johnson, 20, of Lumberton, were all charged with Obstruction of Justice.

Here are some choice mugshots of the alleged mass shooters and their buddies.

More mass shootings from gangsters and thugs, likely to receive no attention from the media.

Busy Weekend In Urban Shooting News

As expected, the warmer weather combined with a long weekend led to the usual results. From Chicago...

Chicago’s deadliest Memorial Day weekend since 2015: 10 shot dead, 38 wounded

Ten people died and 38 others were wounded in weekend shootings in Chicago — the deadliest Memorial Day weekend since 2015, when 12 people were killed.

Despite the state’s stay-at-home order, the weekend’s death toll has already surpassed last year’s holiday weekend, when seven people were killed and 34 were injured during the period from 5 p.m. Friday through 5 a.m. Tuesday.

48 shot during a long weekend but the prior weekend saw 38 shot (six fatally). It is looking like a hot summer for Chicago again in 2020.

Also in Baltimore....

‘These are not random’: 9 dead, 5 injured amid Memorial Day weekend violence in Baltimore

Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison sought to reassure residents at the end of a holiday weekend that left nine dead and five others injured, even as city residents remain ordered to stay at home because of the coronavirus.

In a news conference Monday afternoon, Harrison called the level of violence “incomprehensible and unconscionable,” but noted two of the shootings had occurred inside residences, suggesting that the victims knew the perpetrators.

“These are not random. We know for a fact that these are not random,” Harrison said of the incidents while speaking at the department’s Northern District. In several instances, victims had been carrying handguns; a few of the dead had been previously convicted of crimes like attempted murder. “Some of this was retaliatory violence," he said.

Better marksmanship in Baltimore. This morning another man was fatally shot in Baltimore, it was at 1:30 AM so I am not sure if that counts as a Memorial Day weekend shooting or not. St. Louis made a solid showing.....

19 shot, 4 killed in St. Louis during violent Memorial Day weekend

St. Louis police are investigating a string of shootings that left 19 people shot and four dead.

There have been at least 63 homicides in St. Louis City this year. That’s close to the same total as this time last year, despite the coronavirus outbreak.

The shootings happened just hours apart across the city.

St. Louis is quietly one of the most violent cities per capita in America but doesn't get the same attention as places like Chicago thanks to Chicago's sheer numerical superiority. Cleveland, the Mistake On The Lake, had their share of shootings plus a rash of stabbings.....

Violent Memorial Day weekend: 7 shootings, 3 stabbings reported in Cleveland in just over 24-hour period

Memphis is also an underrated city for killings per capita.

At least five dead after Memorial Day weekend shootings, others injured

A rash of shootings over Memorial Day weekend left at least five people dead and multiple others injured, according to the Memphis Police Department.

Not even sure how many were shot, they only counted the dead.

There was a mass shooting in Daytona, but that will get it's own post. Even Myrtle Beach had some "out of town gang related" shootings.

‘People are acting like animals’: Tourists react to recent Myrtle Beach shootings

Recent shootings along Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach are causing some tourists to rethink whether they’ll visit the city in the future.

The three shootings, all of which authorities have confirmed were gang related, have caused concerns to rise for tourists.

The "acting like animals" quote comes from these three ladies from Virginia....

Uh oh, that sounds vaguely racist. One of the three shootings led to four people wounded, so that is another mass shooting and will be included in the Daytona post. My hometown of Toledo, Ohio had a bunch of shootings including six people shot in a 24 hour span.

Toledo police investigate multiple overnight shootings 

With the weather warming up and society beginning to open up again, Toledo police anticipated certain violent crimes might start to increase. But six people shot in four separate shootings in one night is still more than usual.

From late Sunday night into early Monday morning, police responded to four separate shootings across Toledo. Six people were shot and treated at local hospitals, and police believe that none of the wounds reported are life-threatening, Toledo Police Sgt. Brian Smith said Monday.

Toledo is having all sorts of problems with large gatherings, which often result in shootings if the demographic mix is right. A bunch of people were arrested on Monday at a large gathering in Toledo.

Nine charged for disorderly gathering in Swayne Field parking lot 

Approximately 700 people, along with 300 to 500 vehicles were loitering, trespassing, and causing a disorder, police said. Police received several 911 calls of people fighting, individuals with guns and some of them shooting guns, court records show. Several vehicles also blocked the street.

Here are the 9 who were arrested....

Alanda Y. Coachman, 30, of the 5500 block of Lewis Avenue; Ashley M. Gray, 32, of the 900 block of Keill Road; Nina Madrid, 33, of the 1800 block of Norwood Avenue; Jastassia J. James, 35, of the 1200 block of Hiddenwood Court; Darryl Robinson, 21, of the 2200 block of Whitney Avenue; Rashad D. Smith, 25, of the 1300 block of E. Manhattan Boulevard; Robin L. Robinson Jr., 28, of the 2200 block of Whitney Street; Lakesha L. Jones, 39, of the 1200 block of Fernwood Avenue; and Andre Jones, 35, of the 1200 block of Fernwood Avenue, are each charged with a first-degree misdemeanor offense of riot near Monroe Street and Detroit Avenue.

The gal on the bottom, second from the right, has an awfully friendly face. 700 people at the gathering. Clearly the high rates of coronavirus among blacks are the result of racism.

It is a little harder to get good numbers on other cities. The Detroit papers have lots of individual stories but I didn't see a comprehensive listing of the shootings in Motown over the weekend. But generally speaking, urban/gang/teen gun violence isn't really taking a holiday.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Honor Those Who Have Fallen By Creating Fewer People To Honor In The Future

It is Memorial Day 2020 and we haven't had a Memorial Day quite like this one in my lifetime. Nevertheless, my message today is the same as it is every Memorial Day. If we truly want to honor those who have given their lives, we ought to pursue policies that lead to fewer people to memorialize in the future. Americans have sacrificed too many of our young men fighting in wars that were none of our business, stretching back to the War of 1812. Let others fight their own wars. We have too many young men cut down in their prime to remember today as it is.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Mass Shooting Alert! Long Weekend In The Windy City Edition

This is the first long weekend of the year with nice weather, with temperatures in the 80s across the Midwest including Chicago. In the Windy City, suns out means guns out and we aren't talking about biceps.

1 killed, 3 wounded in Lawndale shooting

Four people were shot, one of them fatally, Saturday in Lawndale.

About 6:25 p.m., the group was outside a home in the 3900 block of West Grenshaw Street when someone in a vehicle pulled up and opened fire, Chicago police said.

Lawndale is a neighborhood on the West side of Chicago. According to wikipedia, in 2001 a survey indicated that "70% of men aged 18–45 residing in North Lawndale had criminal records" and I am sure it isn't any better now.

Four people barely qualifies as a mass shooting but it does qualify. With two more warm days in the long weekend, the odds are good there will be more mass shooting candidates before the holiday weekend is over.

More On The State Of American Conservatism

It isn't really news that America's "conservative" political wing is mostly impotent and only concerned with conserving a handful of cushy gigs for men who write the same columns over and over again. American conservatism (assume the scare quotes for the remainder of the essay) has rightly been likened to a mirror of American liberalism. Wherever the Left goes, the "Right" will shift to stay in technical opposition but not too far away to be considered dangerously radical. It doesn't function to provide an actual principled political movement but rather serves only as controlled and tame opposition to the worst excesses of the Left. This is a topic I have discussed before, for example Open Borders, Sodomy and Israel: American Conservatism In 2019 where I wonder how conservative a movement can be when it embraces degenerates like Chad Felix Greene and Rob Smith. They can call themselves conservative and no one is allowed to question it.

That was last year and if anything is true about America's political scene right now, it is that things are moving at breakneck speed. What is conservative is changing as rapidly as it has in my lifetime and in certain circles conservatism is hard to distinguish from liberalism other than being in favor of tax cuts and more obsequiousness toward Israel.

There have always been dissenting voices in American conservatism. The paleo-conservative movement, epitomized by Pat Buchanan, was once a significant force before being vanquished by the neo-conservatives and banished into outer darkness. The flagship publication of the paleo-cons, Chronicles, is still around but has a fraction of the readership of outfits like National Review. Today most of the dissent is in the Dissident Right, a very broad umbrella term that covers a lot of different people, many who dislike one another. But back in 2002 a new magazine launched that promised to be a different voice in conservatism, most notably for being opposed to the endless wars championed by the neocons. The magazine carried the somewhat pretentious name The American Conservative (TAC) and was founded by Pat Buchanan, Taki Theodoracopulos and Scott McConnell. It was later published by rogue Ron Unz for a few years. TAC was often smart and contrary, and still to this day publishes columns from Pat Buchanan who was run out of polite and respectable conservatism years ago.

But a few years ago, TAC began to change. Rod Dreher became the most prolific writer on the website, often with all five of the "trending" articles under his name. The other writers received far less attention. For most of 2016, TAC seemed to be little other than a vehicle for Dreher to push his upcoming book, the wildly overrated and generally ridiculous The Benedict Option (see my review here). No matter the topic Dreher was writing on, he always managed to circle back to The Benedict Option. I used to read TAC daily and often read multiple articles per day but I haven't really read much from TAC for years. Dreher comes across more and more as being both mincing and timid as well as pretentious. He sometimes will walk awfully close to the line of Wrong Think but always backs off at the last moment, knowing the limits of where he can walk without getting cast out. Even his current avatar at TAC's website is effeminate and off-putting. I know he is married and a devout Orthodox Christian but that little drawing makes him look like a fairy.

The trajectory of the magazine seems to be less and less conservative by the day, although I still had TAC in my blogroll until today and try to always click on Pat Buchanan's essays. Then this came along:

If you are unfamiliar with Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita, and I haven't read the book, the story details the "affair" between an adult man, "Humbert Humbert", and a 12 year old girl named Dolores that he nicknamed Lolita. She is the daughter of a woman named Charlotte who has a room to rent. When checking out the room, Humbert sees Lolita and is smitten, moving in and eventually marrying Lolita's mother to be close to her. When Charlotte dies in a accident, Humbert takes Lolita on a road trip and engages in a sexual relationship with her. Remember again that in the book Lolita is 12 and stands 4'10". It was later adapted into a couple of films, including a more recent version with veteran actors Jeremy Irons and Melanie Griffith.

Real family values stuff, right?

It is frequent meme fodder that conservatives are constantly publishing "The Conservative Case For X" where X is gay marriage, transgenderism or some other deviancy. Now we have "The Conservative Case For Hebephilia".

Lolita might be a great work of fiction, like I said I haven't read it, but at the best it is a dark exploration of a man tortured by an obsession with young girls. That might be an interesting topic but just because the object of his obsession and his sexual abuse ends up pregnant later in the book (dying in childbirth) that doesn't make it "pro-family". I read the whole piece by Leonora Cravotta and for the life of me I can't find anything "pro-family" in her entire fawning essay, and fawning is the right word. She ends her homage to Lolita with this paragraph:

Not surprisingly, Nabokov has commented that he had repeatedly thought of “burning Humbert Humbert’s little black diary.” The canon of 20th century American literature is embarrassingly richer for his having changed his mind. As Nabokov once said of his infamous nymphet, “I find Lolita to be a delightful presence now that it quietly hangs about the house like a summer day which one knows to be bright behind the haze.” And six decades later, we, his gentle readers, are still basking in its sunlight.

Basking in the sunlight of a story about grooming a young girl, sexually abusing her, and committing murder? That is some interesting sunlight she is basking in.

Surprisingly such a controversial essay only generated a handful of comments. While Rod Dreher's recent essays generated hundreds of comments, only 9 appear on this review of Lolita even though it still is at the top of TACs website more than a day later. Perhaps some of that has to do with the sudden censorship by the TAC moderators. I was going to comment on Cravotta's essay only to find that the dissenters at TAC don't like dissent all that much.

Oops, I guess my past comments strayed too far from what is considered "conservative" these days. Glowing reviews of books about child abuse? Conservative. Questioning the rejection of human biodiversity? Not conservative. I half wonder if my ban was because of being racially insensitive or for complaining about Dreher's incessant shilling for his book. Regardless, I have seen this sort of ban-hammer at places like TAC and back in the day at The Gospel Coalition (lots of people were banned by TGC). What they all have in common is that they are run by people who are very careful to color inside of the lines, and when the Left moves those lines, they obediently keep coloring in the newly formed lines. Take a website like former TAC publisher Ron Unz's which has been completely banned by Facebook. There is some crazy, wacky stuff over there. 9/11 trutherism, questioning the Holocaust, all sorts of stuff and the comment section is the Wild West. But it is honest debate and discussion. Topics for publication and for comments are not censored and as a result it is a far more interesting and thought-provoking forum. The American Conservative? The worst thing I can say about it is that it is safe and boring. They publish safe and boring people taking safe and boring positions all the while pretending to be some bold dissenters.

On the issues that really matter the most, TAC is hardly distinguishable from National Review or even little Billie Kristol's new endeavor, The Bulwark.

I say this all the time but I am saying it again. The greatest impediment to a real Right-wing resurgence in American politics is not AOC and Ilhan Omar, nor George Soros, or even the leftist media. The greatest impediment we face are the gate-keeping cucks who pretend to be conservatives and right-wing but are just holding the line of respectability dictated to them by the Left. Little wonder TAC darling Rod Dreher preached withdrawing from the culture in The Benedict Option. He and his fellow TAC writers are cowards afraid to jeopardize their hustle.

A pox on The American Conservative and all the gatekeepers who censor real right-wing conversation.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Maybe Apartheid Wasn't That Bad After All?

At least when de Klerk was in charge people didn't line up for miles upon miles for food.

The Great Unraveling

This rather disturbing but highly educational video was linked from American Partisan the other day and I can't stop thinking about the implications it contains. The video deals with white mercenaries fighting in the "Congo Crisis" in the 1960s, specifically in Stanleyville in 1964. Warning, the video contains disturbing imagery, including a bunch of corpses and people being shot and killed on camera. Don't watch at work or around children.

After what was by all accounts a brutal colonial period under Belgium, first under King Leopold II as his personal fiefdom and then under Belgian government, the Congo was granted independence in 1960 and pretty much immediately devolved into a series of civil wars, made worse by Cold War proxy conflicts between the Soviets and the U.S.. Experienced mercenaries were employed in the war, leading to the era of glamorizing mercenaries that lasted into the 80s. I remember reading Solider Of Fortune magazine, it seemed very heroic and exciting. In the real world it was brutal and ugly. 1960 was only 15 years removed from World War II, so there were plenty of professional soldiers around.

After almost a century of colonial rule, the native Congolese were set loose and the violence was incredible. It was not just the killing but the rape, torture, mutilation and even cannibalism. Early Presidents were either deposed by force or assassinated. 60 years after the Congolese were given their independence, things are not much better. Violence is still rampant, especially sexual violence against women and children, earning the Congo the dubious distinction of being known as the rape capital of the world. They seem to have a regular outbreak of diseases like Ebola that they rationally respond to by attacking the white doctors who come to try to save their lives. The nation is 100 million people living in a state of constant civil war, disease, violence and ignorance. Meanwhile the Congo is slowly being re-colonized by China, the largest purchaser of the Congo's ample natural resources.

Like many former colonies, it is questionable whether life is better now that they are independent.

The big question this short video raised for me is more ominous: what happens when white heritage Americans become a minority in our own country?

There is no historical, reasonably contemporary precedent I can think of where an advanced civilization slowly is subsumed by people who had no hand in creating that civilization and who furthermore have been fed a steady diet of racial hatred toward the very people who welcomed them and allowed them to benefit from their work. Hatred in this case is not too strong of a term.

The people who come here from places like El Salvador and Somalia are not essentially the equivalent of people who came here from Ireland and Italy. While the Irish, Italians and Slavs faced discrimination and a century of struggle to integrate into America, owing to lingering prejudices from Europe and the aftermath of centuries of religious wars between Catholics and Protestants, they were still European, white and from nominally Christian cultures. They had hope and wanted to become American, embracing the language and culture and especially The American Dream. By the latter third of the 20th century, probably as a result of shared suffering in World War II and the affluence of America in the post-war years, the newer European immigrants were completely assimilated into the fabric of America.

The new immigrants seem to have a perpetual chip on their shoulders. Someone like Ilhan Omar hates everything about America and especially the non-immigrant American people, even though her family fled from a country full of Somalians to come to a country full of white people. Or Therese Patricia Okoumou, the Congolese woman who climbed on the Statue Of Liberty to protest the government of the country that gave her shelter from the shithole she fled from.

When the majority becomes a minority and civil society inevitably starts to come apart as a result of fiscal collapse and tribalism, the violence we saw in places like the Congo and even today in South Africa are going to pale in comparison to what will happen here. Even with a fairly functional law enforcement system, the tribal violence is growing worse and in spite of media efforts to hide what is happening, the careful observer sees it all around us in elderly white people executed by a black man or a black man pummeling an old white man in a nursing home or a black kid punching a white man at the fair, killing him, and getting juvie.

There are few limits to human depravity and brutality absent a Western moral and legal system. Without Western people to sustain that society, it will collapse and the darkest aspects of humanity will flourish.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Just when you thought the Ahmaud Arbery case couldn't get more absurd

The out of control, political hacks with badges and guns known as the Georgia Bureau Of Investigation have arrested William "Roddie" Bryan Jr. and charged him with felony murder.

Who is William "Roddie" Bryan Jr.? Another gunman?

Nope, he is the guy who was recording the infamous video from his truck who never got out of his vehicle and had no contact with Arbery.

Ahmaud Arbery case: Georgia man who recorded deadly shooting arrested on charges including felony murder

He was videotaping what happened and he is being charged with felony murder.

Felony murder.

The GBI is completely out of control on this. The notion of charging a man for felony murder for the act of driving down the road and videotaping an incident is so ridiculous that any serious person should assume it is a joke made in poor taste. But it isn't.

Any shred of doubt that this farce is not and never has been about "justice" should be dispelled by the latest news.

An Ominous Court Case

This probably won't become the law of the land, at least not yet, but it is a harbinger of things to come.

Pa. High Court Weighs Liability for Doctors Whose Patient Carried Out Mass Shooting

The justices have the opportunity to address whether doctors can be held liable under the Mental Health Procedures Act if they begin but fail to complete the process of involuntary commitment when they recognize their patient is "severely mentally ill and a clear and present danger to others."

In 2012 a man named John Schick shot six people, one fatally, at the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic in Pittsburgh. He had previously sought care with a psychiatric practice and from all accounts they guy was deeply disturbed. The doctors had discussed involuntary commitment and taken some initial steps apparently but never followed through. One of the individuals wounded in the shooting, the plaintiff in the lawsuit, Kathryn Leight is suing the doctors under the "Mental Health Procedures Act". The suit alleges the doctors were negligent because Schick presented a clear and present danger to others and should have been committed prior to the shooting.

Involuntarily committing people used to be reasonably common but now it is a pretty major step. It didn't help that according to a story about the shooting from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Schick was taking a ton of different medications...

Covering a table in the mostly orderly apartment were at least 43 prescription medications to fight ailments such as depression, anxiety, migraines, seizures, chronic kidney disease, impotence, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, intestinal worms, gastric reflux, ulcers, gallbladder trouble, irritable bowel syndrome and chronic pancreatitis. There were caffeine pills, sedatives, hypothyroid drugs, narcotic painkillers and drugs to treat Hodgkin's disease. Sources said many of the pills were self-prescribed from online pharmacies overseas.

No wonder he was loony.

The precedent this would set is alarming, dangerous and counter-productive.

If a doctor can be sued or perhaps even lose their medical license if they suspect but fail to sufficiently act when they have reason to believe a patient should be involuntarily committed, based on crimes that patient commits later, what does that do to the patient-doctor relationship?

First and foremost it means that people who might be struggling with any sort of mental illness, no matter how mild or severe, are not going to seek medical attention. Red flag laws are already resulting in people shying away from mental health counseling, stuff like this will just make it worse.

Does it help or harm the general public health to have people avoiding mental health care for fear that being depressed or anxious and also owning guns might lead to involuntary commitment or getting "red flagged"? Granted, I have zero respect for the "mental health professionals" in this country, in fact I am quite convinced most of them are at least as mentally ill as the average patient. Also pertinent, many of the medications they prescribe to patients seem to make those patients worse. As I have pointed out before, some of the most common "antidepressant" medications are commonly linked to mass shooters. Still, if you are someone who thinks that psychiatrists and psychologists are helping people, do you want to make it less likely that someone needing help will see them?

Second, it will make these mental health physicians more likely to recommend someone be committed, even if they might not normally, if they are afraid they will get sued if that patient later commits a crime. Mental health is far from an exact science but if my choice is tossing someone in the loony bin or potentially facing a massive lawsuit later on, you can bet the average psychiatrist is going to lean toward involuntary commitment.

There are plenty of people who should be involuntarily committed, starting with men wearing women's clothing or anyone who tries to engage in "gender reassignment" for a child but it is a slippery slope.

It is also worth noting that the entire medical profession is trending more liberal. My father is a retired physician in his 80s, so I knew a fair number of doctors when I was growing up and they tended to be pretty conservative in general. Medical students today tend to be a) more female, b) more likely to be from a foreign country without a culture of gun ownership and c) have spent their undergrad and med school years being indoctrinated with cultural Marxist thought. Medical schools are selecting new students using a lot of PC nonsense instead of just academic ability. Having lots of non-white/Asian students is great, and sexual deviants are even better. Regular high achieving, hard working, exceptionally intelligent middle class white kids? No one wants those.

I doubt this lawsuit will succeed but it shows where we are headed. When Trump leaves office, expect a flood of far left judges to fill vacant Federal court seats. Also expect to see additional seats added to the Supreme Court, with the new "vacancies" filled by far left activist judges. Gun rights are going to be the primary target of the new court system, precedent be damned. By the end of 2020s, the Second Amendment will be effectively nullified. We won't be able to buy ammo online, or pay for firearms with credit cards or most payment processors. Guns won't be shipped via the normal carriers like UPS and FedEx for fear of lawsuits. The firearms industry in the U.S. will be bankrupted and shut down by lawsuits.

This is coming and there is no way to stop it. Delay it, yes, but stop it, no. Trump has stirred things up and delayed the inevitable but the inevitable is still coming. You need to manage your expectations and prepare for this future right now, not when it is too late, and your planning for a time when you can't replenish your firearms and ammo supply needs at least as much attention as your 401k.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Danger Of Crying Wolf

Most of us know the story of the boy who cried wolf and the lesson it carries, a lesson that is as valid today as it ever was. "Crying wolf" is sounding the alarm over something that didn't happen and doing this over and over leads to people ignoring you when you have a legitimate concern.

When you constantly cry wolf, people soon stop paying attention. This has happened with the endless complaints of "unjust" police shootings of black men. While there certainly are unjustified shootings of black men by police, the vast majority are legitimate shootings. If you shoot at a cop, or come at a cop with a knife or point a gun at a cop, you are going to get shot. Period. (The same is true of attacking an armed citizen.) Treating those legitimate shootings as if they are cops "gunning down" black men means that most normal people stop listening. It just become background noise. Yet we still have black community activists and clergy acting as if every shooting of a black man is tantamount to shooting an unarmed black guy just strolling down the street. When an actual unjust shooting happens, it doesn't get the attention it deserves because most people are just overloaded on the outrage.

This case is a perfect example. The Louisville Metro Police Department executed a "no-knock" raid on the home of Kenneth Walker, who was home sleeping with his girlfriend Breonna Taylor. The police went into his house well after midnight on March 13th, a Friday morning. Like most normal people, they were asleep at that hour. While police say they announced themselves, several neighbors dispute this. In this case the cops were not wearing body cameras:

The Criminal Interdiction Division, which investigates "violent street gangs, armed career criminals as well as criminal enterprises involving gang members," is not issued body-worn cameras, and so LMPD does not have video footage of the incident.

Help me out here. The division that is probably most likely to engage in violent encounters with gangs are not issued cameras? If any cops in Louisville are likely to need video evidence, it would be this group and yet strangely they are not issued cameras.

Imagine this scenario. You are sound asleep in your home. You are a registered gun owner so you obviously aren't a criminal. Someone tries breaking into your home, so you call 911 and get your firearm to defend yourself. You see armed men in the dark with no way to identify that they are cops, and fearing for your life you shoot at them, hitting one in the leg. They return fire and strike your girlfriend 8 times, even though she wasn't shooting at the cops. Nice fire control fellas. Then you get arrested.

Just because someone is a cop, it doesn't mean they can kick down your door under dubious pretenses without clearly announcing themselves. There are a number of incidents where criminals claimed to be cops and kicked down a door, and then proceeded to rob the inhabitants. Someone yelling "Police!", and that didn't even happen in this case, is not sufficient reason to not protect yourself.

The practice of middle of the night no-knock raids has exploded along with the use of SWAT and other special tactics teams like the "Criminal Interdiction Unit". These sorts of raids significantly increase the chance of someone getting shot. If you kick in my door in the middle of the night when it is pitch black and I can't see you, you better believe I will be prepared to defend myself.

This should be an opportunity for a serious discussion of the use of no-knock raids when alternatives exist. Unfortunately the same people who constantly cry wolf are now trying to conflate this shooting with another high profile case. Brian Crump is an attoney apparently representing the family of Breonna Taylor and/or Kenneth Walker. I am not sure which but he is involved as a more or less official spokesperson quoted extensively in the Reason article I linked above. This is what he has on his Twitter page:

That is incredibly unhelpful and counter-productive. By conflating one shooting by police that seems completely without justification with the shooting of a career criminal, fleeing from a construction site where he was trespassing before he attacked an armed man, it makes the death of Breonna Taylor into just another race hustle by a lawyer looking for an easy payday from a civil rights suit. Breonna Taylor deserves better than to be a pawn for Benjamin Crump to get paid. No one with half a brain is buying the "he wuz jus' joggin'" narrative but Crump dishonestly keeps repeating it, which in turn cast doubts on the sincerity of the story of Breonna Taylor.

U.S. Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul came out and declared that no-knock raids should be forbidden. Senator Paul is widely respected among people across the political spectrum, except for warmongering neocons and the far left who are eager for political violence. The killing of Breonna Taylor should be an opportunity for a bi-partisan conversation about a flawed and dangerous practice. Instead it is just another incident in the clamor of "Black Lives Matter" activists chasing a payday. I doubt Benjamin Crump cares about Breonna Taylor getting murdered but he does care about a hefty settlement check of which he will get the lion's share.

The greatest impediment to seeing justice and real change in the black community are not "white supremacists" or "systemic racism" or "police brutality". Their greatest impediment are the hustlers and grifters monetizing the misery in their own community.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Mass Shooting Alert! Back To Bakersfield Edition

It has been a busy 2020 for Bakersfield, California as they record their second mass shooting in a month, despite stringent social distancing orders. As you may recall, six people were shot at a "large party" in Bakersfield last month. The only lead was that it was four black males in a white car. I am guessing no arrests have been made.

Now a month later, another mass shooting:

Five teens injured inside an East Bakersfield apartment mass shooting

The Bakersfield Police Department is investigating a mass shooting that left five teenagers injured in East Bakersfield overnight.

Around 12:30 a.m. Monday morning police responded to the Santa Rosa Apartment complex, located on West Columbus Street, for reports of a shooting.

When officers arrived they found two 18-year-old men, two 17-year-old girls and one 17-year-old boy were shot.

Not the children! We have a solid description:

The suspect is described as a black male adult wearing dark clothing, according to BPD.

That should narrow it down. There are around 350,000 people in Bakersfield and 8% are black so that works out to 28,000 black people. Half are male so that is 14,000 but the suspect was an adult, so let's call it 10,000 adult black men in Bakersfield. I doubt many of them have dark clothing so I am sure the police will make an arrest in no time.

What is up with Bakersfield?

Swift, Severe, And Certain? None Of The Above

As part of my Political Science major in college, I took a Poli Sci elective on criminal justice. I don't remember much of the class, or any other classes I took, but I do remember a concept we talked about regarding deterrence. In order for the criminal justice system to deter crime, the punishment for crime has to be swift, severe and certain. Swift in that criminals are apprehended quickly, tried in a reasonable amount of time and punishment is timely. Punishment has to be severe enough to offset the rewards of crime so that the perceived benefit of committing a crime is outweighed by the severity of the punishment. And of course punishment must be certain. Bank robbery is a good example. Those guys always get caught, mostly because only idiots rob banks today and therefore bank robbery is relatively rare.

While the focus in contemporary criminal justice conversations is usually on "rehabilitation" for prisoners, a meaningless term, most people understand that going to prison is a punishment. You broke the law, you go to jail and it is supposed to suck. Cuz you are getting punished. Back in the day, criminals would be sentenced to hard labor, working in chain gangs building roads or digging ditches, agricultural work or just breaking rocks.

Hanging around, watching TV and lifting weights isn't hard labor. Breaking rocks outside all day is hard labor. You want to steal a car? How badly do you want the money and is it worth 5 years of digging ditches? Today we are letting sex offenders out of jail for fear they might catch the Chinese coronavirus. Can't have prisoners getting sick!

Our justice system today is none of the above, not swift, not severe and definitely not certain.

A recent case in point.

In September of 2019, a 59 year old white man, John Weed, was at the Great Frederick Fair with his family. A 59 year old man is approaching retirement age and by all accounts he was just enjoying this time and minding his own business.

Two teen-aged brothers began to harass the man, demanding he give them money. There is no apparent connection or relationship between these two teens and Mr. Weed. That is when things went wrong.

On the evening of September 20, 2019, authorities say John Weed, 59, of Mt. Airy was enjoying a night with his family when two teen brothers approached him asking for money.

Despite Weed saying no, and family members pleading for the youth to leave him alone, the teens allegedly persisted.

Weed started walking away after one of the teens hit him twice; that's when the other came running from a distance and sucker-punched Weed so hard that he lost consciousness almost immediately, according to investigators.

Weed never regained consciousness and succumbed to his injuries the next day at Shock Trauma in Baltimore.

The story made national news because it was apparently over a dollar. The teens were arrested fairly quickly although their names were never released because they are juveniles, but one was caught on camera at the time being arrested.

John Weed didn't want any trouble and was trying to walk away, even after being struck twice, when the 15 year old brother ran up and sucker punched him, leading to his death.

Remember, just because someone is "unarmed", it doesn't make them "not dangerous". You can see from the picture that the teen being arrested is adult sized and punching someone in the head can often be lethal. When I was 15/16, I was fairly small but I was also very strong thanks to being a wrestler and lifting weights. Juiced up on teen testosterone, given a clean shot at someone not expecting the hit, I imagine I could have killed someone. Of course I never sucker punched and killed anyone, because I was raised better and I wasn't an animal.

The 16 year old that punched Mr. Weed twice is being charged as a juvenile with two counts of assault, and that kind of makes some sense even if I disagree, but the 15 year old who murdered John Weed was also prosecuted in the juvenile system. Uh, he killed a man in an unprovoked, aggressive attack. He didn't kill him in a fight, he sucker punched him.

Last month the teen plead guilty to manslaughter and was just sentenced. Emphasis in red mine.

A teen accused of punching a man so hard last year at the Great Frederick Fair that the man later died from his injuries has been sentenced to a long-term juvenile behavioral modification program.

The 15-year-old juvenile pled guilty to manslaughter in April.

State prosecutors wanted the youth to be tried as an adult, but after a lengthy hearing process, the courts determined it would be best to keep the teen in the juvenile system.

In the juvenile system, this is the best we can do for the family," said State Attorney Charlie Smith. "It’s also what is right at this time for the offender given his status as a juvenile. Nothing will bring back their loved one, but I hope that they can begin to heal a little more now that this part is behind them."

A "long-term juvenile behavioral modification program"? So basically he goes to juvie with other young offenders who stole a car or something like that, but he killed a man. This is the best we can do for the family? A 15 year old assigned to juvie where he can hone his skills as a criminal and will probably be cock of the walk because he killed some old white guy, so he gets out in 3 years when he turns 18?

How the hell is that justice? 

Some asshole teen thug tries to force a man minding his own business to give him money and then his brother punches him when John Weed refuses and then when Mr. Weed, who is an adult and outnumbered by much younger and probably larger brothers, tries to disengage and walk away, the punk sucker punches him and kills him.

What is this punk asshole going to be like after a few years of juvie when he is back on the streets? How long until he kills someone else?

Killing someone in a fight is one thing, that is probably manslaughter, but this wasn't a fight, it was an attack and a man is dead because some kid thinks he is a tough guy and he gets off on hurting people who can't or won't fight back. News reports indicate that this may have been part of the infamous "knockout game" favored by urban youths and that while Mr. Weed was on the ground unconscious and dying, one of the "youths" spit on him.

Sending a killer to juvenile detention, a "long-term juvenile behavioral modification program" which sounds like some bullshit program where a scrawny white soyboy with a social work degree and a ponytail, tries to get the teen killer to explore his feelings, is barely a slap on the wrist. What sort of deterrent does this present? Punch a man in the head and kill him, and you get a couple of years of free room and board, if you get caught. Do you think this kid is remorseful or do you think he finds this a joke that increases his street cred? I am sure his mama cried and wailed about her baby but she probably doesn't give a shit about John Weed, lying on the concrete dying in front of his family while some punk bitch spits on him.

This is why people carry firearms. A 59 year old man out with his family, unarmed, is easy prey for a couple of teens. Of course, if the teens had been attacking him and he had pulled a gun on them, even if he didn't shoot, the news would be all over it. "Angry white man threatens young black children with gun!" would be the headline but as we see, "unarmed teens" are potentially deadly.

Justice is not a couple of years in juvie for this thug and then he walks free to commit crimes until he gets arrested again or some other black guy shoots him. Justice is 25 years in an adult prison where he can find out just how tough he is against men who would be happy to fight back, or better yet a public execution. Hang this 15 year old in public and maybe the next time some teen thinks about punching a defenseless person in the head, they will remember what happened and decide a short drop at the end of a rope isn't worth getting off on attacking a defenseless man.

Without an effective deterrent in the criminal justice system, criminals are emboldened. Couple that with a "justice" system that has a different standard for some races when defending themselves against people of other races and you have a society where normal people are going to have to choose between being armed to protect themselves with all of the potential pitfalls that brings or people who are just wandering around waiting to be victims. The only other option is to slowly cede our cities to animals, with regular decent Americans of all races forced to hide in their homes for fear of feral youths prowling the streets.

I wish we had the names of these brothers because I can pretty much guarantee we will be hearing from them in the legal system again very soon.