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When Teen Shenanigans Go Sideways

Oh those crazy “teens”, always up to good-natured mischief! Three of them were just having some fun in Philadelphia when some lunatic shot them on a bus. Clearly an injustice has occured!

Man with concealed carry permit shoots 3 teens on SEPTA bus in Northeast Philadelphia

It is noteworthy that the man had a concealed carry permit as it is extraordinarily rare for a legal concealed carrying individual to be involved in a sketchy shooting. However, I am reading between the lines here and I am going to go on a limb and say this guy won’t be charged.

Police said a man is claiming self-defense after shooting three teens while riding on a SEPTA bus in Northeast Philadelphia Thursday.

Investigators said the three teenagers were in a physical altercation with the shooter while riding on the Route 58 SEPTA bus around 1 a.m.

The bus came to a stop on Bustleton Avenue at St. Vincent Street, which isn’t far from Roosevelt Mall.

Police are still working to determine what led to the altercation and shooting. Investigators said the three teens approached a 24-year-old man who was sitting in the back of the bus. For some reason, they got into a physical altercation, and during that time police said the man ended up shooting each of the teens.

Three teens. A 17 year old, a 16 year old and a 15 year old. All ended up shot. All were on a bus, going after and apparently instigating a fight with  24 year old guy. At 1 AM on a weeknight. How do they stay out so late and still make it to their jobs as nuclear physicists the next day?! The three of them approached a lone man sitting in the back, probably minding his own business, and for “some reason” a fight started. 
Reports are that the shooter turned his firearm over to the cops and was cooperating with authorities. 
Starting to draw a mental picture yet of the people involved?
Three hoodlums think they have an easy victim, a lone guy, that they outnumber 3 to 1 at one o’clock in the morning. He was probably heading home from work. They get in his face and a fight ensues. Keep in mind that “teens”, when they outnumber you 3-1, can be extremely dangerous. In understandable fear for his safety, the concealed permit carrier draws his weapon and shoots all three, wounding them. According to reports, all three “teens” were wounded in the leg. That certainly seems to indicate he was sitting down and they were standing up.
I will be surprised if even in a basket-case town like Philadelphia that this guy will get charged and this story isn’t all over the news so that makes it more likely that it was a black guy getting attacked by three black kids. There were witnesses and surveillance footage, it is more likely the “teens” will get charged for assaulting and/or trying to rob the 24 year old.
Our contemporary “teens” love to attack people that are outnumbered, smaller and weaker and/or not expecting to be attacked. You rarely see a one-on-one fair fight. They picked the wrong guy to tangle with here. Perhaps a few more “teens” getting shot will discourage them from attacking apparently random stranger for kicks. On the other hand, learning basic lessons and exhibiting self-control are not hallmarks of our “teen” population. 

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