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The Youtube Stasi Say You Are Not Permitted To Watch This

A video made the rounds on Youtube and got a ton of views, featuring two doctors discussing the Chinese coronavirus and offering a dissenting view of the Covid-19 pandemic and our response to it. This is America and therefore dissenting views are not permitted, not even when the people dissenting are apparently medical doctors (unlike the obese gender fluid freaks who censor videos for Youtube). So Youtube nuked the video and made it as if it never existed. It is easy to claim unanimity for your position when dissenting views are stifled. Fortunately people had already downloaded the video and reposted it on an actual free speech platform like Bitchute. So I downloaded it from there and reposted it on Youtube. I already have one community strike so I am risking a second strike and a 30 day suspension by doing this but I thought it was important enough to take the chance.

My video may or may not still be up, if you see the “video deleted” screen instead of a guy in blue scrubs, you will know what happened. If it gets deleted from Youtube, you can still watch it on Ramzpaul’s channel on Bitchute here.

Full disclosure: I haven’t even watched the video yet, although I plan to. What prompted me to download the video from it’s mirror on Bitchute and then upload it again is simple:

If Youtube thinks you shouldn’t be allowed to watch this video and consider the information it contains, then you definitely should watch this video and consider the information it contains.

This gets back to something I wrote yesterday:

The topics you are absolutely not allowed to question are exactly the topics you must question. The truth doesn’t fear examination.

Watch the video for yourself. Consider what they have to say. Reject it all or in part, accept it all or in part but make an informed decision. Whatever you do, don’t blindly accept what the elites tell you to believe.


  1. TwoBuckChuck

    There must be a reckoning, sooner or later. We either all get a say, or none of us do. The argument will be made that YouTube, Google, Amazon and the like are private enterprises and can therefore promote or suppress anything they like, within the confines of their privately-owned services. But just like ABCCBSNBC these outlets are de facto "public" in that they operate virtual monopolies in their realm. Sure, I can open up an online business as an alternative to Amazon, but what chance do I have of actually competing with that juggernaut?

    The suppression of dissenting views through arbitrary censorship is just one jackbooted step away from boxcars and re-education camps. I can hardly believe what has become of the fine country I grew up in. Culturally and politically, we are being ruled today by the fat girl who didn't get invited to the prom. If she isn't getting hit on, NO ONE gets hit on.

    When YouTube wants your opinion, they will be sure to give it to you.

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