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Suns Out Guns Out

Speaking of social distancing….

The weather warmed up a bit last week and the fine folks in Chicago’s most diverse neighborhoods took full advantage, in spite of the stay at home orders….

Though numbers were stark, the bloodshed was, largely, concentrated. More than half the shooting incidents were in four of the CPD’s 22 districts — Harrison, Englewood, Gresham and Ogden.

The Harrison, Englewood and Gresham districts on the South and West sides serve largely African American constituencies, while the Ogden District on the West Side is split between African Americans in East and West Garfield Park and Latinx residents in Little Village.

A recent analysis found that African Americans make up 72% of all Chicago residents who have died due to COVID-19, despite being just 30% of the city’s overall population.
Maybe there is a connection between blacks dying of coronavirus and their refusal to social distance and stay home? This shooting spree spanned Sunday April 5th to Thursday April 9th. But they weren’t done…
So seven more shot, bringing the total to at least 73 people shot in six days and the sun is going down in Chicago shortly so that number will keep climbing. 
While most people are staying home and social distancing, the segments of the population who think that the rules don’t apply to them now are the same groups that seemed to have endless problems with criminal behavior prior to the pandemic. 

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