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The Endless Cycle Continues

Lost in the shuffle of the non-stop Chinese virus news was a weird story out of Knoxville, Tennessee. It was weird because this sort of thing happens a lot in Europe but not as much here:

Three workers fatally stabbed at Knoxville truck stop, suspect shot and killed

You might have missed this story, not just because of the wall to wall Wuhan flu news, but also because of the people involved.

A stabbing suspect who was shot and killed after fatally stabbing three women and hospitalizing a fourth at a Knoxville truck stop early Tuesday has been identified by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

The deceased suspect, Idris Abdus-Salaam, 33, was a truck driver from Durham, North Carolina.

Here is the killer, Idris Abdus-Salaam….

Idris Abdus-Salaam

You might notice that his name seems….well, not European and probably not Mennonite. His victims were all women…

The three deceased victims were all employed at the Pilot Travel Center on Strawberry Plains Pike. They have been identified as:

Joyce Whaley, 57
Patricia Denise Nibbe, 51
Nettie R. Spencer, 41

It wasn’t hard to find pictures of all three women. Presented in the same order as they are listed in the news report.

Joyce Whaley
Patricia Denise Nibbs

Nettie Spencer

It can be tiresome but imagine a white truck driver stabbing three black women to death. The outrage would be deafening. We would have speeches on the floor of the Congress. Demands for reparations from Ilhan Omar and AOC. Law enforcement would be pulling out all the stops to determine a motive. At least one piece of legislation would be passed and signed into law to combat “racism” and “hate”. There would be more hearings about “white supremacy”. You get the picture.

When a black guy with what sounds like a Muslim name stabs three white women to death?

Motives are uncertain and this story will drop from the news quickly. Three families will be left grieving but the media will move on quickly to avoid any chance of people discussing why a black man murdered three white women, not accidentally by hitting innocent by-standers in a shooting but by stabbing them to death. I am sure the story of what precipitated this is pretty standard but we will see if it ever makes the news.

When will we start to have a real conversation about the real issues of violent crime in America instead of worrying about the phantom menace of “white supremacy”?

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