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Speaking Of Philadelphia

This article caught my eye when I was reading about the concealed carry guy shooting the “teens” on a bus in Philadelphia…

Shootings, homicides have doubled in Philadelphia’s 22nd police district since last year

Doubled, in the middle of a pandemic and stay-at-home orders. This is the same police district I mentioned a few weeks ago as the result of a mass shooting where a toddler was shot. Yesterday I mentioned three “teens” getting shot after attacking a concealed carry permit holder on a Philadelphia bus.

Philadelphia is turning into yet another inner-city diverse urban shooting gallery.

As it stands now, shooting and homicide victims across the city are up this year compared to last. There have been 54 more shooting victims and 15 more homicides.

But what’s especially alarming is the increase within the Philadelphia Police Department’s 22nd district in North Philadelphia.

The numbers have more than doubled compared to this time last year.

There are nine more homicides and 31 more shooting victims.

There is trouble in the city of brotherly love.

Fortunately the mayor of Philadelphia has his sights set on the real problem. Not gangs or racially concentrated pockets of violence. Nope, the problem is gun stores legally selling a lawful product during a pandemic.

The violence and guns was something addressed by the mayor on Thursday during his virtual news conference.

He said gun stores remaining open in the state during the pandemic represents an unfortunate part of our culture.

“I’ve always believed there are too many guns in this society. I didn’t think gun shops were an essential business and it’s the way this country is. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to change the mindset of this entire nation on weapons,” said Mayor Jim Kenney.

Yes Mr. Mayor, I am sure the people doing the shooting in Philadelphia are dutifully going to a licensed FFL dealer, filling out the form 4473 and submitting to a background check. Since most of the shooters tend to have a laundry list of prior convictions, it makes perfect sense that they would be buying guns from gun stores. Meanwhile in a city that is a slaughterhouse, the last thing anyone would want would be for law-abiding, decent people to be able to purchase a firearm to protect themselves and their family. When you get attacked by three teens on a bus or someone tries to kick in your door, you should just wait for the authorities to arrive. What is the worst that can happen to you in 15 minutes? Sure you can get beaten to death or raped or robbed, but that is a small price to pay for helping Mayor Kenney solve a non-existent problem rather than dealing with the actual problems in the city.

The problem of gun violence in America has two major foundations: minority gang violence and enablement from white liberals who refuse to address the real problems in our nation. Philadelphia is a prime example of both.

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