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Two Future Doctors Kill Current Doctor

Speaking of black on white crime….

Wisconsin doctor, husband shot in heads in ‘brutal execution,’ prosecutors say; 2 charged

A Wisconsin doctor had an underlying health condition and was worried about coronavirus, so she and her husband moved their daughter and her boyfriend to a separate residence for which the parents paid, prosecutors said Tuesday in court documents.

Then in late March the boyfriend allegedly shot both parents in the head in an apparent robbery and left them for dead in a ditch, according to the filing.

You can pretty much guess what the pictures of the victims and the mugshots of the perpetrators are going to look like….

First the victims…

Dr. Beth Potter and her husband, Robin Carre were shot “execution style” and left in a ditch. Robin Carre was dead on the scene but Dr. Potter apparently lived long enough to be discovered by joggers the next morning. She laid in a ditch in her pajamas, next to her dead husband for hours. Dr. Potter was a family practice doctor and her husband was an “educator”. Probably very nice people, perhaps too nice.

The “teens” accused of murdering them, Khari Sanford and Ali’jah J. Larrue….

Khari Sanford

Ali’jah J. Larrue

According to the news reports, Khari Sanford was the boyfriend of the murdered couple’s daughter and was apparently living with her in a place the parents were paying for. Naturally, as a show of gratitude, he got his boy Ali’jah and decided to rob them cuz they wuz rich and stuff. They knew they wuz rich because the adopted daughter of the murdered couple, Miriam Potter Carre, told them. Here is Ms. Carre:

Initial reports indicate that she was plotting with her live-in boyfriend (who was still in high school) to get money from her adoptive parents. It is unclear what the reason for the money was as she was already using their car and living in an Airbnb paid for by the murdered couple. She then lied to police to try to provide an alibi for her boyfriend Khari Sanford but cell phone records show she was lying. It isn’t bad enough that she put this imbecile on the trail of her adoptive parent’s money but she then lied to try to cover for him after he murdered them. Her Facebook page includes lots of pictures of her shopping and taking selfies with an iPhone that her parents certainly paid for. At a minimum she is probably looking at some jail time as an accomplice.

Since this dolt was dating their daughter and apparently recently was living with them, the couple could obviously identify him as the thief so I guess he didn’t care if they recognized him and almost certainly was planning on murdering them all along. That makes this a premeditated murder, plus using an illegal gun (he is 18) and adding robbery and kidnapping means that these two 18 year old men are looking at life in prison for the next half century or so (Wisconsin unfortunately doesn’t have the death penalty) because they decided that it was worth murdering two people that had given one of them a place to stay because they didn’t want to get jobs like normal people. Some reports indicate that Sanford was a decent football player and was waiting to hear back from some colleges, so he had a reasonable path toward having a decent life but instead he made a stupid decision and now two people are dead.

On and on and one it goes.

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